i cannot download FE_Builder but another file is ok .


In your environment, it seems that FEBuilderGBA has detected the virus detection.

I do not know why it will happen.
Of course, FEBuilderGBA is not a virus.
I am publishing the source code, so I think you can see that it is not a virus.

Is it a false detection of antivirus software?

What antivirus software do you use?
Please ask your antivirus vendor’s support why this is detected as a virus.

I tried scanning with F-Secure’s free version and Microsoft’s Windows Definder just in case.
Together, there was no problem.

Does anyone have similar things to others?
I would like to know why it is misunderstood as a virus.


I had the same issue with Avast Antivirus. It deleted the executable thinking that it was a “dangerous program” and I had to disable it to launch FEBuilder. No issue happens since I moved to another antivirus (Bitdefender) so I don’t know what happened.


My Antivirus software actually deleted FEBuilder by itself once.

IF you actually manage to download it, make sure to check if your software allows objections and put your folder where the .exe is in it into the objections.
And maybe make a copy of the executable file just in case.


For the time being, I installing Avast Antivirus,
which is expected to be the worst and false detection.
(It is rumored that Avast Antivirus will erroneously detect various software in the past many times.)

For now, no problems are detected.


I have a question, is it possible that you make a section for the character select screen?
I know how you can change all that stuff already:

I managed to do it obviously, but if you could include that and maybe even an option to change the chapter that each character leads to, because that’s something I couldn’t figure out, but maybe you know about it.


Hello all. Does anyone know, how to make a black fog? Here, on the screen, in this hack there is a black fog.


Here ya go:


IE find the map palette you want, and make all the bytes in the second A0 section 00(For black) or FF(for white)


This is what happens when you combine the skills patch with the status sword patch.

If you could update either of them to not conflict with each other, it’d be nice.

There’s also another one where you get only one experience point for hurting an enemy in 99% of scenarios. I can’t reproduce it exactly yet, so I can’t fix it.


It is an unavoidable phenomenon because it hooks the same part.

In realizing the skill, the skill patch hooks the part hit by the attack and performs additional processing.
If the attack hits, bad status sword also hooks this place to make the enemy a bad status such as sleeping.

Therefore, the two processes conflict.

I can only say “Please use one or the other.”


If you only need to change Palette, please change Palette from Map Style Edtior.


I tried to make a corresponding patch with the new version.


hi! this is a really lovely program. I like it a lot.

I’m currently trying to edit the battle animation palette for a character and running into some trouble. I’m hoping someone here could help.

  1. I edited the colours of the original palette (nothing extreme, just switching 3 shades of blue for 3 shades of brown, etc) in paint.net and when I imported the image, got this: https://i.imgur.com/dtEdCER.png

This is the image I tried to import: https://i.imgur.com/Io24iXc.png

The only way I could find to fix this was to edit each individual number with the correct, original value. This was painful :grimacing:

Basically, I want to know why the image got messed up and how to successfully replace a palette. That’s my first thing.

EDIT: For the record, this same issue happened when I opened the image in FE Recolour and tried to directly paste in the HEX value. The palette only works correctly if I manually enter the RGB values.

  1. I could use an explanation on how palette assignment works. I tried re-assigning what palette this character would use in battle, but couldn’t get it to change inside the ROM. This is a screenshot of the palette assigner: https://i.imgur.com/JrFGQfv.png

Nothing I changed in there seemed to have any effect :sob: So my second thing is that I’d like to know how palette assignment works between classes and characters.

If I didn’t explain something well enough I apologize. Thanks in advance for anyone helping!


Please use software that can recognize pallet correctly.
I recommend edge.
(Edge is Japanese software, but I think that there is certainly software that can handle palettes correctly in English.

Basically, most software can not handle pallets well.

Palette is old technology.
In modern times full-color images are commonplace, but in the past you could only use the colors you chose from the palette.
Since GBA is an old machine, pallets are adopted.

I Analyze your image.
This image uses a palette, but the order of the pallet is destroyed.

Looking at your image at the edge will look like this.

It is like this when taking out the original image from the ROM and looking at the edge.

You can see that the order of pallets displayed on the right side is different.
The software you are using can not handle the palette well and destroyed the order of the palettes.
Therefore, originally the 0th color must be the background color, but it is assigned to a different color.
For other colors, the order has become strange.

When importing this image, FEBuilderGBA will apply the color in the order of this palette.
Therefore, the color of the image will be incorrect.
I recommend using software that can use the pallet correctly.


I decided to give out a form to exchange palettes when you right click on the palette color banner.
It is a function from ver 20180107.17.


I added two tools useful for code analysis, manual of disassembler and automatic pointer calculation function.
FEBuilderGBA is a tool to easily modify GBAFE,
It can also help those who want to analyze the code seriously.

ROM analysis using disassembler with FEBuilderGBA (for hacker)

English translation

Automatic pointer calculation function ROM analysis using FEBuilderGBA (for hacker)

English translation


You should probably post in the topics for each system, rather than here.


Thank you for the explanation! it makes perfect sense to me now.


I didn’t quite understand. Please explain in more detail. I’ve never worked with a palette of maps)