Where do you change this?


This problem was fixed in ver 20171229.17.

This problem occurs when an invalid pointer is extended and data is allocated to the 0xFF area.

consideration to the area filled with 0xFF was insufficient.
I was thinking about only the area filled with 0x00 and the end of the ROM, and I was not considering 0xFF.

Reproduction method
1.Extend the class.
2.Specify animation method of added class ID …
3.Since the pointer is empty in the added class, it is necessary to secure a new area.
4.At this time, designate that 0xFF 0xFF is filled.
5.When alloc data, when new data is alloced from an invalid pointer, it is invalid data and there is no existing termination data.
Therefore, the initialization of the termination data fails.
Data corresponding to that place is used as termination data.
Normally, 0x00 or ROM terminates, but when allocated to the 0xFF area, it becomes 0xFF.

This still does not cause problems.
In addition, a reproduction procedure is necessary.

6.Use up all allocated lists.
For example, after securing two pieces, please enter data for both of them.

7.Reloading the screen causes problems.

Originally,[data 1] [data 2] [term 0x00] should be secured.
Therefore, even if data 1 data 2 is exhausted, there is nothing wrong with it.

However, it failed in (5) to initialize the termination data.
And the allocated area was filled with 0xFF 0xFF as specified in (4).
Therefore, the termination data was 0xFF instead of 0x00.

[data 1] [data 2] [term 0xFF]

Therefore, if data1 data2 is exhausted, the termination data will be gone.


I supported to system menu change with new version.
The location is in the System icon. (I may change the location in the future).

Since the menu is a structure sharing image data, import / export has restrictions.
It would be nice to select TSAEditor and change tiles and palettes.

The TSA data of the menu is also restricted in size.
You can change the color or change the tile, but you can not increase the size of the menu, for example.


No, that’s great.
All I could have asked for.


Also, there was this debuff bug that happened with the skill patch.
There was a fix for it, did you already do something about that?
I didn’t encounter it yet, just asking.


Also, there was this debuff bug that happened with the skill patch.
There was a fix for it, did you already do something about that?

There seems to be no update as SkillSystems, but where has it been fixed?

It seems that the bugs I reported before have not been fixed yet, so I will consider re-importing them once they are fixed.


FE6’s background for the sky in Chapter 16x is not properly selectable. It’s in FE8, as well, with similar results. You can force it manually, but it’d be nice to be available as a dropdown selection.


FE6’s background for the sky in Chapter 16x is not properly selectable

The 16x weather setting of FE6 is 0x7=sunny
but is 0x07 not in the weather combo box,
you want to add it?

This will be fixed in the next update.

It’s in FE8, as well, with similar results.

I could not find the same setting in FE8.
Where can I check it?


How did I not bring this up?

About the sky background in FE8, I could set it to be that in Nightmare, so I made an assumption. I apologize if it isn’t actually the case.


I didn’t mean the text related issue.
I meant the one where units get randomly debuffed.

Also, another important thing.
When I expand the classes, after a certain point a playable unit is loaded with the new class will revert to the first class overall if you restart a chapter.
This was discussed here:

But I heard it’s not compatible with certain patches.
But it would be nice if you could include it for the patches in FEBuilder.


I am mistaking the address.
I will also fix this in the next version.


Is there any way to edit this and I can’t find it, or isn’t it implemented yet?


let me issue a warning before extending the class.

Automatic expansion of saved data will cause harmful effects in various places, so I do not want to patch automatically.
Also conflicts with extended patches of other saved data are expected.
(There are several patches that can exceed the status 31 for FE8J and FE7J.)


I made it possible to change from the patch with the latest version.

Please change it as you like.

You can find the image from Tool -> Graphics Tool.
Scans the ROM and displays what seems to be a compressed image.
At the same time, we analyze the asm routine and recommend what TSA and palette are supposed to think.

You can make patch it by pressing the PatchMaker button, so if there is an interesting image, please make a patch and send it to me.


With the latest version ver 20171230.14, I fixed the mistake of the weather and promotion item of FE 8U.


From version 20171230.14, Event Script can be imported / exported using Event Assembler.

Open the event screen, press the export button in the lower right, save it with the extension as “event” extension.

When import, ignoring ORG specification.
I will import the address of the current open event.

For example, in the case of the above image, since 0x9EEBE8 is open, it is inserted as an event here.

Just adding it to the list,
It will not be written unless you press the Write button.
If you do not like the inserted script, you can edit it or return it with the Undo button.


Hello, when I change a menu in the FE8 system, it will be abnormal.

It will change other menus


This is more of a suggestion than anything, but could you make it write to the ROM when pressing enter while editing data fields? Such as when changing the amount of uses an item has, pressing Enter makes it write to the the ROM, rather than having to click “Write to ROM” every time.


That is the specification of FE.
All images constituting the menu are shared.

Therefore, if you change somewhere, the other will change as well.

It is like a map chipset.
The image is shared, and it is TSA to set how to construct the shared image.


I made it on shortcut key of option.
Please update to ver 20171231.14.

For example, if you set this up, pressing Ctrl+K will push the write button.