Basically, think of it as the end of ROM.
Add at the end of ROM.

Because of the structure of the song, it is divided into multiple pieces of data, so it can not be said that it is definitely only the end of the ROM.
However, I think most of it has been added to the end of ROM.

If you really want to know the change point, save it in a different name with “Menu -> Save as” and take the binary diff.
Several tools have been developed that can get diff in binary format.
I often use software called WinMergeU and stirling.


I still do not understand why you want to know the address.

The song data of GBA has a rather complicated structure.
If you are interested, there is a document I wrote a ago. (Japanese)

音楽データ Music Data(Musical score data.)

楽器データ Instrument data

音符と音楽 Musical notes and music.


Thanks, i wanted to know to avoid overwriting it, now that i know it goes to the end i don’t have to worry, thanks a lot.


I often receive a crash from a very old version of FEBuilderGBA.
Since FEBuilderGBA has automatic update, it should be recommended and updated if there is a new version.

Basically, just by pressing the button, it will be updated automatically.
So then, I do not know why crash reports come from very old versions.

If the update fails automatically, please let me know the details in detail.
Detailed errors are logged. config/log/log.txt
Please send me this file.


Mr. 7743, these changed weapon ICONS will turn this weapon icon into the icon of other items in the item bar after switching the item bar. What is wrong? How do I fix this BUG?


Please send me a UPS.

I would like to confirm 2 points.
It is whether the item setting screen and the patch which extended the icon were introduced or not.

This is the patch that extends the icon.
NAME.en=Extended to item icon 0xFE


Yes, I used the icon extension patch


Could not open UPS file.
I get a CRC error and it does not work well.

Please refer to here and make ups patch.


From version 20180601.21, the following functions are changed.

Event list editing list box will be changed to more comprehensible one.

Unit placement makes movement coordinates of the unit easier.

Since the number of items on the setting screen has increased, it became categorized.

In addition, corrections were made based on the bug report sent.
Also, in skill system of FE8J, animation at the time of skill activation was supported.


I just made the ups patch according to your tutorial, and I tried to use this ups patch myself. There is no problem using it in the ups patch tool


Well, that may be a problem with the unmodified ROM you used to create the patch.
Your unmodified FE8CN may be different from my unmodified FE8CN.

Do you have FE8J
FE8CN is FE8J hackrom.

I would like you to make ups patches with unmodified FE8J.
Since there is only one version of unmodified FE8J, I think it will work reliably.

It is troublesome, but ROM data can not be exchanged, so please convert it to ups.


I have changed a ROM and made the patch again. Please download it
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1KgW7TwzGq7Wkui2T-dLeTA
Password: nzax


The movement setting was removed, was it intentional?


It was fixed in ver 20180602.10.
It looks like I mistook the control’s coordinates.


It may just be me, but FEB has never automatically updated. Anytime it gets updated from my computer, I have to redownload the program for the update


Does your environment fail automatic updating?

I was looking for an environment that failed automatic updating.
Please cooperate to correct the problem.

I want to know what kind of error is recorded when updating fails.
I think that an error is recorded in config\log\log.txt of FEBuilderGBA.

Please send me this file.


I’ve noticed custom icons like that mess us after a certain point in importing the images.
Like If replace the Iron Sword or Ballista, the icon would be perfect.

But if I add a new image, after a certain point it starts glitching and switching like yours.


Yes, did you solve the problem?


In my environment it works without problems.

Adapt a patch that extends item icons.
Extend the item icon.
(It does not matter if you adapt the patch after extending it.)

I assigned appropriate images to the icons FC and FD.
I made Vulnerary’s icon FD.
I changed the icon of Rapier to FC.
I tried test play, but I do not think there is any problem.


Have you ever tried to expand the size of a prop using an icon in an icon extension? Maybe that’s the problem