“Mulder” is set to become a companion in the 0x38 chapter Frelia castle’s opening event.
Therefore, you need to change it.
(The opening event of Frelia Castle is interesting and it will be executed even on a new journey(After Chapter 9 clear).)

Once a unit becomes a joined the class is used when you become a join for the first time.
This is the specification of the FE program.

0x38 At the opening event of Frelia castle, because Mulder is there, I changed his class to Berserker(バーサーカー).
It is working properly.


No overwriting the animations in the newest version still causes the same issue for me as before, let me try to illustrate exactly what happens with screen shots.
So I start with importing a knight with hand axe animation and it works fine.

then I imported the Fmercenary animation
Once again fine, but I went back to check on the Knight Hand axeanim and
So the same issue as before. I made sure I was on the most recent version too, redownloaded it right before this test.


Ah, found it. Thanks!


I want to check.
Have you exported from broken ROM itself? This is no good.

Please import from ROM before break and export it to broken ROM.

The broken ROM data is broken, so you should not export from it.
Only broken data is exported. That does not make sense.
It is necessary to export from the data before not broken rom.

And import with broken ROM battle animation with true data.
Then, the broken animation is correct and replaced.

It may be faster to redo it from the initial ROM that is not broken.
If you do not do much remodeling such as an event, it may be faster to start over from the beginning.
Once again, start from non-remodeled ROM, extend the table, I think that you can set animation.


Going forward with Moulder in the Revenant class, I’ve encountered a bug. When Revenant Moulder tries to run his attack animation, the game soft locks. Ross is also in the Revenant class, and shows no problems declaring attacks or counter attacking, so I’m a bit of a loss here


That is the specification of FE’s program.

  1. Setting battle animation for attacks for each weapon attribute
  2. The designated battle animation has attacking behavior

Revenant has no attacking action with weapons and so we need to create a new attacking action.
Also, if the designated attack battle animation does not have attack behavior with weapons, it will be strange.

This time, I assigned attack animation with appropriate weapons.
It works correctly.

This restriction is frequently encountered with hand-axs weapons.
Throwing spears and magic swords will work with the general action of spears and swords, but you need to specify axes and throwing axes separately.
If you forget this, the game freezes with battle animation.

It is unreasonable, but it is a specification of FE’s program, so I can not do anything.


Overwriting animations multiple times causes a similar issue with FEditor. It’s better to insert new animations in empty slots at the end of the animation table. Especially since you have 65,355 slots available or whatever the number is.

Don’t overwrite vanilla animations. It always turns out bad.


I’m not having the Revanant use any weapons besides its native monster weapons, though, that’s what is confusing me.

Ross, in the same class, attacks and counterattacks without issue.

However, in Moulder’s case, the animation stops here. I am still unclear on this issue


I didn’t overwrite the vanilla animations. When I get some time I’ll just try it on a new rom like he said.


Probably, I think that there is an answer to the attribute of the enemy’s exclusive weapon and the weapon level that the character can use.
An enemy’s exclusive weapon has darkness as an attribute, but can also be used as a character that can only use weapons such as a sword.

Normal play does not use enemy exclusive weapons. (Unless you use bugs)
If you do something that does not occur in normal play, it behaves strangely.

These are not problems of FEBuilderGBA, so I can not do anything.

If you can not forgive these bugs by all means, you need to create an asm patch to disassemble and modify the FE source code.
But to me, I do not think this problem is a problem that needs to be done.


Moulder originally used staves. Did you remove all of his weapon levels first? That can cause issues.



ROM translation support tool dded.
Add multi-byte display routine to FE7U FE8U.
Add single-byte display routine to FE7J FE8J.
(FE6J is not yet supported)

For details, please click here.

With this function, it seems easy to port the Hack ROM work made in each language.


FE6 support would be great for translations.


The translation function is aiming at translation of hackrom.

It is not intended to translate FE6 - 8.
The goal is to facilitate translation of hackrom based on them.

FE6J already has translation using tbl table.
FEBuilder already supports tbl table. (You can switch by “language” of Config.)

hackrom made based on FE6J is not so much.
The main hackrom is based on FE7 and FE8.

I would like to play hackrom made in Japanese and I want to play hackrom made in English.
I want to enjoy the game beyond the language barrier.


I wish FEBuilder could change the formula of the compatible roms (I mean the formula of hit, avoid, etc)


It depends on how much you want to change.
The calculation formula is written in the ASM program.
You can do as much as you can change items in the formula,
If you want to change the calculation formula itself, you have to rewrite the ASM program itself.

As a kaitou-patch I made, I rewrite the whole hit ratio calculation formula,
I am making a hit rate correction by difficulty level.

With the ROM editor, we can not support that far.
If you want to specify it finely, you should write a program.

Also, since multiplication and division are realized by bit shifting, * 2 and * 4 can be done, but * 3 etc can not be supported.
It is expected to be quite restrictive.
Therefore, it is doubtful how much it is necessary to support with the tool.



Fixed so that you can display battle animation (varista) exceeding 16 colors.
However, currently it is possible to display more than 16 colors of battle animation, but import and export are not supported yet.


Add manual

Add a magic effect

Porting waiting icon, moving icon, portrait, battle animation(Porting FE7 Lyn to FE 8)

Change Text, add non-system characters (Anti-Haffman), add fonts

Both are in Japanese, but please read in google translate.


The rom translation tools doesn’t seem to work with menu commands.
I tried changing Attack( 攻撃) to atk, and since i saw that text id is unused in fe7J, i tried changing the pointer according to the address shown in the text editor. however, it reseted the pointer to 0, as the antihuffman patch adds 0x80000000 to the pointer. so, i used ea to directly write the pointer after editing the text with febuilder.
ORG $00C045F4
WORD $88BB54C4

Am i doing something wrong, or does your patch only account for text ids?
EDIT: I have made a fool out of myself, that extra 0x80000000 wasnt needed. sorry for bothering you.


Display is detailed, and detailed is display.


Menu command and terrain, song title of FE 7 sound room,
Japanese notation does not refer to “string table”.

this is going to read the character string directly, Shift-JIS.
Therefore, it is out of the search range of the absence font of the translation support tool.

does your patch only account for text ids?

Yes. for now.

I did not think there was something wanted to change just the menu.
It was aimed at translating serifs and item names.
If you translate serifs and item names, since fonts are installed together with them,
Indirectly, I think that fonts used for menus will also be installed.

However, if you want to change only the menu without changing any text or items, you will face problems.

In the next version, we will also include the menus and terrain ,sound room of FE7 in the search range.

Display is detailed, and detailed is display.

I do not quite understand.
What is the right answer?