This is a display of memory using the function of VBA-M.

Even FEBuilderGBA can dump RAM.
To more analyze FE, there is software such as no$gba-debugger.

However, since VBA-M is easier to understand,
I explained to you in VBA-M.


You can also just let their (the main char’s) death quote trigger event 65. That’s the Game Over event. So you don’t have to write complicated asm. But you prolly know this already.


Hi guys, is there any way to change moving sounds for certain classes?
I expanded the class table and made a custom cavalier class.
For some reason, it uses the Eliwood Lord class moving sounds.
Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi guys, I found a spell problem.
spells are aligned to the screen. but the enemy position on screen changes between melee and range. (I tested it in two spell patches)

Is there any way to solve it?


In case of FE 7, the moving sound (footsteps) is hard-coded in the program.
You need to fix asm.

In the case of FE 8, it is an implementation with a switch statement, so there is a possibility to extend the table.
Expansion of classes causes problems only.
If possible, please do not extend the class.


I do not know the way.
Since CSACreator has its own thread, I think that you should ask a question there.

I also want to know the answer.


How do I edit the contents of a treasure chest?


How do you give a specific character a special promotion. I’m giving my Jagen the ability to turn to a Falcon Knight about halfway through the game, giving her increased stats and putting her on par with a normal unit. Unfortunately, the only way I found to do this is by adding Paladin to an existing promotion item and refusing to use the item (in this case an Elysian Whip) on any of my other Paladins


What you could do is create a new class internally that is identical to the Paladin class, and just have that promote into a Falcon Knight.


I guess that works


How do I edit the contents of a treasure chest?

Please see this manual.



About the new animation editor function.
(Request Version:20180507.23.)

You can use it by pressing the Editor button.

You can change animation script with GUI.

Just like an event, double-click on the list, a menu will pop up.
(The menu is also displayed by right click).

Write it when you change it.

You can also change magic animation and skill animation.
However, magic semitransparent instructions etc are not yet fully implemented.

Since this function is newly installed, there may be a bug.
Please take a backup before using it.

Please contact me if you find a bug.


Can i edit the default magic animations using this new tool? Like inverting the flames of idounn? or changing the pallete of the elfire?


Can i edit the default magic animations using this new tool?

No, unfortunately Can not do that.

FE’s default magic animations is hard-coded from the program.
Therefore, basically it can not be changed.

To add magic animation like a battle animation, a extends magic system patch was created.
There is a magic system created by FEitorAdv and a magic system of CSACreator.
You can change the magic implemented by these two with this animation tool.

Although I said at the beginning that FE’s magic animation was hard-coded by the program,
However, in some magic, frame data exists fragmentarily.
In FEbuilderGBA, We can edit it as “Magical animation in ROM”.

This data exists around the ROM, and the format is not unified.
I analyzed the program of FE8J and FE8U and asked for a pointer manually.
There are many unknown parts in this data.
There will be things that will not work if you change it.

It is a stage of testing what will happen if we change this data.

What I know now is.
A.Animation frame data exists. Palette animation without frame data also exists.
B.Data has been created with compressed TSA.
C.The height of the image is not unified.
D.Sometimes it is palette animation, having multiple palettes, having only a single palette.
E.Sound effect data is another program code, it is hard-coded, it is impossible to use it like battle animation.
F.This function is related. FE8J:08056158 FE8U:080551B0

If you are interested in analyzing the FE’s program code, please share the results.


In the future, animation creation tools will allow you to make some changes.
However, due to the structure of the FE program, I think that it can not be used like battle animation.


Mr. 7743, could you please add this symbol to feb? If so, how do you add them?


Is symbol the symbol mark of the boss?
Determines whether the bottom of Ability 2 of a unit or class draws a symbol of a boss.

If Aboss 2 is set but the boss symbol is not drawn, please check flag 0x84.

If flag 0x84 is ON, the drawing of the symbol is stopped.
It is used when you do not want to draw a boss symbol in an event etc.
For example, in the opening, boss symbol is not drawn because flag 0x84 is on.


thank you So if you want to kill all the boss, do you want to add more than one break boss event?


That’s pretty difficult.
It is very easy to generate an event if you defeat a “one boss”.
Boss’s death At the time of quote, always make a condition on the flag that becomes effective.

It is very complicated if you want to create a condition that kills multiple bosses.
Because FE’s events can see only one flag, you will be asked to check the flag yourself.

It is to always add a routine to check the flag at the beginning of the event by always calling the event with the condition.
If you have written multiple branch instructions in asm, you can implement it.
If you have never written asm, it will be a hard time.

I recommend that you change the specification of the event.
For example, instead of putting out more than one boss at the same time, let the boss appear in turn.
Or, instead of defeating just the boss, change to an event when you kill all the enemies.

To see how to create a victory condition event, please see the manual.
There are manuals in English and Japanese.


From Version: 20180510.01, the function of patch uninstallation has become more accurate.
I support some uninstallation of conflicting patches.

As competing patches A and B were.

Install A patch 
Save files (automatically backed up)
Install B patch
Save files (automatically backed up)

At this point you can erase the A patch.
Of course, patch of B can be deleted.

However, in the following cases, it can not be erased.

Install A patch
Do not save file
Install B patch
Save files (automatically backed up)

This is because there is no backup of the version that installed A only.

The algorithm is as follows.
First, find the most recent backup that does not contain the patch you want to erase.
It is realized by taking 3 points DIFF of contents to be changed by the patch to be erased, version not including the patch to be erased, and the current version.

Of course, please backup before trying.
Also, please send me an ups patch if there is something that does not work well.


Wanted to say that the “??” there makes the last item for enemy units droppable in FE7,
this is the Character Editor by the way.