You were right! I was in version 9 and it’s 11.1 now lol. Thank you


FEBuidlerGBA ver 20180515.19, SkillSystems has been updated to the latest version.
To update from the February version, please install the patch of May after deleting it once by uninstalling the patch.


This updates so often it’s hard to keep up. Could I suggest bundling updates for every month or two instead of eating every week?


Updating FEBuilderGBA is done automatically when you press the update button.
If you press the button, it will be updated automatically to the latest version.

If you do not want to update FEBuilderGBA, change the interval of automatic update from the setting.


Makes sense, but the automatic updates are broken for me…


Please tell me in detail what kind of error will come out.

What error message is displayed?
Also, when you run the update, will any error be recorded in Tools -> Log?

Also, what language do you use?
Previously, in French, the decimal point was a comma, a problem occurred.

At least, I have never failed to update.
There should be something, a reason.


It just stops updating after putting all the temporary files in the folder without doing anything with them


Please tell me more concretely.
I want to reproduce the error.

Can not you explain with screenshots?


I will try again when I get home tonight. The error might have been fixed when I redownloaded it. But it was certainly there before


How do you seperate the skill lists for each gendered class?
I want female Mercs/Heroes to have different skills than the male ones.


Hello, I would like to report a problem I have encountered while helping create a custom/prf bow. I found an issue during the actual animation: while it should be a normal bow animation (and is selected as such in the item editor) once the arrow flies out there is no impact, nothing. Not even a death animation (picture related)

Any other bow works just fine, even a modified short bow does, even custom non-bow weapons have no issues yet for a bow it does not work as it should. Next picture is what I did when making the bow in the item editor (don’t mind the absurd values it’s only for testing purposes and doesn’t actually affect anything).

Well that’s pretty much all the informations I can provide I think. Now whether it’s an actual issue and not an error on my part that I don’t know, so I appreciate any help provided.


You need to add a magic animation for it, like the one for the Iron Bow. you can do that by adding one entry to the Item Effect table(by using Extend List) and then setting up your Item with the right magic animation.


Well it was using the entry from Iron Bow since I thought it could be shared but yeah doing a separate entry from the extended list named after the item did the trick. Thank you for the quick answer.


Please select the class you want to separate.

Please set the address of that class to 0.


Please press the extension button on the list.

will secure a new area.

We have secured a new area.

Please set your skill here.


In FE, the bow is magically treated.
Therefore, you need to add a magic effect.

Please use the same value for item ID and list ID.

If you set this value separately, bad things will happen.
A bug that does not understand the cause is generated.

In the list, is the 0xD2, but item ID is 0x2D. This is dangerous.

The ID of the list shows the number of values.
It shows the number of data in the structure.

The value of the item’s ID provides a reverse lookup.
The program of FE is often written on the premise that both are always equal.

If the value deviates, unexpected results will result.

Assert(Items[0xD2].ID == 0xD2 );


Thank you. I think I was pressing the wrong “Write to ROM” button the whole time; the one in the bottom window.


From ver20180517.21, it is now possible to separate skills by pressing a button.


From ver20180517.21, Lint check is entered for unit, class, item.


Is there a quick way to import unit placement. I’m trying to import maps from Fe6, and I already have the maps and tilesets, but the unit placement is proving to be time consuming


What do you want to import from?

No matter what kind of data it is currently, there is no easy way.
Unit placer is different format depending on FE version.

Therefore, to convert beyond version, some work is necessary.

In addition, weapon data, unit data, etc. are also different depending on FE version.
Interpretation of enemy AI etc is also different.

Because the data is too different, I think that importing is impossible automatically.