On the problem of skill system.
Is this an existing bug?
I got a report for the first time.

Those who report bugs or mistranslation are appreciated.
I notice that there is a problem and I can fix it.

I was able to reproduce the problem.
Please erase the # line with Text ID: 0xE00
I forgot to delete the # comment when I import the text.


Oh, i understand! Thats how it works! I was just confused then.

Thanks for the quick answers on both questions! (:


Dear Mr. 7743, first of all, forgive me for bothering you with this kind of thing. Is there any better way to solve the problem of dead machine caused by excessive animation import of this image?


I want to reproduce the problem.

Where can I download the animation you imported?
Also please send me an ups patch of broken ROM.

For broken ROM, please return from backup.
Since FEBuilderGBA generates backups by date, please return from there.


Dear Mr. 7743, you can download the above Mr. QPS documents, his latest.


Downloading was not possible even if I push the bottom 下载(472KB) button.
I tried three browsers, chrome, firefox and IE, but it did not go well.

Is it because I am not a member of baidu?
Please present it elsewhere or in other ways.


I can not download it.
An error was displayed.



but, You should learn how to make ups patches.
Please delete the link soon.

With FEBuilderGBA, you can make ups patch from menu Tool -> UPS patch.


I can not download it in the free version.
It seems that there are a lot of javascript errors.
I received 狂王.rar from meng.

狂王.rar seems to be a kanji that can not be handled in Japanese Windows OS.
I was able to unpack the rar using Linux and retrieve the file.
I will verify from now.


@meng @qps

This animation is too moved , and too much to generate huge OAM data.
Therefore it does not work.

FEEditorAdv can not import with the error “OAM data overflow!”
Since GBA is a portable device, memory available is limited.

FEEditorAdv strictly checks OAM size.

There was a similar problem in the past,
At that time, even if the OAM check was loosely loosened, there was no problem with FE 8.

For that reason, FEBuilder GBA allows OAM data to be big enough.

However, there is a problem hanging up and generating data that does not work.
Even with FEBuilderGBA, I think it is necessary to make an animation that creates a huge OAM an error.

To run this animation, you need to cut the animation.
When a large character moving hard, it consumes a lot of OAM data.


How should we use FEBuilderGBA to solve this problem? Can you give us a demonstration?


Do you know other software that can import this animation?
If you have that software, I want to learn from that software.

If you can not import any software, there is a problem with animation method.
This animation is too much movement.

In order to suppress the enlargement of OAM data,.
You need to know how the animation will be compressed.
Explaining this mechanism will be long, so I will talk to another opportunity.


Hi @7743, do you know how I could modify the scripted battles at the very beginning of FE8 + Change the amount of HP that remains to Seth when he arrived on the Escape map ?


This value.

It is erroneously written as X that I must rewrite with HP.
I will fix it in the next version.


The event script instruction of FEBulderGBA has a machine translation of Japanese, so there are quite a mistranslation.
If you have something like this better, please send it to me.

Of course,I also welcome mistranslation corrections for languages other than English.


Original text of Japanese:
Code: 402C01009C819008
[XXXXXXXX:POINTER_UNIT:ユニット]を読込1 主にイベント 自軍の場合PT入りする

Load the units.
There are other instructions to load the unit, but it is the 1st load instruction.
It is mainly used for events.(Means that it will be used at the start event instead of the reinforcement)
If the unit is set up for player, They join a member of your army.

“PT” is the abbreviation of the party.
“Party” with RPG is a group of people who act together.

Current translation:
Code: 402C01009C819008
[XXXXXXXX:POINTER_UNIT:Units] to Load1 Mainly for the event’s own troops to enter PT

Does it pass well?
Probably, I do not seem to have succeeded well.

If you were to explain this command, what would you do?
What name would you like?
What do you explain?


In order to suppress consumption of OAM data,
In adjacent frames, it is necessary to make many common parts for each tile.
The GBA graphic consists of 8 * 8 dot tiles.
The upper left corner of the screen is the origin.

Have you ever seen such a sheet?

This is a sheet where animation is separated by parts.
The sheet will be an image of size 256 * 64.

First, separate the screen from the upper left into 8 * 8 tiles.
Ignore blank tiles.
Once you find a tile with data, you will see if the tile is on the sheet.

If it is on the sheet, record the position on the sheet.
If it is not on the sheet, copy it to the empty area of the sheet and record the position.

At this time, if you compare one tile at a time, the compression ratio will rise, but the data on where the tile was located will become large.
Therefore, in GBAFE, we will process with some blocks.

Start from the block of 64 * 64, 6432 ,3264 ,3232 ,3216 ,1632 ,1616 ,328 ,832 ,168 ,816 ,8*8 …
As we gradually reduce it, we see if the block is on the sheet.
At this time, even if there are tiles whose top, bottom, left and right are reversed, they can be recognized as the same tile.

If the sheet becomes full, we will reserve the next sheet.
In the next sheet as well, we will process in block units.

Even if you move to the next sheet,I will do the same with the next sheet.
If it is on the sheet, record the position on the sheet.
If it is not on the sheet, copy it to the empty area of the sheet and record the position.

At this time, it is important to note that only one sheet can be used simultaneously in one frame.
Multiple sheets can not be used simultaneously within one frame.
For example, you can not store the upper body and lower body of a character on separate sheets.

Since the sheet has only 256 * 64, it means that characters exceeding 256 * 64 can not be displayed.
Therefore, the body of a huge boss such as a demon king and a dragon is drawn as a background.
Their animation is only their heads and arms.
It is hard-coded into program code by class ID.

This is the rule of animation compression of GBAFE.

Now, once you understand the rules, let’s think of ways to maximize your own profit within this rule.

The fact that it is used in the 8 * 8 tile means that when moving, it is best compressed by moving in units of 8 * 8 tiles.

If your character works in 1 dot units, it will not be compressed in GBAFE which compresses in tile units.
It may be a very attractive animation, but it is not compressed.


Also, it is wonderful to change the expressions and gestures of characters in frame units, but the compression ratio goes down.

If you think about only the compression ratio, the animation that moves with 8 * 8 tiles without expression is the best. :slight_smile:
But that is not too funny.

rest assured.
Most animations do not have to worry about this rule.
There is enough OAM buffer.

However, must be careful with big characters animation like Wyvern knight, and animations that move very hard.
When moving large characters quickly and in large quantities , it is necessary to consider moving them as much as possible on a 8*8 tile basis.


Yeah there’s some misstranslation, but the vast majority is okay (except some bad traductions which means the opposite of what they are supposed to mean [don’t have on in mind])
But thanks for pointer !
Sorry if I’m disturbing you, but do you have a list of all the chapters pointers for the Event Editor Adv (can’t manage to find this adress in Chapter Pointer Data or in Chapter Editor).


Oh and @7743, do you think it may be possible to one day have a “tutorial editor”. Because that’s events but this is still a really specific thing, and it may save some times when “hard” editing a rom.


I want you to tell me a bad translation.
I am not good at English, so I do not understand well.
I would like you to tell me how to fix it.

You already have points for all chapters.
The previous HP reduction is the opening event of the prologue.
You can see it by pressing the button called Start Event on the first screen.

This also applies to other chapters.
Representative events such as start event, end event, and conversation and reinforcement of the chapter are listed in the table on the right.
If you want to see more details, you can see the whole event structure by clicking on the link event on the start event.


I know the structure of the tutorial, so I can not make it, but I do not make it because there is no demand.
Do you want to create a tutorial event?

Although I may erase the tutorial event, I have never seen a person who wants to create a new tutorial.
I think that it is unnecessary for a tutorial etc for an emblemer like hand to hack rom.

I think that tutorials etc are unnecessary for the core gamer who plays Hack Rom.

If you want to create an explanation of that chapter, there is a thing called a shinan patch 指南パッチ.
(指南)shinan is like teaching.

This replaces the item in the dictionary of the menu with the shinan event.

Have you played yuggdra patch?(FE8J hack rom)
In this patch, the shinan event is implemented, and if you choose shinan from the menu, you will tell in a conversation style a hint to capture that stage.

For this reason, I have not made a tutorial editor yet.
If you really want it, I can not do it, but since the tutorial will be a fairly complicated event, even if you have an editor it’s pretty difficult to create.