@meng You first need to use the Skill Extension SkillSystems patch located under menu “patch”.
Then you will be able from the Advanced Editor to use the Assign Skill by Unit / by Class located at the second column.


You used FE8CN, right?
The skill patch for FE8CN is very difficult.

FE8CN is FE8J’s Hack Rom.

With FE8J, you should be able to use the skill extensions of FE8N created by aera…
However, the problem is in the character code.
A string is required to display the skill name.

FE8N assumes operation in Japanese SJIS.
FE8CN is running with its own Chinese font.

Therefore, it probably will not work.
Crash when displaying the skill name… :frowning:

If the mystery of the Chinese font is solved, there may be a solution but at present it is not yet done.
The character code of FE8CN FE7CN FE6CN is enveloped in a mystery.


But I don’t know how to make this skill work, do you want to add scripts? Where to add?


I don’t need to be able to describe it, I just wish he would come into effect.


This patch is for FE8J only with FE8N.
Kao is talking about SkillSystems dedicated to FE8U, it is another thing.

The skill system is implemented in each system because it rewrites a lot of systems.
Unfortunately, unification has not been done.

You seem to have written Chinese in this patch.
Did it work?

I can not check it because I do not understand Chinese.


I just tested it and gave it a name and image, but I don’t know how to add it?





Thank you

I received the file.

It’s already late today, so I will read it tomorrow.

I am tired today.


About the “skills patch” CN version can be used normally :slightly_smiling_face:


I created a mockup image for the main editor.

Current editor:

My editor:

It would be tabbed. The first tab is Primary Editors - editors the developer uses very often, and sorted by type. Example: things that edit items are grouped together.

The second tab is very infrequent editors, ones the developer may only use once in a while.

Give thoughts please.


What is Primary and what is Secondary, it seems that conflict will occur.
If tabbed, I think it should be tabbed for each function.

Currently, to some extent, in line.

From the left side,
Unit,Class,Item,Graphics,chaptor and event,worldmap and system,text and op/ed,music.
It is on the bottom side, Map, Skill, Development, Status

The detailed menu has many functions.
Things that are commonly used are taken to the simple menu.

I think that it would be better to enrich the simple menu than to categorize the detail menu.
I aim to be easy to use 80% function from a simple menu.(Like Pareto principle)

Did you use the detailed menu to find out what?
Most functions are easily accessible from the simple menu.
What were you looking for?


The ‘primary editors’ in my image are editors a developer is likely to use several times during their development. Things such as font editing are usually one or more of the following:

  1. More advanced than a basic user will ever need
  2. Likely to be used once during development, then never again
  3. Cluttersome

Right now the current menus are massive, and they’re getting bigger every time you add new buttons. It’s a lot to take in, and they aren’t conducive to muscle memory since things aren’t positioned well according to priority.

For example, in my menu…

The far left side are all menus a developer will use frequently. From each ‘main menu,’ such as the Item Editor, sub-menu options move to the right.

Item Editor < Promotion Items < Stat Boosts < Weapon Effectiveness < Sacred Weapons < Weapon Triangles
Ranged Animations < Weapon Animations < Magic Animations

Those are all things related to item editing, clustered in the same region. Further, look specifically at Ranged Animations < Weapon Animations < Magic Animations.

They aren’t clustered together in your current editor, and for some reason two of them are labeled Magic Animations.

(Please note that for my tabbed example image, I used my very old build of the translated FEBuilder from several months ago, which is missing a bunch of the new options. I only did this so I could put together the mockup, and it is not up to my ideal levels of quality just yet)

So you see, my goal is to arrange like this:

Left side: Higher Usage editors that developers will use more (Example: Events, editing characters, classes, items, etc)
Right side: Less used editors, such as Arena Enemy Editor and Weapon Triangles
Tab 1 (Primary Editors): Very commonly used editors
Tab 2 (Secondary Editors): Miscellaneous editors the developer will rarely use, especially things such as Font and Music editors. Some of these can certainly be up for debate, but you are unlikely to edit Font more than once, if ever for the average developer.

So in this manner, we reduce the size of the editor and make it easier to navigate for new users. I can continue to improve the existing translation when I have time, but a common complaint I hear from users is that navigating FEBuilder is very confusing because there are so many options. If things are arranged better, and made more pleasing to look at, users will intuitively be able to understand it more easily.

Again, some things in my image are old and outdated, and hastily thrown together in fifteen minutes, but the general idea is there. One tab for frequent use, another tab for rarely used editors that only clutter the UI and confuse new people.


My idea for New Chapter Creator wizard:

  1. Clear existing event data (this is important)
  2. Insert new map data (optional)
  3. Select win condition (preset options are Defeat All, Seize, Defeat Boss, Defend)
  4. Place unit groups
  5. Set reinforcement events (presets are Turn condition, Area condition, Flag condition)
  6. Beginning event setup (dialogue and unit loading, optional preparation screen)
  7. Ending event setup (dialogue and proceed to next chapter)

This would be a step-by-step guide to create the foundation for simple, but fully custom chapters. After this the user can use the existing event editor.

(I’d also like the ability to export events by disassembling with EA but that is not very high priority)


FEBuilderGBA is dominated by the structure of FE.
Although it is good to understand the structure of FE, it is a fact that it is not easy to understand for those who want to remodel.

So, I made a simplified menu easy to understand for the remodel.
I think that it is important to develop that idea more and stand on the producer side more.
But, it is quite a hard work.

Rather than a wizard, I think that it would be a blank template or convert an event to a harmless event (for example, set the attainment flag to 0, make an event to be 1, etc.).


Yes, the most important thing is to be able to clear out a chapter’s events.
The wizard would make life easier for new users but it’s not critical.


The ‘primary editors’ in my image are editors a developer is likely to use several times during their development. Things such as font editing are usually one or more of the following:

I think the Magic Animations in the Item is a mistranslation.

The Japanese name is “item indirect effect” アイテム間接エフェクト.
Translation is difficult.

As an indirect attack weapon, this define what kind of animation to display when using that item.
In other words, the subject is an item.

And About it is the part that defines the magic animation.
Because it is animation, it is classification of graphics.

As you and I thought of the classification of the menu though different,
There are things that fall into both categories, and categories are very difficult.

What you want to remodel, what you use in that person’s cultural sphere is different.

For example, your in the single-byte area, I think it rarely to use the font function of this tool.
However, in multibyte area, fonts are a serious problem.
There are often missing fonts.

The purpose is to make it easier to find the necessary menu, so I do not think it is a category.

For example, I can think of a UI that loads something like a search function in a patch
and hides buttons that do not match the search.
Or I think that you can do even to improve the simplified screen so that there is no need to open the detail menu.

Categorization is a means, not a purpose.
And categorization raises controversy.
So, I’d like to explore another way.


This is a good idea too. Perhaps there can be compromise here. A search function would work well, and maybe I should focus more on improving the Simple Image Menu screen, because it would have the most common editors available.

In fact, I’ll start working on tweaks to this next.


In fact it would be really nice to have those kind of things, closer to each other…:


About Chinese.

I have not done it yet.

They seem to have also changed the storage and drawing rules of FE’s fonts.

FEには、セリフとアイテムの2つのフォントがhashed listで格納されています。
In FE, two fonts of dialogue and item are stored in hashed list.

But they put it together and thought it was in ttf format.

Besides address and calculation formula, storage method is different.

I do not know the reason for doing this, may be that Chinese has more fonts than Japanese.

Therefore, in order to handle this successfully, you have to fix everything.

This is a time-consuming task.

Also, they did bold remodeling for font indications,.

Regarding the method of storing text, he map Chinese to the Japanese code in TBL file.

If you want to get missing letters and you use anti-huffman etc.

It is necessary to solve this double problem.

This is quite a difficult work.

It seems that it will take more time to fully respond to Chinese.


Kao gave me the idea to do this.

My FEBuilder Recategorization

Current FEBuilder

Anything not highlighted is either new stuff not in my old version of FEBuilder, or is relegated to the Secondary Editors tab.

I leave it to the people to decide which one makes more sense, organization-wise.