Why I can’t download files on ux.getuploader.com/fe4?
Please help me :))


Is there any way to insert new tile sets without just replacing old tile sets that are already in the game?


The uploader server seems to have stopped.
I think that I am fixed now.
Can download it.

This server is shared by Japan’s modified FE.
I am not an administrator, so I can not do anything.
FEBuilderGBA does not hold any server resources.


If you do not rewrite an existing tile set, it becomes quite complicated.

As binary data, add data to ROM,
Split the plists and increase the number,
In the empty Plists, write the address to the added data.

It is quite complicated.

New addition of a tile set is difficult to make UI because it is necessary to set three data at the same time.
The three data are obj, palette and config.

I would like to implement a way to do it easily in the future.


Hello 7743 “Battle Transforming Patch” does not seem to be able to import rom, I tried “Chinese version” and “Japanese version” and “English version”


I don’t know if someone suggested this already, but some people like me have a small computer screen, and thus some editors (like the Unit Placer when trying to change the coordinates of a unit) are annoying to use because there is no scroll bar and the whole menu doesn’t fit the screen, so part of it gets cut, and I can’t drag the menu either.

This is what I mean:


It seems that when I was refactoring a resource I mistakenly deleted the space after the #ifdef of EA.
I will fix it next time.

#ifdef _FE8_


I think it would be better to buy a PC with big screen.
Now We can buy a full HD PC very cheaply.

Even tablets and smartphones provide full HD resolution.
Thanks to these technological innovations and price cut pressure, we can buy fully HD compatible PCs very cheaply.

I can put a scroll bar, but this will waste the area of the scroll bar.
And scrolling every time is very troublesome.
Probably it will be hard to use.

If that is the case, I think that it is faster to buy a PC with a larger screen.


I may get an error report saying that an error occurred when importing a tmx file.
but, I can not reproduce that error.

If you import tmx and encounter an error, please send me the tmx file.


“Battle Transforming Patch” does not seem to be able to import rom, I tried “Chinese version” and “Japanese version” and “English version”

fixed in ver 20180422.13.


It seems that the “Transform Dismantling Animation” pallet in “Battle Transforming Patch” can only be the same as “Starting Animation”.


I change the “Dragon for people” animation, but it will change color


Could you just explain it more concretely?
I am not sure what is wrong.


please check the fight



I want you to know how to make ups patch.
It can be easily created from the File menu.

About transformation animation.

Are you talking about pallet restrictions?
That is probably the specification of FE8.

Transformation patch is a process for Myrrh (Class: Manakete), which allows the user to set the value hard-coded in the source code.

Parts of a specific class that use specific items and transformed with specific animation are hard-coded in the source code.
It change this so that users can transform themselves with their favorite items.
The transformation animation used at this time is a special one with 16 color * 2 palettes.

For problems arising there, we have no choice but to accept it as a specification.


Next time I will use ups patch。

Can I understand that “change release animation” can only use “start changing animation” tray?


I’ve gotten FE Builder so I can try to fix a few things I want changed in FE6 for myself, and one of those things I wanted to change is Roy’s promotion. This is the first time I’ve tried modding a GBA FE game. I’ve tried moving his promotion trigger “make hero promotion” to the end of Chapter 1 just to test if I could move the promotion, and when I did this a glitch occurred where the sprites were colored wrong and generally messed up and the promotion event and save file select screen seemed to overlap. If a save file was selected while this glitch happened, the game froze but the promotion theme continued to play. If you could tell me how to properly move scripted promotions like Roy’s to different chapters without errors, that would be great. Thanks.


I still can not understand your problem.
Is not it a pallet problem, is it another problem?
Please give me a little more explanation.

I want you to explain like this.
The current situation is A, but this is correct to be B.
Because it is for C.

I will also write it in Japanese.




Please call with an end event.
Promotion of FE 7 is similar, I think that it is based on the assumption that it will be operated at the end event.

Perform Promotion at the end of the end event and immediately move to the next map.
The originally roy’s Promotion is also written like that.

ch .0x15 end event
0200000040000000	//[Frame seconds:64]
17000000E5D00608	//Make hero Promotion
0200000000050000	//[Frame seconds:1280]
3D00000016000000	//[Next Map:0x16 見果てぬ夢]

For example, if you add it to the end event of Chapter 1, you think it will be as follows.

0200000040000000	//[Frame seconds:64]
3D00000002000000	//[Next Map:0x2 ベルンの王女]
0200000040000000	//[Frame seconds:64]
17000000E5D00608	//Make hero Promotion
0200000000050000	//[Frame seconds:1280]
0200000040000000	//[Frame seconds:64]
3D00000002000000	//[Next Map:0x2 ベルンの王女]

This works correctly.
It may be good to wait but I have not tried it.

The important thing in remodeling is to imitate the instruction you want to imitate.
With FEbuilderGBA, you can copy events with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.

If it does not work well, the preconditions for calling that instruction may be different.
Make the same conditions as much as possible.
If it works properly, we will change the condition little by little and test it.

This is a program, so basically if the same prerequisite is the same, it should be the same result.
If you get different results, it is something different.
You have overlooked something.
Please give it the same condition as much as possible.