[FE 8 Rom Hack] The Eligor's Spear v.0.1.2 release


A new patch, version 0.1.1 is up with the following changes:


  • typo fixes
  • in chapter 1 Nightfall Ambush the player is now given a fair
    warning about the ambush spawns that appear when you visit the cave
  • Hard/Difficult mode has a new description
  • some story/writing changes regarding the connection between Grismond and Eligor’s Spear


  • the amount of droppable items in Nightfall Ambush has been decreased
  • the following maps have been reduced in size and have other enemy placement, layout and/or hard mode changes made to them: Tomb of Eligor, Karkos Mountains, Slumber Disturbed, Showdown at Sevna
  • Ivan is now playable right off the bat in Slumber Disturbed, now there’s no need to
    deal with the AI shenanigans that made the map harder than necessary
  • Alkannor’s Fili Shield is no longer droppable; if you want it, steal it


  • touchups, edits and changes to some of the mugs
  • preparation screen shop prizes are normal (and not the increased 1,5x ones)
  • some new custom music has been added

A new patch, version 0.1.2, is out. With this patch:


  • An issue with some of the supports having unintended dialogue is fixed
  • Falcoknights starting with E rank in Swords instead of D is fixed - they start with D rank now
  • One of the Sevnians provided EXP. He no longer does.
  • Fixed some of the enemy growths.


  • Minor layout changes to Land Ahoy, mostly the placing and amount of forest tiles as well
    as other aesthetical changes.
  • Hard mode versions for some maps have been tweaked. Some of the notable changes are -
    The Hard mode version of Chapter 1 boss has the Swordreaver now, and his Energy Ring is droppable again. The paladin in Karkos Mountain Hard mode version now has the Axereaver instead of Steel Lance.
  • Hard mode versions are available for the following maps: Showdown at Sevna, Adversaries, The Hermit’s Home


  • A new (player-only) weapon, the Guard Lance, has been added. It has 6 Mt, weighs 9 and you
    cannot get critical hits with it. Equipping the Guard Lance gives +2 to Defense and Resistance.
  • Slim Weapons and the Hatchet have their critical hit rate buffed.
  • Seriris’ growths have been slightly altered, from Res 30 / Def 40 to Res 25 / Def 45
  • Support gain range is now 3 tiles / Longbow range / the same as support bonuses range


  • Some more portrait updates, the portrait heights in the stat screen has been updates as well
  • Credits list has been updated
  • Secret Books give now +3 points of Skill on use.
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Hi folks!

As some of you may be aware of, I have started to work on new content (as in completely new maps and not hard mode versions). Upon playtesting I realized there was a problem: some of my units had started to snowball big time. Rather than just increasing enemy quantity I’d like to increase enemy quality, and in order to have more control over that, as well as aforementioned snowball effect, I’m going to do some re-balancing. Basically I’m going to decrease enemy levels and in doing so decrease the amount of EXP you can get. There might be some changes to enemy stats as a result, but it shouldn’t be anything too major.

I think that’s enough of my rambling. Here’s a little glimpse on a map I’ve been working on:



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