Also thought this idea would really benefit the program! +1

Oh and I have a question again! How can I change the moving map sprite pointer for a class in FEBuilderGBA? I only know how to change the standing one. That’s this one. https://gyazo.com/8c026168edc3c5c8482cadc0cd11ca93

I know how it’s done through other ways, but I kinda want to do basically everything in FEBuilder since it’s becoming such a great program.


Please Click the Number Label.

In FE, moving animation is associated with class ID.
Move animation with class ID 2 is the second animation of moving animation.
This is the specification of FE.

Changing the class ID is a source of confusion, so please do not change it.
Since many data refers to the class ID, it is confusing to change the class ID or to duplicate it.

Therefore, if you want to change the moving animation, change the data of the moving animation.
For example, if you want to switch between moving animation 1 and moving animation 2,
Please export moving animation 1 and import it into moving animation 2.


I am negative for templates.
I also need to create, delete, and manage templates, and it will be hard to choose as the number of templates increases.

I would like to make copy & paste if I make it.
However, in the current situation, since the area is secured every time, the efficiency of ROM data will be lowered.
If it is not an insert, but overwriting the data, there is no problem.

The similar thing can be done even now.
By copying the address you can do something similar.

Actual example.
Please display the enemies of the prologue.
Copy the address of the second soldier with Ctrl + C.

Select O’Neal at the top of the list.

Paste the address of the second soldier you copied to the address of O’Neal.
Then press the write button.

O’Neal’s data was copied to the data of the second soldier.

This is a technique using the fact that the data written when pressing the write button is the position displayed in the address.
The same method can be used on other screens.


Thanks! I’ve done the very same thing before, it’s just a bit less beginner friendly :slight_smile:

My idea would be that the template would overwrite the newly secured data or the previously existing data for editing faster. You would create an empty template list saved and modified only on client-side so that it takes less work for you and is wholly based on user needs. I can understand if you don’t want to implement it, though :slight_smile:


I’m having problems again.

I tried editing the opening text in FE7. However, after I insert the graphic at 5E9D4C, the emulator freezes when it should display the next line.

(It’s just scribbles here, I was trying different things.)

I wondered if the palette was a problem, so I copied it before inserting the image, then pasted it back in afterwards. Now the game doesn’t freeze, but the text doesn’t disappear and the next line just gets added on top of it until it’s unreadable.

…any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: I have been able to edit other graphics without issue, but this happens even using a fresh rom.


I do not know well about Opening fe7 yet.
I have to investigate after FE 8’s analysis is over.

The opening seems to be making a program for each series.
Since it is the part that advertises the game, it is putting so much effort and flashy screen effects are heavily used.

I think it will take time to analyze.


Ah okay, it’s just that the female knight map moving sprites point to the male ones. So I can’t make 2 wholly different classes out of them because both classes point to the same map moving sprite. (I want a lance armor and sword armor). I know toying with the class pointers and stuff can lead to problems, but changing the number wouldn’t be too big of a problem right?


First off, I’m going to say that this program is the greatest tool I’ve seen for ROM hacking. It makes the process so easy. In 4 days I’m already making custom chapters and maps. However, I’m encountering several problems using it. First, it can’t seem to apply the Anti Huffman patch to a clean USA ROM of Sacred Stones. In fact, there are no patches to apply at all. This ties in to the second problem. I tried updating and reinstalling it, but the unzipping stops at a certain point. There is some file in Config that keeps crashing the Unzipping process. I’ve extracted everything else, but it doesn’t seem to work properly without those files. Is there a proper way to do this?


Class numbers are used in various places, so please do not change.
When accessing from the structure of the RAM, the search is performed by relying on the class ID.
Inverse conversion from pointer to ID is often done.


if (thusUnit->Class->ID == 0x02)
{//Load ID: 0x02.

If the class ID of class 0x02 ID is a value such as 0x10, it will be handled as class 0x10 even though it is class 0x02.
This is a source of useless confusion.
So, do not change it.

The program is written on the premise that the subscript of the class array and the ID match.
FECLASS ClassArray[0x7F];
Assert(ClassArray[0x2].ID == 0x02);
Assert(ClassArray[0x3].ID == 0x03);
Assert(ClassArray[0x4].ID == 0x04);


There used to be similar to discord before.
Failed to decompress and the BIN data of anti-huffman patch is broken.

Please reinstall FEBuilderGBA.

I do not understand that decompression stops.
Are you using a new version?
Currently the latest version is Ver 20180430.22.

Very old version was using Japanese as patch file name, so it became a problem in some environments.
However, since all the current versions are written in English names, be able to be decompressed.

Please see here for the introduction method.


I’m using 20180430.00
I’ll try to reinstall it again. (I just installed it 4 days ago :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ah, ok. That’s understandable.


may l can let tool and arms to only one to character use?(eirika’s rapier)


Yes. You can assign weapons to certain “locks” in addition, adding a rank to the weapon under the lock (Let’s say the PRF Lance has E rank and is in Eirika’s Lock) than only characters with that Rank AND the lock can use it. Letting you make many extra PRFs. I think that you can assign PRFs in the item editor


Thank. But it seems that Eirika can also be used. Is there a way that everyone can set up exclusive weapons?


@qps Check the information here for more about making weapon locks.


In ver 20180430.22, there was a problem of crashing when opening the wrong ROM setting of map change plist.
This problem was fixed in Version: 20180504.23.


I’m hacking Fire Emblem 8 now, and I can’t figure out how to access the Storage / Transport early. I’m calling the Preparation screen on Chapter 2. But it says storage is full 200/200 (I already applied the patch to break caps over 31).

Also can you make the game have mulitple main characters (like FE7) so if one of them dies it’s game over?


The phenomenon is caused by wrong item data being written to the address of the transporter.
For example, if data such as 0xff is written, there are items that do “not exist item” in the transporter.

Have you adapted breaksave patch and recreated saved data when it exceeds status 31?
Since it becomes incompatible with the existing saved data, it is necessary to erase it and recreate it.

Do you adapt SkillSystems?
There was a time when SkillSystems was in conflict with the extended transporter address.
In order to avoid this, I move the address considerably behind the address of the extended transporter.

In the version after February 18, 2018/02, if break save patch is applied, the transporter is placed at the following address.
Name:Status 31 limit break_save

Please check if other patches you installed will not break this area.

If there are no items in the transporter, this area should be filled with 0x00 0x00.
When items are put in the transporter, 2 bytes of information of byte ItemID, Count is written.

Also can you make the game have mulitple main characters (like FE7) so if one of them dies it’s game over?

Since FE 8 has a switch between Eirika and Ephraim parties, I think that it can be realized if two hero.
Of course, It can not do it easily.

For example, with a midori(green) patch, an event that refers to one party occurs halfway.

If you want to have three or more heroes, considerably large scale remodeling is necessary.

Either way, you’ll need to write asm code.


Yeah you were right about a clean restart that worked perfectly. Another question, in the reply how did you bring up that menu about ram and memory? I couldn’t seem to find it and I don’t think HxD has it, but I don’t use that program anyway.