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Please send report7z.


You need the thief class to have the Skill Systems skill called Steal or Steal+.
I had this problem too, but giving my thief this skill fixed it.

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Thanks. It’s so annoying to have to use 2 distinct skills to pick locks AND steal…
Do you know if this stays when i change classe? I want to colm to go assassin, will he keep all his thief skills even the ones that aren’t incluses in assassins’ skillset?
Since I don’t want him to be locked out of rightful arch because of having too many skills already…that’d be sad since assassins in my mod are made to…lethality kill everyone they face…after reaching lv 15 for rightful arch…


If Steal is set as a learned skill instead of a class skill (i.e. Canto), then it’ll be kept.


I change the menu name.
Change the name from “Open” to “Run”.

Originally, this part was Execute (実行), but it became “Open” in the process of translation.
Since this menu is part of the process execution, I will change the name to the more general “Run”.


I updated SkillSystems to the latest version.
ver 2018/07/08

Be sure to make a backup before trying to update.
If you have problems, please send report7z.

Passive Boosts is supported.

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that’s bizarre, when i install skill system on a clean rom i can’t install passive boosts afterward


You shouldn’t have to, passive boosts is part of skill system.


oh ok


How can I update the skill system without losing all the translations I’ve made?

I also have changed the stat screen layout, but the update changes it back.


I can’t help returning statscreen.
This is because SkillSystems rewrites statscreen.

After updating SkillSystems, you have to rewrite your rewritten statscreen again.

If statscreen is provided as a patch, it can be accommodated to some extent.
However, it is impossible to keep the fix you have changed yourself.


I’ll send you the patch in a DM.

And the translations I’m referring to are the skill descriptions, but I guess I can dump the text and reinsert them after the update.


Hello, I am working in Japan
I do not know if it has been transmitted well for Google translation, would you like to ask a question?
I also put the original text

FE Builderを使って制作しているのですが、魔力分離パッチとスキルパッチを併用したいのですが画像の上のようにスキル一覧がなくなってしまいます
I’m using FE Builder, but I want to use magic separation patch and skill patch together, but the list of skills disappears like the image above
How can I ensure that the skill list can be displayed firmly as shown at the bottom of the image?


I think that both patches do not work properly because they rewrite the status screen.

If you want to use at the same time, please consider using a package such as FE8N.
However, the skills of FE8N have limitations that can not display the skill animation.





Thank you
Try immediately


Hi, 7743. It appears that exporting the FE7 world map image leaves a green bar in the bottom-right corner. Here is an example:


This is not a bug.
In FE7, the map is not created because the lower right area does not appear.

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How would I go about adding in new affinities? I can extend the data and all but how do I add in a additional icon and name for the spaces I added in?


Please read this thread.

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Freeze Staff & Crit Boost FE Builder Patch