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Another thing in FE7. I was testing out making a character whose name would match the name inputted at the beginning of the game (In the text Lyn would refer to the player as [Tact]. How would one set the characters name so it corresponds to what the player inputs at the beginning of the game?

If you want to simply get rid of those extra units in the Player arrangement (Eliwood) slot, assuming that you only want Lyn and that Tactician unit to be there, go to the first level 0 Eliwood, set all of the unit’s values to 0, then save the changes. FEBuilder will then only see the first two units as being there, and nothing else will be listed or show up in game.

Basically just click on the aforementioned Eliwood and make the stuff at the bottom look like this (address, size, and selection do not need to be changed, so they aren’t shown):



(Edit: Take a look at this post, it should help you figure out using the tactician’s name: Use the Tactician name on a unit)

Thanks dude. You’re a big help.

I have another question. When using FEBuilder with FE7 which classes are usually safe to replace with custom classes without causing any problems?

Peer is an easy one to edit I believe. Since it’s for cut scenes only and wouldn’t effect gameplay.

Does anyone remember the video where you could give a character the tactician’s name?Use the Tactician name on a unit
How would one do this with FEBuilder?

What about prince and child class?

I created a patch for FE7.

update FEBuilderGBA

install “Anti-Huffman” patch. (if not install)

install “Reserved TextID:0x1EFF as the display of the tack name” patch

Set the unit name to 1EFF.

press F5 key.


Someone can help me please?

Prince is Zephiel so I wouldn’t recommend it.
Child you could maybe but I don’t remember what it’s used for.

Can you access https://github.com/ from your PC?
Somehow, on your PC, github.com is configured to access (localhosts).
Are there any strange settings in the filtering software(Content-control software) or etc/Hosts?

Technicly depends on the prince-class(I mean,the tacticianclass also uses the “prince”-string as name.)

How about dark seal and child?

I have another question. How would you set their affinity to correspond with the one you chose at the beginning of the game? Also is it possible to increase the number of supports?

If you create only events, create and switch units with all attributes.
However, there is a problem with Support.

If you want to do something, including Support, you can only write ASM.
Write ASM so that a single unit can have multiple attributes.
If you really want to do it, write your own ASM.

It is almost impossible to increase support.
If you really want to do this too, you can only write ASM yourself.
You will need to manage the free space of the RAM Unit structure and extend the format of the Save data.
This will be a very difficult hack.

With FE8, there are lots of free space in the class, and if you reuse the monster class, you can do most things.
If you really want to do it with FE7, you’ll have to find a empty class or remove how many classes.
You may extend the class, but it is risky and I do not recommend it.

Princess should be safe to replace, I do not even remember if it is ever called in a cutscene or not. And even if it is and one wants to keep the same story, guinivere is a child and thus can be given that class if one has to. Or maybe female mage since she is a sage in fe6.

How would you do so with affinity?

Already answered.

attribute == affinity.
It seems to translate as attribute instead of affinity.
If you really want to implement it, you must write ASM yourself.

What I meant that can a unit correspond with the chosen affinity at the beginning of the game (FE7) not having multiple affinities. Would it be similar to how a unit’s name corresponds to the inputted name like earlier?