In event conditions, if the address of the event is 0, a new button is displayed.
Normal events script are called from event conditions.
Therefore, it can be created from the event condition.


So, I had skills set for all the classes, then I installed the new Skill System patch and every skill I had set was wiped out.

Is there a way to update the skill system without erasing previous settings?


You have reinstalled, not Update, and your existing data has been swept away.

Do you have a backup?
Using the backup, go to the Skill patch that you have still installed, and click the “Update” button.

The “Update” button inherits the existing settings.

Make sure you have a backup before pressing the “Update” button.
If the “Update” button does not work, please send me a Backup ups/report7z.


I’m sorry,
There was a bug in SkillSystems 2019/3/24
The tile data of the tower of Venil is broken.

I have fixed the bug with the latest update,
but you need to go back to the backup before updating SkillSystems to get it.

Return to the previous backup before updating SkillSystems.

Update FEBuilderGBA to the latest version.

Update SkillSystems.

Just in case, make sure that the tiles of the tower of Venil are not broken.

If you can not go back to backup, please send report7z.
I will support as much as possible.



Will it be safe to simply reinsert the Tower of Valni tile-data?


The safest thing is to go back to the previous backup.


Sorry for not replying sooner, but I reinstalled EA, and it didn’t really do anything. Still gives me the same error when trying to install that patch.


Thank you


Sorry for being a bother - just trying to find a way around having to redo Sunday/Monday’s work :stuck_out_tongue:

Uninstalling and re-installing the skill-system patch seems to fix the issue. However, I obviously want to ensure the long term stability of my ROM-hack. Does the uninstall process totally remove the offending data? Or will is it best to just crack open Saturday’s build and importing Sunday’s work - just to be on the safe side?


I got this weird error after I restore my backup and re patch the skill patch after I updated the builder I got this weird error
I have no idea how or why I got it


I updated the patch, but now I get this error

I guess the pointer is one byte off…?

And I found another glitch:
This happened after the update.

And the debuffs are kept between chapters


Please send backup ups or report7z before updating SkillSystems.
It does not occur in environments updated for testing.

I need data to reproduce the error.
Please send ups or report7z.


Similarly, Please send backup ups or report7z before updating SkillSystems.
I need data to reproduce the error.


crack open Saturday’s build and importing Sunday’s work

I think this is safe.

It depends on how much you changed.
The problem with SkillSystems is so complex that it is best not to affect it as much as possible.

Or, based on your previous backup, take in the work you did on Sunday and do not update the skill system yet.
Two people have similar problems, so there may be some unknown problems.

Therefore, it may be better not to update the skill system yet.

If you can convert your work on Sunday into a backup,
then , I want you to send that ups.

I can investigate if the new SkillSystems fit into it.
That way you can update more safely.


I’m having troubles with the report.
Apparently FEBuilder has troubles reading special characters in directories, and my username has a “é” on it… I’ll change it for this.


This problem seems to occur when updating from the 2018/12/09 version.
I was testing with an update from the 2018/05/15 version.
The test uses a copy of the old VisionQuest.
This did not cause a problem.

However, updating from 2018/12/09 SkillSystems will cause problems as you say.
You have to find out the cause.

I think You should not update SkillSystems for a while.
It is better to test more and confirm safety before updating.

I will contact you again if I understand something.
If you send me an ups, I will test with it and make sure it works.
You will be able to update more safely.


In that case,Please send ups.
Please send backup ups before updating SkillSystems.
Common Archiver’s 7z.dll used by FEBuilderGBA is weak in the directory where special character code of LAT1 exists.
In order to insert LAT1 special characters, you have to install the corresponding OS.
However, it takes time and effort to create the environment, so tests are not enough.

If possible, work in an ASCII-only directory.


This glitch does not occur with vanilla.
I think some other patch is interfering.

And the debuffs are kept between chapters

This also does not occur with vanilla.
After all, I Think probably colliding with another patch.

How do you specify a negative debuff?
Gilliam’s Rally should raise the DEF, but in your ROM, SKILL is down.

It will take time to solve this problem.

Besides, you are using the area reserved by FEBuilderGBA.
Do not use TextID: 0xE00-0xFFF.

This area is used for the explanation of Skill.
Currently, 0xExx area is used, but SkillSystems consumes more and more text ID, so 0xE00-0xFFF is reserved.

Using this area causes conflicts when updating SkillSystems.

I added a warning sign to this area in lastest version.


But I haven’t installed another patch before the glitch happens, just the Skill System update.

The Fighters have Seal Skill, the rallies are working normally. But I noticed the debuff problem is in the backup too, so I don’t know when it happened. I’ll look in previous versions.