The patch which corrects the problem when class 0x80 is exceeded is currently only in FE8U.
It has not been ported to other series yet.

You have to do it yourself or transplant it.


In the latest version, I hide the class extension button.
On the setting screen, if you set the “Display class expansion button” to “1”, the button will come out as before.

And another one.

I am thinking to erase the German option of FEBuilderGBA.
It is not maintained from data generated by machine translation.
I do not know German, so I’m not sure if this translation is correct.
I think that it is probably wrong.
I do not know well because no one points out mistranslation.

Currently, it will not appear on the screen unless you select German as an option.
Perhaps it seems that this mode is not being used, so if so I would like to delete German mode.


It is surprising to me that no one has managed to get additional classes to work with save data. I figure that would be a feature that multiple FE8 ROM hackers would want to try to implement.


Thanks for adding that new tab to the Text Editor. :slight_smile:

In my attempt to keep up with you, I’ve updated the text again. Few minor tweaks I noticed… mostly just the new text though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tv6xam06ouv7st/en.txt?dl=0


Hopefully the unusable patches gets fix soon like the class expansion patch.


Thank you.
Merge with the next version.


I found that Febuilder allows you set the enemies as level 20+. Is it supposed to do that? I did not use the level cap patch so the level cap should still be 20.


Level cap is more for allied units leveling up. The game can store levels up to 30 properly, but 31 in some cases, but may cause some issues in the link arena and perhaps other areas. Thus, units can be set to levels higher than 20, but levels over 31 may have some issues upon saving/resuming.


FEBuilderGBA does not make constraints in particular.
It is about byte boundaries such as 256 and 128.
There are no other restrictions.

This is because we do not know what extension patches will be made in ROM in the future.

For example,
suppose that you create a constraint that the level of default behavior is 20.
In this case, you can not set it if you make extensions that exceed 20 in the future.
You probably can not see ROM.
Anything exceeding the set value will result in an error.

Since there are many ways to implement patches, it is a very difficult task to check if the patch is installed.

For this reason, I try not to make restrictions as much as possible except where I can clearly set the limit value.
This is an investment for future extensibility.

Well, I will return to the level’s story.
With GBAFE, you can save up to Lv31 values by default.(2^5-1 = 31)

More values can be expressed in the RAM, but if you interrupt or save, it will be incorrect.
To exceed 31, it is necessary to introduce a patch that extends the save data.

For example, using break_save patch seems to be able to save up to Lv63(maybe).(2^6-1=63)
if you create a patch that allows you to store more data yourself, you can save more data.

Perhaps you may wonder why it is 31.
Although the upper limit of Lv is 20, why can you store up to 31?
This can be convinced by thinking in binary number.

It is 2^4-1 = 15. (0b1111)

15 is useless. The value is insufficient.
In FE, it must be able to save up to Lv20.
More bits are needed to store 20.
Let’s increase it by 1 bit and let it be 2 ^ 5.

Then the value will be 2^5 - 1 = 31. (0b11111)

Therefore, FE has a system level upper limit of 20, but there are areas that can be saved up to 31.
In break_save, one more bit can be added to save up to 2 ^ 6 - 1 = 63. (0b111111)

Even if only 1 bit is increased, the value is exponential, so the value will increase considerably.


I attached icons to some events.

When searching for the detailed menu, I also searched from the patch.
The result of the patch is displayed in the bottom column.


When using the World Map “For Events”, I inserted the 256x120 clean fe7 world map into fe8 and febuilder inserts these weird lines on the right side:

in game this makes this image appear:



This is a bug.
However, it takes time to correct.

This compressed TSA image with header seems to have to include a blank in the first tile.

However, it alone can not solve the problem completely.
Next interfere with the menu window.
I have to investigate a little more.


Hi, so I wanted to ask how to make Vanessa and Moulder change their class.
When I try to change their class through the Unit Placer, they remain the same.


I was able to fix it. (ver. 20180331.03)

I was miscalculating the number of palettes of the world map for the event.
This image can only use “4 palette”.(I was mistakenly assuming that 8 pallets were available.)
Therefore, it did not work properly.

Since I fixed this problem, I think that it works well.
If it does not work please send me the image you want to import.


Please check Map ID 0x38.

Once added to your party, that data will be referenced after that.
They are in Frelia Castle (Map ID: 0x38).
Please change that data.


Q:Where are Mulder and Vanessa?
Mulder and Vanessa are in Frelia Castle.
Map ID 0x38 It is Frelia castle.
Their unit arrangement is 0x8B43D0 (FE8U)
In FE8J, it becomes 0x908958 (FE8J).

Please recall the event of the process of making they join.

Eirika escapes to Frelia Castle.
Then, King Frelia gets money and Mulder and Vanessa join the group.
They are in Frelia Castle.

Frelia Castle is map ID 0x38.
It is a map with only 1 tile on the meadow.

The starting event here is made special.
(Because it is a new departure to visit again.).


Thank you.


Hello, I was hacking fe8, and I wanted to add some new items.
So I did that, and I added the Mercurius item.

But in game, when I put it in someones inventory it does this:

I have applied to item icon extension patch.


Not sure about the icon, but the description glitch is due to your description field being set to 0. Most blank items use another text ID if I’m not mistaken.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this.


You are correct, the description is now working, now I just need to figure out this Icon bug.

Everything seems to be in order, I’ve ensured that the icon extension patch is written.


Frankly, I myself have no idea, but a possible workaround would be to use some of the unused/leftover icons instead of an expanded slot, if you’d like to try that instead.