I changed “01=Conditinal” to “01=Flag Condition”.
In Event cond, Conditinal -> Flag Condition

Please reply if you have a opposite opinion or more better name.


Great Update! Thanks a lot!
Edit: It seems like the skills do not stack their effects, like the item has bracing stance and the unit has bracing stance too they don’t get extra def/res it only counts one of them, can we make it to stack the two skills even if they are the same?
Edit2: And lastly, how can I read the random chests in Febuilder? Or any chests? It’s on fe8


It seems like the skills do not stack their effects, like the item has bracing stance and the unit has bracing stance too they don’t get extra def/res it only counts one of them, can we make it to stack the two skills even if they are the same?

ITEM Skill is a specification of SkillSystems.
I think that even if you have two identical skills, the effect is not duplicated.

how can I read the random chests in Febuilder?

refer to the treasure chest of the ruins of FE8.
This is a bug.
I’ll fix it later.

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I fixed random chest issue in latest version.

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I think in version 20191027.15 is still not fixed, I’m not sure, I downloaded it fresh because it did not let me update automatically. I think that in the simple view I go to the chest in the Last lvl of the Ruins, but when i click it or the event I only get “words” in the event viewer, while the code is “right” I can’t expand it or modify the content of the chests other than using the hex editor and changing the random chest manually, but i’d have to repoint manually too


I’m sure it’s working fine, but check it.

Generation Type = 0x05 Seize or Visit Home
Type = 0x14 Ramdom Chest
Click Chest Contents to change the contents.


Since there were two people who encountered problems because they did not use the correct method for updating SkillSystems, I will post the correct update method.

Correct update method.

For example, if you were using the April version.
Select the SkillSystems you are using and press the update button.

This is the correct update method.
If you simply overwrite the latest version of SkillSystems, garbage data will remain, causing problems.
If you upload it correctly, unit and class skill data will be transferred.


There is a bug in the escape menu patch, so fix it.
Please respond if you are using this patch.
After updating FEBuilderGBA, uninstall the escape menu patch and reinstall it.

The arrival Map Object should have been 0x19 instead of 0x12.
If it is 0x12, it collides with the MapObject of Door.
Due to this problem, the Arrive command is displayed on the door square.
I update the patch to fix this bug.


It works now. I went back and tried out for myself.

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In the latest version, sf2 can be output using “gba mus riper”.
Also, the sound quality can be changed when importing a wave.
For this, use sox.

Specify these two programs from “Path2” on the setting screen.
Use the Init Setup Wizard for easy setup.
MENU->settings -> Init Setup Wizard

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I saw that a Str/Mag split was released in one of the latest builds of the skill system.
If I install the latest Skill System it doesn’t include the split and I can’t modify the config file like in the standalone Skill System patch.
Is it possible to install this with FeBuilderGBA?


To install Str/Mag, you have to go into the Engine Hacks folder and uncomment #define USE_STRMAG_SPLIT in _MasterHackInstaller.event before you run MakeHack.


Hi max,

I figured out that way, but I meant to ask if it is possible to directly install it in the patches section from within FeBuilderGBA.
Or is using the standalone skill systems installer the only way?


nah it’s standalone skill system only
however, once it is installed, you can fully edit its properties in FEBuilder


I don’t think str mag split will be done in FEBuilderGBA for a while.
If necessary, build SkillSystems yourself.

FE8U’s str mag split depends on ExpandedModularSave.
ExpandedModularSave conflicts with break save and AutoSave Patch.
Therefore, backward compatibility is broken.
If this happens, SkillSystems can no longer be used by those who need 200 supply or who need AutoSave.

I don’t think the benefits of str mag split outweigh this disadvantage.

Therefore, for the time being, I would like to disable str mag split.

If you have set up SkillSystems yourself and built it successfully,
you will see the following screen.


I have a problem.
Magical enemies try to attack even on Silence effect, results in a freeze when battle animation is on.
I have no idea, what’s causing the problem.


[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

I think this is a bug in SkillSystems.
Even the version that only introduced the skill system to vanilla was reproduced.

Enemy mage will try to attack even while Silence.
This only happens on enemy turns.

test ups

old.ups installed skillsystems 2019/07/08
new.ups installed skillsystems 2019/10/22

It does not occur in old.ups.
It occurs in new.ups.

Because it is a bug in SkillSystems, it takes time to investigate.

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I reported a bug in the SkillSystems thread.



There is an issue where Justice and Pride’s Ch. 15 may sometimes freeze during the end event.
There are 61 errors, but they’re there because of me currently working on assigning support partners and is unrelated to the error.


I verified using Emulator SaveSlot 6 data.

Somehow, it seems to be ignored when LOMA is operated after “Clear all units”.
Change the LOMA position or change the “Clear all units” position.

Since LOMA failed, map switching does not work, and as a result, the unit read with LOAD1 + ENUN cannot be moved and is hung up.

when using the cheat from the save slot 2 data of the game instead of the data of the game, and proceeded to ch15, it worked with the data before this correction.

If changing the position of LOMA does not solve the problem, please send save data.
I need to hear more about your problem.