Updating SkillSystems is very time-consuming.

Marge the modified file,
And I fix it so that everyone can install it with one click
And I convert to FEBUilderGBA patch format,
And I check the operation.
And I make a Updater
And I also check the operation.
And I will deliver.

However, work is still going on.
then answers to the coming questions,
Queries for SkillSystems’ newly conflicted areas are sent to me.
Of course, also a bug report.

It takes a lot of time, so I can not update it every time.
That’s impossible.

Therefore, it updates every few months.
The next time I aim to update in March.


At the request from kempuku, I made a new function.
This is a function of reverse search the event from the used flag.

You can see the list of flags used in the chapter.
Double click on an item to jump to that item.

Function name:
“Usage flag list”
(The translation may change later.)

There are three ways to access.

Menu->Tool->“Usage flag list”

Detailed menu->“Usage flag list”(Bottom right)

In the simple menu, right click on “Event” Label.


XUX%40AK~%5D%7BR885%24KVL%7BQWWRP 那位大神可以告诉我这两个怎么用。
《The great god can tell me how to use these two》


hello i have one question i try extend the pallets for units in fe7 but make me one error and no extend the pallets how make to extend and work?


Patches that need to be set are divided into patch body and data setting part.
First, install the patch itself and then make the settings on the other side.

First of all, please try various, if you get an error please write that error message.
Or send report7z.


what is “one error”?

When expanding the palette, since the palette pointer is initialized to 0, updating the FEBuilderGBA screen will cause the expanded data to disappear.
This is a bug.
I Fixed it.


How exactly do i insert new magic animations? I’ve installed the patch but after a bit of tinkering I still could figure it out.


Have you checked out the tutorial in the OP?
Or did you see that already and still can’t figure it out? I would suggest following the example in the tutorial first to get a handle on the basics


Hi, I am running into an error when applying the patch “Class Expansion (2018/05/19)”.

I already applied the skill system patch like it said, but I keep getting this error message:

In addition, is there any patch I can use beside this one that allows over 31 stat caps?


Probably, I think the EA version is old.
Please update EA to the latest version.

Since you do not attach report7z, I can only guess.

Expanding the class does not recommend as it causes various bad problems.

is there any patch I can use beside this one that allows over 31 stat caps?

There is a “break save” patch.
However, I do not know if it will work with SkillSystems at the same time.


I test it and it works if you install the Break Save before SkillSystems(because you can’t install it if SkillSystem is on). I don’t know if there is any issue by doing this however, but i didn’t notice anything.


Hey @7743, I was wondering if you could add a filter to the patches so that they could be sorted by date added or updated.


Please update to the latest version.


Hi, so I have a question. How do Enemy growths work? In my hack I’ve changed Revenants’ growths to be very high (to compensate for their lack of base stats),
But In my game they seem to have stats that are marginally different from their bases.

Revenants w/ super growths (but well under the 127 limit)
(Notice the projected stats)

Actual stats are 0.

Any answers to this phenomenon? If the actual stats were 1 or 2 more or less than projected that would be fine, but not even registering enemy growths makes my hack idea totally collapse.

(P.S This is a great program and huge thanks to @7743 for making and maintaining it, it’s really something else! :ok_hand:)

EDIT: okay so I changed the Revenant’s character data from address 31 (where I had it ) to AA (The game’s original Revenant data) and my stats came out right. It would appear that characters earlier in the list use Character growths for stats (hence the STR, Luk, and Res growths I was seeing) whilst later entries on the list use the unit data. Could this be related to the 3B Cutoff for enemy difficulty adjustments? or is this something entirely different?


Please send report7z.

I can not answer because information is missing only with the information you presented.
It depends on how you set it with UnitPlacer.

The setting of AutoLevel, affiliation(hard boost/penalty), etc will be involved.
Since FE is closely related to multiple items, I can not answer not to see all information.
If we do not get the information we need, we have to guess, it wastes time with each other.
If there is something unknown, it is best to send report7z.

The important thing is to reproduce the problem.


How can I decompile to C?


Please set python 3 and retargetable decompiler from setting screen.
Then you can use it.


Decompilation takes time.
You will be kept waiting for about one minute.



He can’t display it correctly


“retargetable decompiler” returned an error.
This is an error message.
As scroll, I think that an error message is written.

In the first half, only process information is written.
I think that an error message is written in the part hidden under the screen.

Just to be sure, please change the file name to fe8.gba.
Multibyte filenames cause unexpected problems.