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Bug. I was workng on a custom animation and i need to look at one script so from a clean fe8 rom, i exported the script of the falcon knight. And the script was mess up. Overwriting a good chuk of the meele and critical animations with just frame 24.

15 p- fakf_sp1_023.png
C35 #Play longer wing flapping SFE
3 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
1 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
2 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
1 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
1 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
1 p- fakf_sp1_024.png
C25 #Play wing flap SFE
2 p- fakf_sp1_025.png

To see the bug just pick a clean fe8 rom export the falcon knight and then import it back.

About PLIST Split pointer.
Is it OK with FE8U?

The address of the pointer to be rewritten is as follows.
Also search other source series for other series, depending on the name.


public uint map_config_pointer() { return 0x019900; } //マップ設定の開始位置(config)
public uint map_obj_pointer() { return 0x019968; } //マップ設定の開始位置(obj) objとpalは同時参照があるので、同一値である必要がある
public uint map_pal_pointer() { return 0x01999C; } //マップ設定の開始位置(pal) objとpalは同時参照があるので、同一値である必要がある
public uint map_tileanime1_pointer() { return 0x030134; } //マップ設定の開始位置(titleanime1)titleanime1とtitleanime2は同時参照があるので、同一値である必要がある
public uint map_tileanime2_pointer() { return 0x030C78; } //マップ設定の開始位置(titleanime2)titleanime1とtitleanime2は同時参照があるので、同一値である必要がある
public uint map_map_pointer_pointer() { return 0x034680; } //マップ設定の開始位置(map)
public uint map_mapchange_pointer() { return 0x0346AC; } //マップ設定の開始位置(mapchange)
public uint map_event_pointer() { return 0x0346DC; } //マップ設定の開始位置(event)
public uint map_worldmapevent_pointer() { return 0x0; } //マップ設定の開始位置(worldmap (FE6のみ))

It is necessary to write the same value for
obj and pal,
tileanime 1 and tileanime 2.

Please refer to MapPointerForm.PListSplitsExpands Method.

You can extend PLIST with FEBuilderGBA, watch the actual ROM in a hex editor.
I think that it is easier to understand by acquiring the source code which disassembled all the ROM using the disassemble function all.
you can understand the meaning of the pointer address being rewritten by the part accessing MAPPOINTER and the reference value of ldrb.

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The first of which is a button to extend the effectiveness table. More of a pipe dream for those who >wish to use FEBuilder for their hack, just something I noticed was not there.

Do you mean this feature?
Does that mean that the location is difficult to understand?

The second of which, also the more simpler, a button to allow for more class skill lists to be made. >Probably said that horribly wrong so I’ll try and explain. In FEBuilder, I have yet to find a way to >add skills to a class like Revenant and would like the option to be more obvious (or add an option).

Is this also this feature?

The skill system is a patch expansion.
So, there may be, or maybe not.
Also, it is only for FE 8, the patch mounting method differs between FE8U and FE8J.
Therefore, it is difficult to make a link to guide in the class editor.

I am looking for a better way, guidance method.

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About falcon knight.
I will investigate later.

Classes existing from FE 6 have somewhere unusual data.
Perhaps, falcon knight may be so.

FE developers, IS are writing handwritten sheets directly, and it seems that OAM is also directly created by hand.
Therefore, they can make a lot of magical animations that we can not do.
Throwing a brave shield, flapping a mant of a mage, and a bow and arrow of barista, these are one of what it can do are handwriting.
They have human resources and capital strength.(w

Handwritten animation sheets are very difficult.
So, we are making animation using animation script defined by FEEditorAdv.
This method makes animation relatively easy,
but., with this method, it is not possible to obtain the effect that can be obtained by directly writing a sheet by handwriting.

Okay I feel really silly now. Yeah the skill system one does seem like it functions, I was just be an idiot.
I messed up the first one however, I meant more along the lines of “make a completely new effectiveness pointer.” But what I wrote was completely different, so I apologise.

Hey 7743, I think this is the English version of the shield patch where you can have boosted items without equipping them. Can you confirm? Venno's small ASM hacks and notes

When FE 8 Passive Stat Boosts.txt of Passive Stat Booster v2 is applied to FE8U,
The item table is broken and the game freezes.

Did you apply this patch?
How did it work?

Sorry, but I’m no help there. I started hacking using your Febuilder, so I have little idea on how to use the other hacking tools. Maybe try using the old versions?

I can confirm that Venno’s passive stat booster patch is nonfunctional. I tried on a couple occasions to get it to work (using EA, not FEBuilder) and it buggered the ROM every time it was patched in. It’s a shame because I would really like to have that feature, but I don’t have the ASM skills to troubleshoot it.

Also, 7743, I find the English text for several of the patch descriptions to be vague or difficult to understand. Please let me know if you’d like me to provide clearer English text for some of them. I am happy to do that if you are interested.

It does not work well.
I tried it a lot, but I did not work anyway.

Also, the shield patch is more abundant in function.
In the case of a shield patch, setting the durability of an item reduces the number of times each time it receives an attack, and it can be broken when it gets to zero.
Therefore, I think that it would be better to transplant the shield patch.

For mistranslation,
Please send me a list of which translations should be fixed in a list.

Hi; i’m trying to do MIDI work but i’m getting crackling and distortion when importing midi’s into FE7 via FeBuilderGBA. Can someone point me to a good midi resource to get it functioning at a respectable level? I tried the guide at the top of the forum but the crackling when importing is absolutely terrible.

Please send me the midi you are about to import.

crackling and distortion

Did you enable myooon correction?
Are you using NIMAP?

If you do not use NIMAP, midi’s instruments will not sound.
Instruments of FE are separated for each song, and are not in the order of the midi instruments.
Therefore, you need to use NIMAP.

about myooon correction.
MOD, MODT / BEND, BENDR / LFOS, LFODL are ignored.

Like the guitar bending, it has the effect of distorting the sound.
However, FE’s sound (GBA sound) can not reproduce these beautifully.
Therefore, with these instructions, the sound sounds distorted as myooon.
(myooon is an onomatopoeic word.)

If you hear the sound myooon, try enabling myooon correction.
When myooon correction is enabled, these commands are ignored.

This tool is amazing. Thanks for all of your work on it. Very minor suggestion: consider making the colored stat growths a separate patch from the skill system. I for one would like the skills without the stat colors. I can do this myself with EA, of course, but others may also want one but not the other patch.

Just change the different growth categories to use the same colors.

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You can not import because you are not using NIMAP.
It is almost impossible to import midi without using NIMAP.
If NIMAP is not enabled, please enable it.

I think this song does not need myooon correction.
However, I think that there is no problem even if it corrects it.

Do you mean you want to change the status color on the status screen from the skill system standard?

I do not know how SkillSystems decides the color.
Do you know the address or the part that sets the color?
so if you know, please let me know.

It’s not a big deal. Do not worry about it.

One patch that I rather like is Venno’s FE9-style supports. It changes the system to give you support points once, when you deploy units together on the map, instead of every turn if adjacent. It could warrant inclusion as a patch option:

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It was added as a patch in the latest version.
“Gain support points by than adjacent”

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I think FEBuilderGBA seems to be compatible with FE6 to a certain extent (this is the fan translation of FE6 btw)

FEBuilderGBA also supports fan translation using tbl.
FE6U (English translation version you are using).
FE6CN(Chinese translation.)
FE7CN(Chinese translation.)
FE8CN(Chinese translation.)