I Implementationed the search filter with the latest version.


Very cool!


I thought you should read this @7743 since it’s about gif quality in FEbuilder VS Emblem Magic and FEditor.


Hello, 7743. Now there is a Lua tool to change the font, can help you?


Do you mean that you want this output?

Since gif animation is not 60 fps, ignore frame wait.
However, only when hit, put one wait.
you want to output all attack motion at once.

“Slow” is because it dumps equally according to all the specified frame seconds.
I do not put in wait.

If you say that you do not want it, I ignore the frame wait.

Also, it is impossible for any editor to import GIFs.
When it is converted to GIF animation, 86 Command script will be lost, so it can not be imported.


Information is a hint.
The more hints the better it is.
So, please send it.




I can only get FEbuilder to output animations that play at this speed:

But yours moves at this speed:

While Emblem Magic plays at this speed:

Is there a way to increase FEbuilder’s speed? You said it can’t export gifs at 60 FPS, but Emblem magic and FEditor can. Maybe there was a google translate error.

I didn’t want that at all, so we can blame Google Translate haha ^.^

For GIF animation dumping to be really good, the following changes need to be made:

  1. Gifs dump at 60 FPS and play the same speed as they do ingame. This is so people can display for others how their battle animations look at full speed easily.
  2. A way to dump the attack, critical, ranged, dodge, and etc animations all at one time. Your animation did this, but I don’t see how to do that, so maybe it needs to be more clear?

Right now, for GIF dumping, FEditor is in the lead, Emblem Magic is second, and FEbuilder is very far behind. I do not consider GIF dumping ‘high priority’ though, so I would say to simply put it on a TODO list for the future.


How about updating FEBuilderGBA before writing about the sentences?
I think gif export in the latest version is close to your preference.


Ah, I see. It now does all the animations at once. I didn’t realize it did this automatically in the new update!

The speed of the gif is a little slow still, but is mostly adequate.


I fixed it a little more.
ver 20180210.06

I was misunderstanding.

Since there was a “delay time” in the argument of the library, 0 was specified, but it was a mistake.

This is not a delay time but a place to specify the frame time at 1/100 sec,
I should specify an integer greater than 0.

Specifying 0 will result in an error value, which is corrected by the environment.
Therefore, the speed varies depending on the software to be played.


I examined GIF 's delay time.
The delay time of GIF exists at the 5th offset of the header starting from 0x21 0xF9.
Currently, they are specified as follows.

I need to do some research.

A little more, you can set the frame rate to a large value and thin out the data.


Now it’s perfect!

Edit: One very small request: An option to output FEbuilder frames, a GIF File, and maybe a FEditor file all at the same time?

Edit 2: Actually, a better idea: Export to all available formats at once? I am trying to create a new Animation Directory for FEU. This is why I wanted properly timed GIFs and such.

Perhaps put an “Export ALL” option here?


Do you understand these differences?
Which do you like?



Currently, the file size is a little big, I want to reduce.
How much can you accept?

The above image is generated with the following settings.

   frame      filesize

2-> 0.02sec. 647KB
3-> 0.03sec. 374KB frame skip when OAM Frame.
4 -> 0.04sec. 256KB frame skip when OAM Frame.
5 -> 0.05sec. 235KB frame skip when OAM Frame.
X4-> 0.04sec. 324KB frame skip when drawing.
X5-> 0.05sec. 163KB frame skip when drawing.


The overall speed of 2 is preferable, but 3 is acceptable.

However, I see one small problem with Ephraim’s “dodge” frame. He appears to dodge twice, and it happens almost instantly. Did you notice this? (Edit: This is because it plays the ‘normal’ dodge, and the ‘javelin’ dodge back to back. Ignore this.)

Additionally, is it possible to add a small pause between the different ‘animation types’? Ex: 0.5 second pause after Attack and Return plays, 0.5 second pause after Critical Attack and Return plays, 0.5 second pause after Javelin Attack and Return plays, etc.

Compare timing of pauses between attacks and returns when transitioning to a new animation with how FEditor handles it.


Your animation ‘3’ above:

The biggest problem still existing is it is hard to keep track of what animation type is playing because they change so fast. I hope this makes sense.

I also agree that a smaller GIF size is preferable so it will not slow down the internet of people who view it.

EDIT: I also like the overall speed of Image 5 above, but it does need the pause I spoke about above. It is a smaller animation size too which is very good.


However, I see one small problem with Ephraim’s “dodge” frame. He appears to dodge twice, and it happens almost instantly. Did you notice this? (Edit: This is because it plays the ‘normal’ dodge, and the ‘javelin’ dodge back to back. Ignore this.)

I do not know. which one?
Can you specify its location in animation script text?


I made DumpAll, but it may not be usable.
When using this, write out the animation as text, export it in java serial form of FEEditorAdv, and make gif animation.

I have not fully understood java Serialize yet.
There is an unknown byte in the type information.
When outputting in FEEditorAdv format, FEBuilderGBA packs specific data hard-coded into its unknown type information.
Since FEBuilderGBA does not use this type information, you can import whatever value is written.

However, FEEditorAdv refers to this value in java deserialization.
And, it does not work with an appropriate value.
FEEditorAdv asks for a perfect value.

Therefore, even if FEBuilderGBA can read the Java serialization format of FEEditorAdv outputted by FEEditorAdv,
FEEditorAdv may not be able to read the Java serialization format output by FEBuilderGBA.
This is due to an unknown type information byte.

Therefore, it is dangerous to use the java serialization format output by FEBuilderGBA for data you want to widely publish.
Of course, if it is txt format it is compatible.

Since there is little to make java serialized type information in other languages(C#), there is no document.
So, this mystery has not been elucidated yet.


I see. Since all of the animations I am converting already have the ‘chopped up’ FEditor formatted versions inside, I can probably just keep those for now.

Big thanks for all the help.

[quote]I do not know. which one?
Can you specify its location in animation script text?[/quote]
Never mind, I was looking at the wrong information. It positions the ‘dodge javelin’ and ‘dodge lance’ animations next to each other, and they play back-to-back very quickly, making it look like the GIF is stuttering. In fact, it is working correctly.


Using the extending health cap patch, I change the value to 78 in FE8, which should translate to 120 in game. However, when one of my characters reached 62 health and the chapter ends, I closed the game. When I resume, the character now only has 2 health. What was the problem?


The game only saves a few bits for every stat, it doesn’t save the whole byte, your unit had 0x62 max hp I’m assuming, that only has three bits set (1100010), when you save the game the bits above the fifth get lost, so it got cut to 00010, which is 2.

If you meant 62 and not 0x62 there could be other stuff going on, like substraction of base max hp before saving and other stuff like that (I don’t know if you are talking about max or current hp).