[FE 8](Full-Length) [COMPLETE?] Eligor's Spear version 3.0 (46 +1 Chapters)

“Wildly different” would be overselling it, but yes, that’s the gist of it.

Yes, although looking back, I might add another warning as well, so there would be 2 warnings instead of just the one turn before.

The rout objective can actually be quite tough, but you’re compensated for it of course. The revival objective is, at least in my opinion, overall easier even if you’re pushed for time at first.

Thanks, it’s always nice to hear the time I spend meticulously crafting things pays off.

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Hey. I’m playing route B on lunatic and it’s so damn difficult, gzuz. one question. On chapter 11 does anything change if you get Travond to speak with Grizmond? I tried to reach him but it’s really tough.

You’ll only get that conversation. No secret events. Missing that conversation doesn’t make you miss out on any secrets either.

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Juste to signal a bug i found on the chapter on the run of the new route i killed the boss and found myself with two f.hairloom

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You must’ve killed the boss when he had the F. Heirloom as droppable item, yes?
Thanks for reporting, but I’m not sure if I want to fix this bug if what I think happened is indeed correct. They don’t stack, so you can’t have 1 character running around with +10 Luck.

Yes you are right it was dropable when i killed the boss so i suppose it must be because of that but hey for a hack this hard every little bit help i suppose so yaaay

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Hi! This is a heads-up for an update I’m planning to release some time this month, version 3.1.

Firstly, Epilogue will finally be added. However, it does not account for any paired endings, so that stuff will be added at a later date.

Secondly, some bug fixes. For whatever reason, ch11x Rest of the Wicked did not get registered in the turn count. This will be remedied in the next patch - I think. I hope.
Note that it won’t get registered in the turn count at the end for any existing saves, you’d need to play it again for it to get registered. It missing from there does not have any impact whatsoever.

Additionally, neither the Cursed Bow or Scourge Bow deal effective damage against flying units. That will be fixed.

And lastly, there will be some minor adjustments, such as there being a second warning in ch14x Hiranian Sands before the enemy dragons are revived and a minor change to a cutscene in the Finale.

That’s all for now. Bye!


While playing the postgame content i stumbled upon stairs in the north checking if i did all the postgame map.
is there a secret map to unlock when you finish them all or is it not implemented yet ??

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Yes, there will be.

No, it’s not implemented yet.

Simply playing all the maps is not enough.

Alright, now that I’ve finally delved into the wonderful world of GBA romhacking and downloaded this, here are my thoughts on Lunatic/Classic/Runaway Route so far! Will update as I go.


Oh god the enemies have 12 str already help-
not too bad of a chapter as long as you pick the left side and hurry: Avanni shines here with dispatching the gargoyle in the center chamber and the mogall on the left side. From there it’s blocking the enemies out with Camian while Skylar gets the treasure. also Light Brand on a prologue enemy is kinda ridiculous lmao

Chapter 1

This is where Lunatic really pulls no punches. Longbow archer and a moving prepromoted hand axe berserker in a fog of war defend map is alarming to say the least. my strategy was to meet at the left side (since that was where all the axe guys were spawning) and circle around back to the tomb, holding off the enemies as I went. the 8 turn limit was just in time, and I got the Vigor Potion for my troubles.

Chapter 2

Ship map where the ship is actually sailing away and it’s not just a turn limit! Creative, I like it. And you actually do have enough time to go all the way to the top of the mainland, get your speedwing, and still kill the boss (and steal the hoplon guard).

Chapter 3x

Okay, this map is where I realized the power of getting a prepromote summoner and what summons can really do. because holy St. Elimine, they can do some ridiculous stuff with ai manipulation and keeping them busy. Case in point: trapping the boss in and forcing him to continually attack the phantom to carve a way out, letting me nab the treasure in the bottom left and steal all his stuff (had to use the speedwing on Skylar to do this, but the way I see it, I’m “trading” 2 spd on Skylar now for a Dracoshield. I consider it worth it, even if he will probably cap Spd before promoting anyway.)

Chapter 4x

Oh god, this map wants you to hurry up, and quick. Adam dies on turn 3 if you don’t save him, and by turn 4, the brigand is too far to stop without putting yourself in extreme danger. To complicate matters is a jacked Sniper that patrols the central area, a Sage boss with a sleep staff, and reinforcements coming from two angles. Skylar and Avanni went up the right side to rescue the green units while everyone else pushed left. I used phantoms to both lure the sniper and brigand in, and slowly advanced left. It took a lot of trading around the Swordreaver and Travond doing some chip damage to the boss, but I’m glad I got the Restore staff in the last map. Otherwise, you’re out of luck with the sleep staff. By the time the boss went down, I could meet in the upper left, get the Hammerne staff, and defeat the boss with Haefir for a well-deserved victory.

Chapter 5x

This is the first map where I had to miss out on optional objectives. I don’t see how you can possibly get to the left village on Lunatic without deaths, seeing as it’s in range of the killer bow sniper and shamshir swordmaster. In hindsight, I could use the hoplon guard here to negate their criticals, but even then the damage would likely be too much, and the swordmaster would trap the village-visitor in. Same goes for the middle village, as the mercenaries close in far too quickly to reach it and there’s a jacked Berserker that’s honestly stronger than the Berserker boss. Thankfully the last village has a Hero Crest, which I will gladly take for my troubles. Defeated the assassin boss for a promotion item and the berserker boss for a silver axe, both pretty needed.

Chapter 6x

Funny thing: I actually completed this map before the red-haired mercenary lady (don’t remember her name) spawned, even though the game told me she’d come back. This map showcased Avanni’s strengths, who by this point has 18 spd and can one round all the berserk staff bishops and dracoknights. I appreciate how only the promoted Sevnians have to survive, and that they can actually hold their own in combat: the group led by the Warrior stopped the mercenaries from the right side of the map pretty cleanly, helped out by the Swordmaster picking up the stragglers. Having the Sniper group spawn right in front of the boss took some clever rescue planning: I needed to make space for my own units! Skylar with an armorslayer (thank god I listened to myself and bought one!) did most of the work, Avanni dealt the final blow with a Ghost Bow, and Myron danced Avanni to seize the throne. Another full clear with all Sevnians alive and well!

Chapter 7x

Oh no, a monster-filled fog of war map with menacing prepromotes ready to kill you at the slightest misstep. I had to take this very slowly, and Skylar was actually a detriment more than anything. His thief vision revealed Gorgon eggs early, and since they can only legally hatch if you see them, I didn’t want that happening. Isla is very powerful, and going up the left side to recruit her is best (I actually didn’t realize that the left side had a path to her at first, prompting a restart trying to go up the right). Also Boots on a gorgon egg lol, glad I saw them! The recruitment is creative too: poor Belphoebe. 20 mag tho omg

Chapter 8x

An escort map: the game really loves to throw all the frustrating map objectives from traditional FE at me, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with Rescue it’s easier to get these civilians over, but certainly not a cakewalk, as the spd penalty will get the rescuers killed. Brave Lance wyverns and brave weapon heroes this early, though having Fimbulvetr on the mages slows them down so much that Belphoebe one rounds them without too much hassle. Vasara seems strong with 16 str/16 spd base, but those growths tho. Probably will be a berserker for me as Seira has fallen off by this point. Also, Light Brand and Runesword Paladins are a special kind of evil. Thankfully I was just barely fast enough to get the civilians safe and relied on some 40% dodges to not die to the paladins or the Hero guarding the Green Gem mage knight (on lower difficulties, the gem is on some bow knight that’s much easier to get to).

Avanni is my first promotion (with a master seal bc I missed the Orion’s Bolt in chapter 5), and my god she showcased her strengths on this map. She’s the only reliable damage dealer against these Light Brand Paladins and the boss, as they’re too tanky and fast for anyone else really. I don’t think you have cav effectiveness at this point in the game either, unless I’m missing something. But hey, I got a White Gem for my troubles, and I’ve suddenly went from being broke a few chapters ago to having nearly 40,000 gold, so that’s something.

Overall, this is a really clean hack to play through and I can’t wait to continue. like I said I’ll post updates as I go!

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Welcome to FEU! Is this really your first romhack? You poor, poor soul, I hope you know what you got yourself into :laughing: !
In all seriousness, thanks for playing, prepare yourself for crushing defeats and triumphant victories! I’ve written some of my thoughts to your thoughts down below.

Prologue - Chapter 2

Light Brand on one of the Bonewalkers in Prologue counters Camian while allowing Skylar and Avanni to shine.

I specifically put fog of war map early on to filter out the faint of heart. It seems like you figured out a key part to beating that map on Lunatic - I play this map the same way.

As for Chapter 2, this map is inspired by one of the maps in Bloodlines (cool hack, you should check it out) with a similar gimmick of a boat sailing away, and failing to reach the boat on time results in a Game Over.

Chapter 3x - 5x

Summoners are amazing, and despite how broken player-controlled Phantoms may be, I’ll never remove that aspect. While it is possible to gain the needed Speed through level ups, trade-offs like this are the most interesting forms of reward to me personally.

Chapter 4x is designed to make you want to utilize Phantoms. On Lunatic there’s a Sniper to stop any pesky players who’d want to let Travond go on a killing spree. It seems like you advanced at a good pace, given how close it is to mine.

Yes, players are not very likely to secure all villages. I wanted to highlight that with some bit of dialogue as well. The cheeky way to reach the leftmost village is to have Haefir crit the mercenary on the last possible turn before he reaches the village and have Nestor and Renaida rescue + canto in and out of the Sniper boss + Swordmaster range.

Once again, there is a Sniper to counter Travond solo.

Chapter 6x - 8x

She arrives on like turn 11, so you must’ve completed the map very quickly!
It can be tricky to keep all the promoted units alive because they’re not by any means invincible, but having to keep the unpromoted ones alive too would be just nightmarish even by my standards.

7x is a bit of a difficulty spike, and is indeed designed to make you go slow(er). Whereas you’d usually want to have good vision and use torches in fog of war, here it works against you, although using thief’s vision can help you locate eggs, and rescuing the thief allows you to hide them again.

While there are traditional map objectives in this hack, you should expect to see a plethora of atypical objectives, or at the very least, a twist to an otherwise typical objective. Vasara has very lopsided growths, but in my opinion he works great as either Warrior or Berserker because of it: Warrior for strong chip damage from 2 and even 3 range or even one-rounds with bows since he can be frail, and bows have better accuracy than axes. Berserker is just Berserker, I don’t need to explain more, do I?

You can get either Axereaver or Horseslayer in 7x. And yeah, bows work great against those paladins, whether that is Sniper or Warrior.

Not necessarily my first romhack period, as I’ve played a more… miscellaneous meme romhack created by one of my friends in a discord server. This is my first “official” game, shall we say.

I completed chapter 6x in 9 turns. I figured I needed to move fast because I needed to save green units in this map and like you said they aren’t invincible. Boss certainly makes it hard though; a general with 19/16 defenses and nearly 50 HP on a gate!

Huh, must’ve missed some stealables in 7x I guess, cause I didn’t get a horseslayer. I did get another axereaver, but even then, the paladins all either have lances or the light brand. Hopefully with Vasara holding a Swordreaver and me planning to deploy Isla for chapter 9, cavalry will be less of a struggle.

Also, how do you format text on here with those clean drop-down menus like you just did? I want to not bombard people reading this with gigantic walls of text lmao.


Yeah, you’ll get either the Axereaver or the Horseslayer.

I’m not sure how it works in mobile if you’re using the mobile version, but there should be a gear icon above the text box where you type all text. Click on it and select “Hide details”.

You can replace the “Summary” with your own text as long as the quotation marks are left intact. Then the text written in the “This text will be hidden” section is what shows in the drop down-menu.

Actually you can remove the quotation marks

Like this.

Alright, so…

Chapter 9x

This map is a brutal difficulty spike with many promoted enemies from every side and a killer ballista making the left path basically impossible to traverse in time. I could only really beat this map by rushing as fast as I could up the right side, buying a Zanbato and Horseslayer from the shop and trading them around to kill the promoted calvary fast enough. Again, only Avanni can really one round anything because no one else is promoted yet lmao. Laurielle seems like a good unit for me because of her high spd and the fact that I notice even more calvary in chapter 10x.

Also I notice that you can actually kill grismond with the ballista, but I consider that wildly unfeasible at this point. I really don’t know how you can get all the way over there without dying to these silver bow archers and the killer ballista, not to mention wyverns and paladins pincering you in a narrow corridor. It’s disheartening, really, but what can I do?

Hopefully chapter 10x will go better, as I really didn’t get much exp from the last map because of my rushing. I’m now afraid that this will snowball into a softlock, with my units too underpowered to complete later maps. We’ll see…

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Hi, it seems to me like you got hit by a brutal reality check: You’re playing one of the hardest hacks of all time on its highest difficulty setting with an army of mostly unpromoted units around halfway through the game. It’s no surprise that your units might fall short.

Chapter 9x

You need tanks or a Sleep staff - or a phantom - to deal with the killer ballista. Even without a Hoplon Guard, your physically bulky units can tank a crit from that ballista. Rewards for defeating Grismond this early are great, and therefore that objective is much harder to achieve. Funneling your units through that corridor puts you in a really bad spot. What you want to do is to chip down the wall slowly and use the now revealed path to access the higher area - this was hinted in the chapter start event dialogue.

If you still prefer not to do that, you can play more defensively here and lure the cavalry this way so that your group on the right hand side can make their way to the top.

You probably have several statboosters and you’ll gain some more, so you’re not that likely to softlock. If all else fails, you can always change the difficulty options.

Very fair tbh. What I think at least somewhat contributes to this is that my units are really struggling to double enemies, and some of them are getting massively spd screwed. For example, even with camian’s 50% spd growth, he’s gained a grand total of 2 spd in 10 levels (yes, 10 spd at level 16!!) so he’s really not as good as he reasonably should be. Grelde’s Spd is also far below average.

…yeah. It’s moments like these that make me regret using the Speedwing on Skylar back in chapter 3x, but that’s Fire Emblem for you lmao.

I haven’t used a single stat booster yet otherwise because I am the “hoard them for a rainy day and splurge them at the end” type of player when it comes to Fire Emblem, but this game is probably going to force my hand lmao. Boots on Myron or Laurielle seems tempting about now…

I’m probably going to also be forced to promote before level 20 for some people because of the stat discrepancies I mentioned earlier. To be honest I was planning to promote Renaida for awhile anyway but was stubborn and wanted a few more levels.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much enjoying the hack as a whole! It’s no personal affront to you that I’m suddenly struggling. I’m just being pushed to my limits here with these last few maps, and this is coming from someone that’s completed Lunatic Conquest Endgame without pass/warp LTC.

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Getting stat screwed always sucks, but it’s still a trade I’m willing to make. On the flip side, some units can grow above their averages as well. One of my least favorite things about CQ Lunatic is in fact the fixed growths. I understand that they wanted to make sure getting stat screwed is not an issue, but it does not allow variability in strategies that emerge from units growing better than average: having one or two extra points in Speed or Strength/Magic could allow kills or doubling at a point where “you’re not supposed to”.

Like I said earlier, if you feel like Camian is being a liability, feel free to bench him. He is not force deployed in any of the remaining chapters.

I like to hoard my stat boosters as well. I want to see how units grow and how doable the maps are without them. However, the longer you wait before using them, the less useful they’ll be. I think stat boosters also allow more experimentation on player’s part: do you want to use them on good units who are already strong and make them even stronger while having several weaker units, or do you distribute them more evenly, making everyone roughly equally strong? Or do you need a replacement unit and dump most if not all of your stat boosters on them?

While it depends on level up and such, I usually promote around lvl 13-15. Getting all the way to 20 is challenging even on Normal mode.


I do still want to keep Camian on, as his supports with Skylar and Avanni give him more Mt and Hit. I am probably going to promote him to Warrior so he can chip reliably with his high Str.

And yes, being pushed to my limits is great! I love the feeling of finding strategies to maps like these. Like you said, crushing defeats and triumphant victories is what makes Fire Emblem so compelling.

On another note.

Chapter 10 prep ramblings

I notice that this shop contains Hammerne staves, which is really interesting considering they only repair one weapon in this game. Since the staff costs 2250G, you’re at a loss if you repair a weapon that’s worth less than that, so that needs to be taken into consideration when using this thing. Alternatively you can wait until you have silver/brave weapons to repair as those likely cost more.

I also notice the boss has a short bow and it’s a defeat boss map, so as long as the reinforcements aren’t too numerous, I should be able to trap him and force him to repeatedly kill phantoms while Skylar gets the treasure and steals the Blue Gem from the Bolting mage to the left. Probably buying a Halberd for Vasara will help with this. My main defensive strategy for this map will probably be Nosferatu Belphoebe with the Hoplon Guard to negate the criticals of the Killer weapon cavs to the south.

I also notice a suspicious looking mountain/plain tile to the southeast but I don’t think there’s a way of actually getting there so it might just be my imagination. I’ve been looking out for weird tiles for the secret shops but I don’t see much yet. From a previous comment I know there’s two before chapter 14 so it must be soon…

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All maps with an obtainable Member Card have a secret shop - well, excluding postgame.
Secret shops can be hidden in plain sight as well or in tiles that do not seem all that suspicious. I don’t mean some random Plain or Sand tiles though.

Are Member Cards exclusive? That is, can I use a Member Card obtained in an earlier map in all future secret shops? I imagine that’s how it works, but I want to double check lmao