Thank you for testing.

I think that I made something wrong.
I will fix it later.


Fixed by Version:20180609.00
Please use skill_2018_06_09.


There was a mistake in Disasm of FEBuilderGBA.
It was fixed in the latest version.

thumb’s format 8
The following instructions should be interpreted as 5e40 as ldsh r0, [r0, r1].

5E40 ldsh r0, [r0, r1]

However, FEBuilderGBA had interpreted as follows.
This is a mistake.

ldsh r0, [r0, #0x4]

format 8 defines the following instructions.

I misinterpret the interpretation of this order.
be careful.

I have caused a bug where the display position of skill animation of FE8J is misaligned due to this mistake.
It fixes with the latest version.


I uninstalled the skill extension patch because of the errors it was giving me before I attempted to use the add pierce skill patch.


Good job
thank you.


Excuse me, I remember that there used to be a way to change the stat screen appearance in the patch section, but I can’t find it anymore. Was it moved elsewhere or just removed?


It exists under the name “StatusBackground”.

What is the name you are searching for?
I want to add it to the hint word for searching patches.


The problem is that I was using fe7 and it seems like there isn’t a patch for that. Thanks for the help anyways.
(I searched for “stat screen”)


The problem is that unlike FE8’s Stat Screen, FE7 uses a scrolling background with Menu Frames on top of it, which makes it harder to edit since those menu frames are handled via TSA.


Since there was a bug in the patch function of ver: 20180610.23, please update this version.


When FEbulider hint error that this function is available only from FEnver2 ,I don’t know how to deal with it
i wanna test FE8 yugudora to assign skill by class
plz i need help


This problem was fixed in Version: 20180611.21.
Also, since yugudora uses the old skill system, please use “Skill Config”.

There are multiple versions of FE8J’s skill system, and yugudora uses a special skill system.
I seem to have missed the branch that handles yugudora when I cope with the new skill system.

After updating, you can enter the screen from the “Skill Config” button.


thank for you answer,but I have already used up-to-date FEB, it still hint this problem,
as follow:


thanks ,I cope with it!!!


You are using version, 20180611.08.
The bug fixed version, 20180611.21.

Please press the update button and update.

After that, please push the button above the button you are pressing.
Since yugudora uses the old skill system,
so you can only edit items that can be set from the button above.


I forgot to mention one.

The old FE8J’s skill system has strange, and only the setting that displays the skill icon is on the detail menu.
The part that only outputs skill icons and the part that actually makes effective skills are separate.

In fact, in order to allocate skills to units, you set values for skill 1, skill 2, individual skill items of unit setting.
Click on the skill link, you will see a list of skills you can set.


I amended some statements



This error occurred because the uploader server with FEBuilderGBA returned a 503 error.
Do you not know any good server?
I am looking for a free server that Linux and PHP can use.


Merged in Version: 20180613.20.