Thanks for the guidance. It’s much appreciated as usual.


I notice that the improved sound mixer is not up to date apparently. Do you have any plans on updating
it 7743?


Where is the latest version?


On the ipatix original post.
Here’s the link:


This is a Pokemon’s code.
You needs to porting this to the FE.
If it proves to work with FE, I update the patch of FEBuilderGBA.


I’d imagine that is compatible with fe8(in fact, it has a special config for fe7), and if i were capable i
would do the port. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do so because my skills with asm are almost zero.


Patch Porting takes a very long time.
It will be a very difficult task.
For now, I have no plans to do it.


@7743 There’s an error with Ch 1-8 player phase BGM patch. This patch changes support room music. The patch for changing support room music doesn’t seem to do anything.


Please specify the exact name of the patch.
There is no patch named “Ch 1-8 player phase BGM patch”.

oh, sorry.
I found it.
“Ch1-8 Player Phase” Patch

NAME.en=Ch1-8 Player Phase BGM
NAME.zh=音乐_主题 0x43


ADDRESS=0x080A2BAC 0x080A2BE2 0x080A2BF6 0x080A9C92

INFO=Select the song to be played during the player phase of the first 8 chapters (not 5x).

This patch is weird.

This is a patch to change Eirika’s main theme BGM ID: 0x09.
However, because the chapter BGM is specified in the chapter setting, it is not clear how these songs are used.

I want to delete or change the name later.
Please do not use this patch.

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I’d like to make a few export quality of life suggestions if that’s alright.

  1. Any chance I could request an “Export All” option on Spell Animations?


Could the generated “no comment” txt be called “Spell_without_comment” to match the Battle Animation dump?

  1. Could you cleanup the way that FEB dumps the images so that it no longer creates duplicates on “Dump All”?

Currently, when creating the “lorm_sp1_without_comment.txt”, FEBuilder creates an identical set of png’s with “_without_comment” appended. These are a bit of a hassle when exporting as much as I do :slight_smile:

Thank you, and thanks for all your hard work!

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In fe7 there was a warp effect for Jaffar that had smoke instead of magic. Is that in FE builder? Is that even a warp?


I also created DumpAll for Spell Animation.

I made DumpAll output format only without comments.

When importing, bin format is default format.
Therefore, the text format is only used when used outside of FEBuilderGBA.
So, the text format output by DumpAll is only without comments.


Which chapter is used the it?
Which scene is it?


I named this patch as follows:

NAME.en=Eirika's BGM

Not entirely sure on the specifics but its in Chapter 19 :Dragons gate in the end chapter event after they meet up with Elbert. He appears then.


I can not identify which scene it is.
Can you specify with youtube videos etc?


Yup https://youtu.be/UrEj4vpy3mQ?t=536


It is an unnamed instruction called _0xE3.

As I write how to check , please refer to.

Look at the line before and after the event occurs.

Please search by that line.

Please select the one that hit.
And, look at the reference tab.

Then you can move to the place where the string is used.

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Bene! As usual you’re a huge help.
Follow up: How would one patch that into FE8? Like a warp3 or something. I know its probably ASM but I still need to ask in case its something I can try at.


This function is only on FE7 and can not be ported to FE8.
To port, you have to write ASM yourself.

It seems that only Procs to be executed remain in FE8.

However, I think that it doesn’t work because there is neither data nor a routine to run this Procs.

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