How do you properly script battles. I looked at the Valter vs Seth one and only got more confused.


Please copy Valter vs. Seth’s code.
Because battle requires a lot of information, it consists of multiple instructions.

In FEBuilderGBA, we make it by two instructions.
“Event battle execution” is required immediately after “Event battle setting”.

“Event battle setting”
Configure how the attacker and the defender behave.
Set the amount of damage etc.

“Event battle execution”
Run a battle event.
Set the fighters and weapons.


The class-based autolevel option is very useful, will there be a character-based autolevel option in the future?


One minor bug (I think) is that FEBuilder refuses to insert map “Objects” that are 256x128 into any version of the game, even though there are object sets that use that exact size.


It is not in vanilla.
I think there is no patch.
If you make a patch, we may be able to use it.


Please send me the image.
I need png image data that causes problems.


If the problem occurs when you import image data, I need the image data to be able to reproduce, observe, and investigate the bug.

If it does not, it may take time to reproduce, or it may not be possible to correct it without being able to reproduce.

What is important is reproducibility.
//It is the same as science.
//Those that are not reproducible are occult.

Please attach data for reproduction.


Of course, here is the image in question:

If it helps, it’s data that was ripped straight from the ROM. I exported the object data from the Bulgar Castle map, from a fresh version of FE6, and tried to port the data to another ROM. When that failed, re-exported the data from the original ROM and tried to reinsert it, to see if it was working…only to encounter the same error message: that the editor only accepts 256x256 images for object and palette data.


Thank you for the png image.
I fixed the problem in the latest version.

Please update FEBuilderGBA.


-Changed default export format of battle animation to bin.

I changed to default the bin format in FEBuilderGBA’s Export format.
The txt format is useful when changing, but most people seem to want a copy when exporting.

-FELint now sees the length of DeathQuote.

Death Quote and Battle conversation have a small width available.
I changed it to check this size correctly.

-Added link to system icon.

There are many questions about changing the unit’s palette.
I added a sign.
A link to change the palette has been added to the screen such as Unit Hover.

I hope this will reduce the number of people who get lost.


Hm, I got a strange error with the latest update of FE Builder, I got 2 Errors with text, But I haven’t touch any text, I only use The latest skill patch, the anti-Huffman patch, Chapter to text patch. Both Errors point to the text of the route split. The only changes I have made is to a few mugs


Awesome! Thank you so much!


Hi, just send your report generated by febuilder so our friend 7743 can find the solution to your problem


i used it and i worked hours on a fire emblem hack i went away for a few days and my fire emblem hack i could not open it all my work GONE it is a good thing but… i worked hours on it i worked only a week on it and i maked only a backup from the 1 day and that one does not work to please help because i find it a really good hack maker


Please send report7z.

Also, if you can’t open that ROM with FEBuilderGBA, create an ups with another tool and send that ups.
For example, using Tsukuyomi , you can create ups.


DarkChibimon has not sent report7z, did you solve your problem by yourself?


The problem they’re talking about no longer shows up after updating FEBuilder. Yesterday it showed up in a vanilla FE8 rom telling me the “Go with Eirika to Rausten” and “Go with Ephraim to Grado” were too long.
Now it’s no longer there after updating. So either you fixed the problem or something else happened.


I see.

That was a bug.
It has already been fixed.


sorry for some reason i cant upload it on here i will give you a .gba file if it helps edit:okay thats not possible to so ehm how the hell do i send you it


my auto updater doesnt work at all ill try again but thats because my computers not good