[FE 8] [Complete] Battlefield- Latro the Grim

This is the first ROM hack I’ve ever made, and I’m relatively new to Fire Emblem (only been playing for a few months). However, I tried my best to make a good FE hack with interesting map design and characters. It’s about 3-5 hours long with 5-6 chapters, so, if you decide to play it, I hope you enjoy it! I’ve been working on it for the past two months, and I tried to learn as much as I could to make the hack as good as possible. However, I’m sure there’s still improvements to be made to it. If you have any suggestions or fixes, then please leave them on this thread.

I still can’t post links for whatever reason, but you can find the hack by searching for “Battlefield- Latro the Grim” on Romhacking net (though if someone could post the link in the replies, that would be great)



Here’s the link to it, for those who are curious (like me). I’m gonna give it a go tonight! If I manage to finish it before I go to bed, I’ll be sure to edit this post and give my thoughts.

EDIT (Mar. 7, 2023)
Alright, so I played a bit last night. Unfortunately, I only got to chapter 2 and probably won’t pick it up again as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like you have some good ideas here! It’s just that they need a LOT more refining. I recommend diving into more Fire Emblem just so you have a better feel for what players might expect, especially with unit stats and map design. I’ll put my feedback under spoilers since I have a lot of thoughts.

Aesthetics and Writing

The unit portraits are pretty solid! I like everyone’s designs. I really like the background for the status screen as well. The battle animation color palettes could use some work, though. Colors that are similar in hue tend to blend together, making the base color and shades/highlights not really stand out from each other.
I did a quick recolor with Sabastian’s battle sprite, just as an example of how you may want to improve that:
Sabastian re-palette

I’ll touch more on the maps in the Map Design section, but I didn’t see much going for them aesthetically. The first map has a grassy path and forests. And that’s it. Oh and a hint of a river at the side, I guess. It didn’t feel like it was part of a bigger world. Is it just more forest beyond this map? Is there civilization nearby? Even if players aren’t expected to place units on certain parts of the map, there should still be some environmental elements to make the map feel less same-y throughout the entire thing.
One of my favorite GBA FE maps aesthetic-wise is Chapter 7 of FE7:
fe7 ch7

You have roads hinting that people often travel through this area. You have a mix of mountains, plains, forests, and rivers making this feel like a natural environment. The map is also small which I feel that a GBA FE map should strive for: get the point of the map across with as few tiles as possible.

With the writing, I think the characters’ dialogue was well-written. You get a good feel of everyone’s personalities right off the bat. However, with the worldbuilding, I felt like many names, locations, and country relations were thrown at me all at once without a reason for me to care. I’d take this point with a grain of salt though since tbh I was playing this late last night, so maybe I could have digested everything better with a fresh mind. As much as I would like to replay the hack to get a better feel for the worldbuilding, this hack’s gameplay structure didn’t really make me want to give it a retry. Speaking of which…

Unit Stats and Map Design

With our first four units Ark, Sabastian, Penelope, and Theo, I feel like there are problems with some of their bases and growths. The nature of these issues carries over to the units you get in Chapter 2 as well. While I will touch upon them briefly, I’ll mostly be going over who you get to begin with.


Ark bases Ark growths

While Ark’s bases and growths are not necessarily bad, his character design and in-game nickname of the Warrior-King give a different impression of what he’s about than his stats do. His design tells me he’s a strong, sturdy fighter who has a ton of experience on the battlefield. I would think he would have at least a higher HP, Strength, and Defense base to reflect that. His bases are more comparable to FE7’s Eliwood when I believe they should be more in line with Hector.

Eliwood bases Hector bases

When compared to the other units you start off with, I can’t help but question why Ark has a similar Strength at base to Penelope and Sabastian. He’s the Warrior-King, a man of power. I feel that his bases should, again, reflect that. His Strength and Defense being less than Theo’s isn’t an issue considering Theo is a Knight. So, as a player, I expect Theo to be better in those aspects.


Sabastian bases Sabastian growths

Sabastian’s bases and growths are what I can expect from an archer. But when comparing them to everyone else’s bases, his bases seem strange. Why does our archer, a unit who’s more than likely going to be in the back, have more defense than our soldier, who will more likely be on the front lines? While Sabastian does have a lower Defense growth than Penelope, I just find it strange that their Defense stats start off like this.


Penelope bases Penelope growths

Unlike Ark and Sabastian, Penelope doesn’t really have any growths that stand out. Without higher bases to compensate for that, she’s not going to grow into a competent unit later on and may get benched in favor of a better lance or sword unit. For a soldier, I would expect a decent Strength and Defense base/growth at least.

This next point is a bit nitpicky, but I didn’t expect her to be able to use swords since I’m more used to soldiers just using lances. So, when I saw all the enemy units using axes, I thought that Penelope wouldn’t be seeing much action for that first chapter. Her having Axe Breaker probably would have been a good hint that she would hold her own against them, but it was still a bit unexpected for me on my first run.


Theo bases Theo growths

On my first few attempts at playing the hack, I didn’t even realize that Theo was two levels higher than the rest of the party. My husband gave the hack a try and was the one who pointed that out to me. Theo’s bases are comparable to everyone else you get in Chapter 1, so that’s probably why I glossed over what level he actually was. Other than his strength and defense, the rest of his bases are on par with everyone else. On top of that, his growths are nothing to write home about, so he runs into the same problem as Penelope. However, his problem is even worse considering you get an even better armor unit literally in the next chapter. Why bother using Theo for the rest of the game then?

His Rally Defense is helpful on paper, but in practice, I found myself using him to fight off the Fighters in Chapter 1 rather than rallying everyone else. He hits hard, so why wouldn’t I use him to chip off some HP from the enemy?

One thing to keep in mind with bases vs. growths is that, in my opinion, a unit should have high bases with low growths or low bases with high growths. In the first case, you have a unit that’s solid enough on their own and can help weaker units grow by shaving off enemy HP and setting up kills. On the other hand, a low base/high growth unit can level up to become a good unit if you invest in them at least a little bit. If a unit has both low bases and low growths, they will fall off early on in favor of stronger units you may have already.

As for the units overall, I’ve found that other than Theo, everyone will die in about 2-3 hits compared to the enemy units who will die in about 3-4 in Chapter 1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a challenge and finding optimal placements for units on the map. However, I’ve found on my multiple attempts at that chapter, I was worried about my units’ health more often than not, and I’ve only got two Vulneraries to go around. It would be helpful if everyone had a Vulnerary especially since you don’t get a healer until halfway through Chapter 2. I had to restart Chapter 1 a few times because I kept losing Sabastian. This may be in part me not strategizing as well as I normally do, but I think everyone’s bulk in comparison to the enemies’ attack power may be contributing to that as well.

In terms of the map design, I feel the maps are much too large, especially Chapter 2’s map. I get that Chapter 2 is a village map with probably a lot of people living there, but most of those houses don’t serve a purpose gameplay-wise other than being an obstacle to get to the civilians you have to protect. Because of the size of these maps, it feels like it takes a long time for player and enemy units to engage with each other even if, in reality, that’s not the case.

Speaking of the Chapter 2 civilians, why do they show up in waves with no hint of that being the case? On my first playthrough of Chapter 2, I didn’t realize I had to protect more civilians than the first three that were on the map on Turn 1. I lost four out of the six civilians on the last wave because I didn’t realize there would be more beyond the second wave. A second wave which I ALSO didn’t expect.

On that note, one civilian from the initial batch died, but I didn’t get a Game Over, so I was under the assumption that like with other Fire Emblem games, I could still beat the chapter despite letting some green units die and I would just not get the best reward at the end. Cut to me with eyes wide and mouth agape as the Game Over screen flashed onscreen when Chapter 2 ended. I rage-quit at that point. I don’t know if a Game Over was supposed to trigger earlier on if I didn’t manage to let all the civilians escape, but it was a huge letdown knowing that I got a Game Over after a grueling 13 turns just because some civilians didn’t make it.

As I said in the Aesthetics and Writing section, it was a bit late at night when I attempted this hack, so please take my less optimal brain power at the time into consideration when reading through my critiques. However, this is a good start with a hack and it can only get better from here! I’ll be following this project closely and I would love to see what improvements you make with it in the future!


Thank you for playing the hack, and thank you for giving me some feedback! The two people I had playtest the hack weren’t really Fire Emblem experts, so it’s nice to have someone who knows the games well to give their thoughts on it.
As I’m sure you noticed, I didn’t really put as much thought into the unit stats as I should have. I was mostly focused on giving them skills, but I’ll definitely edit them soon.
On the topic of aesthetics, visual design is not really my strong suit, so that’s why the maps and palettes look off.
For Chapter 2, there are some edits I’ll be making. I’ll try to make the objective of the chapter a bit more clear and consider making the map smaller as well.
With worldbuilding, this setting is one I’ve used before in writing (hence why there’s a lot going on), and I thought an intro would slow things down at the beginning. However, introducing the world to the player will hopefully make the story and setting a bit clearer, so I’ll probably add one in an update.
Again, thank you for your feedback!

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Honestly for a first project, this is really good! Still, issues abound.
The maps are a bit big. I don’t mind it, but some people complain about it.
The units are… strong. The main lord had like, 60% growth in 4 stats, so he gets really strong, really fast.
Capture. Theo has that, and it gets really bad in chapter three, with infinite reinforcement spawns.
Speaking of! Reinforcement spawns. They uh… there’s a lot. And they aren’t really telegraphed. This gets frustrating in chapter 2, as the civilian spawns kinda kill the pacing.
Enemies. The placement isn’t too bad? The knights in chapter two are a bit egregious, but aside from that they’re fine. The issue is the equipment they carry. In chapter 3, most lance enemies carry Spears. That’s not ok, since with the enemies, it’s like… ok? I guess, but then Theo has capture, and now all of the player’s units have spears. Plus, with the infinite Shamshir Myrmidon spawns in the same chapter, now I have an infinite amount of those too.
Story. It’s fine. Nothing particularly special, but it’s not bad, and you don’t have too many grammar errors, which makes it easy to read.
Maps. Too big. I actually didn’t mind it too much, but there were a LOT of forests, which just slow the pace of the maps to a crawl.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I do agree that Ark gets really strong due to his growths, so I think I’ll knock some of them to 50 rather than 60.
With the infinite reinforcements, I’ll add a turn cap to them so they can’t be grinded infinitely and give them weaker weapons. I’ll also add more foreshadowing to the spawns in Chapter 2 as well.
With map sizes, I’ll probably reduce the earlier chapters (2 and 3) to a more manageable size.

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The new update, version 1.1, is now live in the original link. Here is the change log:


Added new visual elements to Chapter 1, 2, and 3
Reduced the size of Chapter 2
Changed turns to win in Chapter 2 from 13 to 11 and the timing of several events to fit the new map size
Removed trees in Chapter 3 to help speed up the map


Gave cavalry and flying units the “Watchful” skill, preventing them from being captured
Added turn limits to continous reinforcements in Chapter 3, 4, and 4x
Increased levels of enemies in Chapter 3
Changed skill of a Fighter enemy in Chapter 3 after removing trees
Changed weapons of several enemies in Chapter 2 and 3


Changed bases and growths of Ark, Penelope, Theo, Aurelius, Lucian, Mateo, and Kaiya
Sabastian starting equipment now includes a Vulnerary
Minor changes to Ark, Penelope, Sabastian, Theo, and Aurelius’ palettes
Major change to Kaiya’s palette


Added a cutscene in Chapter 1 to establish the setting better
Added new dialogue to the intro of Chapter 2 to foreshadow reinforcements and establish the goal
Added new dialogue to Aurelius’ intro to foreshadow civilian reinforcements

I hope the new update improves the game, and please any feedback in the thread.


I want to preface this by saying that I haven’t been a member of FEUniverse very long and I’m not very active on any social media platform so regrettably I can’t post any screenshots as of yet. I appreciate everyone’s understanding on this.

Hack Length and Promotions

First off props for going the length of making your own hack after only playing Fire Emblem for a short time, this hack has I believe a lot of potential and promise, solid premise and decent world building going on here. I don’t know what your vision for this hack is but something you may consider is from what I understand you plan on keeping the hack as a short 6 chapter length project. Most people I believe are going to want to see the units promote 6 chapters isn’t enough time for that. I would recommend bumping up the level of everyone so that they can conceivably reach a level where they can promote. There’s another short hack called Barry’s Bandits at 8 chapters, units join at higher levels than normal around level 10 or higher, or the unit is a pre-promote.


Solid character design. Looks like a strong capable and experienced warrior. This is backed up by his in-game nickname the Warrior King. Bases are as follows: 8 str, 1 mag, 7 skill, 7 spd, 5 luck, 7 def, 0 res, 5 move Growths: 60 str, 5 mag, 50 skill, 55 spd, 55 luck, 30 def, 30 res, 70 hp. Solid lord design seems pretty standard, his bases and growths however don’t entirely match up with his Warrior King look and nickname, his look and nickname make him seem more like someone along the lines of Hector or Ike or even Alm for that matter. His bases however tell a different story, 8 str is better from the original 6 and 7 defense is also better from what it was before however this really isn’t helping him take more hits he looks like a very defensible unit in practice however he is very weak. He will go down in only a couple of hits. Personally I’m confused why his luck growth is so high when he’s called the Warrior King, one would think a Warrior King would have a really good defense base and growth. I personally would switch his luck growth for his defense growth but I don’t know what you envision for this character that’s just my thoughts.

Ark's Growths

Let’s talk about his growths for a second because if a unit starts off weak maybe he will get tankier, the only way he will reliably get tankier is by getting more hp the problem however is enemies get pretty strong really fast. So if you take each growth and multiply it by the amount of level ups that character will get, the resulting sum you add to the base and that will tell you how high each stat will be so for Ark let’s say he gets to level 15, that’s 14 level ups so his stats will look like so:
HP 27-28 Str 16, 14 skill, 14-15 speed, 12-13 luck, 11 def, 4 res, This is really not looking good for Ark 14 level ups and he’s leveled defense about 4 times, the attack power of enemies gets bigger especially with enemies having silver weapons later and he’s supposed to be the Warrior king he looks like someone who can take a hit and even at level 15 he’s only going to last for a couple attacks as enemies later into the hack have an attack of 20. Ark looks really strong but his bases and growths don’t back that up, he will only survive for a couple attacks and this doesn’t improve.


I like his design overall my main criticism design wise is that he doesn’t LOOK like an armor unit, maybe make him bulkier if possible. Theo honestly has really mediocre bases and growths and to make matters worse you get a better armor unit a chapter later at that point there’s little reason to still use Theo. I would first off increase Theo’s base speed so he can double other armors, his base strength is pretty bad. He learns Provoke at level 5, good skill for an armor unit. BUT he needs better base defense and growth and honestly there’s no reason for his strength to be so low he can’t double anything so being able to do a lot of damage in one single attack balances that out will. His strength base and growth are really poor for an armor unit. With how quickly enemies attack power increases Theo needs a better base def and growth with his base he can last for 4 attacks before he dies.


Sabastian is another solid character pretty good archer design both in terms of bases and growths but with how his strength is below everyone else’s. I would suggest bumping his speed base up so he can double more reliably. His growths and bases seem fairly typical of an archer, but I would bump that up reason being his strength is below average so if he could make up for his lackluster attack by being able to double that would help him to remain comparable to everyone else.


Penelope is a pretty cute looking character and I like seeing playable soldiers, with her strength of 6 I would recommend a higher base speed and maybe growth to allow her to contribute better similar to Sebastian in this case. The main enemies I remember her being able to double are that very first group on chapter one after that it didn’t seem anyone was doubling except for the prepromotes later. Also by chapter three she’s around level three with speed that hasn’t improved much if at all, the mercenaries on that chapter have 11, 12 speed meaning that with her 5 speed they will double her and with their attack of 19 and 20 respectively vs Penelope’s 8 defense and 22 Hp that comes to a damage of 11 and 12. She’s going down in two attacks and with their high speed they will double her. The units on this map all are really high around level 10 vs the level of the player units at this time in the hack. Penelope also has very low con and aid I would expect her to be able to rescue at least a priest especially since she’s a soldier but ironically, it’s reversed. The Priest can rescue Penelope the soldier. I get that she’s a girl and he’s a guy but still I would think she could at least rescue someone squishy like a priest. On top of that, her low con means she would get weighed down by her Iron Lance, and she doesn’t have a high enough speed growth to compensate for that.


Props on having some female fighters, love seeing that especially since infantry axe units are some of my favorite unit types. Stella looks pretty cool but as a fighter she has some issues. Her bases are as follows: 23 hp, 6 str, 1 mag, 4 skill, 7 spd, 0 luck, 2 def, 0 res. 6 strength is really bad for a fighter especially a level 5 fighter I’m going to compare those to Dorcas’ bases a fighter from FE7 who joins at level 3. 30 hp, 7 str, 7 skill, 6 speed, 3 luck, 3 def, 0 res. He has better stats all around and he joins at a lower level then Stella on top of that a Thief who joins a couple chapters later in this hack has a base defense of 5, 3 points higher than Stella’s and at level 3 vs Stella’s level 2. Thieves are not known for taking hits Stella should have more hp, str and a little more defense. I do like Stella’s base 7 speed really like that. Allows her to double with an Iron Axe at least but I think her base strength and HP need to be bumped up because as she stands right now, she won’t last long she can die from 2 spear attacks.


Arabella has low aid for a mounted unit there’s only a couple of people she can rescue which limits her options in terms of who she can rescue if need be. Only the priest, Ark and Penelope. Being able to rescue carry other infantry units would be great. Another point of interest is there are a lot of units with ranged weaponry and very few of your own units have any ranged options. Two archers and one javelin user. I would suggest giving more people a javelin or hand axe as appropriate. When Arabella joins, she has a worse speed base than enemy cavs on the same map despite having a similar level. However, she is a mounted archer, always love having a mounted archer on the team and I think her design is really cool too no complaints on anyone’s portrait design.

Chapter 2

Not bad. Reminds me of some maps from Thracia 776: units are closer from how they were originally so that’s an improvement. Definitely like to see that however Penelope is a little too far away from the initial group of enemies to get involved right away. I would suggest moving her a square or two closer. Also, with all the armors you may consider making the hammer from that one fighter droppable. And speaking of armors, this hack seems to throw a lot of armor units at you with so many armor units one would expect some effective weaponry to be provided to the player such as a heavy spear, hammer or armorslayer possibly even a mage or two so I’m surprised about that.

Having two pre promotes reminds me of FE6 where you have both Marcus and Zealot I believe his name was, so nice to see that again, fairly early on too. Cora is a very likable her design reminds me of Mist from the Tellius games. Pretty standard set up in terms of a pegasus, I would recommend raising her skill and luck base and bump up her resistance growth a little bit it’s rather low compared to most pegasus riders. Typically pegasus riders have decent resistance making them ideal for baiting out and dealing with mages.

Chapter 3

Enemy units levels are jumping all over the place by chapter 3 most player units are still around 3 including the new recruits but the enemy is level 10. On top of that the pegasus riders have spears and a b rank in lances. This is a problem. With those spears it gives the pegasus riders an attack of 20, meaning with everyone’s low bulk they will kill everyone in two hits, Theo will go down in 3 when I played most of my units were around level 3 at this chapter. A consistent problem is that your front-line attackers have very weak durability. Even against Aurelius they will do 6 damage which with his 26 defense means he’s going down in 4-5 attacks and he’s a PROMOTED armor. I’m not mad here I’m simply trying to emphasize the fact that a promoted armor unit shouldn’t be going down that fast to unpromoted pegasus units especially when pegasus units are mainly known for being fast and don’t usually have high attack power. I like to think of them as flying myrmidons, high skill and speed but not too high on strength though high enough to do decent damage.

Dominic is super scary. He has a Brave axe first of all, he will double anyone who attacks him on top of that he has skills which will reduce the strength of his opponents and a skill which can restore his health of all the skills it’s really the strength seal skill I hate the most. His stats are pretty reasonable I think but his skills on top of the brave axe make him really terrifying.

Chapter 4

Map 4 from what I can tell it’s impossible to rescue the villager, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, the implication seems that he can be rescued but there’s a pegasus that will attack that villager and it takes two turns to get a mounted unit within that pegasus rider’s range by that point the villager is in the pegasus’ range and so targets the villager instead. Maybe move that villager a little closer, perhaps give the priest a rescue staff that he can use to warp the villager to the player? These are the main suggestions I can think of.

Unit Recruitment and Stats

Recruit levels are all over the place as well as bases, Stella joins a chapter earlier at level 5, but then the priest and cavalier a chapter later join at level 3 same with the mercenary and thief for the following chapter. Growths too seem to be all over the place Cora and Sabastian have about 3 areas they’re good in but then Theo doesn’t have any area he really excels in going by the color coding, to be clear I’m just talking about base tier class characters here. Now overall I think the hack is solid and I think it has promise and potential and honestly, it’s great seeing someone make a Fire Emblem hack.

Unit Durability

All the units have likable designs but consistently and throughout the hack everyone is very weak their durability is very bad. On average most characters can last for 2, 3 attacks, this is from the start, and it really doesn’t get much better. This durability is just marginally better than Lyn’s considered the weakest lord in the series. I may get long here, and very analytical but comparing and contrasting FE units is a passion of mine apologies in advance.

One main thing that sticks out to me is that the Player units are really weak with poor durability the only exception to this are the pre promotes and this tends to be a consistent problem here. I expect pre promotes to be strong, but I also expect the non-promoted units to grow into tanky reliable units. I would recommend watching YouTuber Mekkah’s Lyn analysis as some things he says may provide some insight and be helpful for this project. Regrettably I can’t post the video for the same reason as why I can’t post screenshots, but the video is as I said by youtuber Mekkah and is titled 8000 Subscriber Special: FE7 Lyn Analysis. It’s a 35-minute length video and goes very in depth. To be clear there are things I like about the hack, character design, unit selection it all shows excellent promise and potential and I hope you continue to work on it, you have some very solid concepts I just think it needs more time in the oven so to speak.

On that first map, most enemies have an attack of 13 or 14. So let’s take that 13 damage and subtract Ark’s 7 defense from it, they will do 6 points of damage and with Ark’s base hp of 18 he will go down in 3 hits, and this isn’t something that improves. Now granted he should dodge however I’m not someone who relies on a unit dodging. I prefer a unit be able to take that attack. Now a base hp of approximately 18 is fairly typical for gba lords however this is a 6 chapter hack and he’s called the warrior king I would recommend bumping his level and bases up to reflect his warrior king status and because it’s a 6 chapter project most people are going to want to get units to a point where they can promote so units being at higher levels than normal would allow for units to be able to promote without increasing the number of chapters of the project.

Overall pretty decent hack and I like how the objective for map 2 was incorporated into the dialogue of the player units where you are given hints that there are more villagers coming that will need to be rescued and how many need to be rescued at minimum. This map is pretty decent with its objectives, just a friendly suggestion, feel free to ignore this, but usually with rescuing villager maps you get an increase in reward with the more villagers you can rescue. Now the map is good as is this is just a friendly suggestion. Character design is great, there’s some intrigue going on and the world building is solid I like how the player gets a general rundown on what’s going on. Makes it clear why Ark was fighting those bandits back on the first map in the first place.

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Thank you for the feedback! (Sorry for not replying sooner)


When it comes to promotions, I’ve debating whether I should add them or not. While I might chance my mind at some point in the future, for now, I’m not going to add them since that would require a lot of rebalancing and adding promotion items. Adding promotions certainly isn’t a bad idea by any means, but it doesn’t fit into the current vision of the hack.

Player Units

When it comes to Ark storywise, this hack is meant to be him coming into his own as a leader and a warrior, hence why he starts at level 1. The title of “Warrior-King” is the name given to the kings of Sofia, not his personal title (though I can see where the confusion comes from). While I don’t see him in the same light as Hector, better defense for him would still benefit the hack overall.
The starting cast could definitely use some work, and unit durability is pretty low overall. Giving many units better defense bases and growths is something I’ll probably do in the next update. Improved speed and con for some units is also an addition that could improve the hack. Stella definitely needs a rework in terms of stats (I didn’t really change them from O’Neill’s stats far much). I did go a bit hard with the enemy’s ranged options, so I think I’ll add Javelins to the shop in Chapter 3 would balance that out.

Maps and Enemies

One mistake I made in Chapter 4 is making the civilian too hard to rescue. Since it is technically an optional objective, I thought making it difficult would be fine, but the reward is a bit too good to keep it behind such a high gate. There is way to save him, but you have to use Cora and put her in a specific position on the first turn to do it. Looking back, a problem with only one solution isn’t good Fire Emblem design so that will definitely be fixed in the next update.
Going back to Chapter 3, the spear pegasus knights are something I’ve debated changing for a while, and I’m not too sure what to do with them. After I do the stat boosts, I’ll see how hard they are then and consider changing them to Javelins or one-ranged lances. With Dominic, Seal Strength may have been a bit overkill. In playtesting, I always one-rounded him, so I never really saw how that skill affected the fight. Boss design is always tricky since making them too easy allows the player to steamroll them, but, if they’re too hard, it can make the map frustrating or even unplayable.

Again, thank you for the feedback. My week is a bit front-loaded, so expect another update at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

The new update, version 1.2, is now live in the original link. Here is the change log:


Added new visual elements to Chapter 3, 4, and 5
Fixed the symmetry error in Chapter 5
Added purchasable javelins in Chapter 3


Changed position of the central Pegasus knight in Chapter 4
Adjusted enemy positions to fix symmetry error in Chapter 5
Changed two Pegasus knights equipment from Spears to Javelins in Chapter 3


Changed bases and growths of Ark, Sabastian, Theo, Penelope, Arabella, Cora, Stella
Removed Aid calculation difference between males and females
Changed Sabastian and Penelope’s positions in Chapter 2

I hope the new update improves the game, and please leave any feedback in the thread.


Sorry for posting here after a month of being inactive, but I thought it was important to mention that I have a new ROM hack that serves as the epilogue for this one. I made it for the MARTH competition that ended about a week ago, so it’s only one chapter. As for this hack, I’m not sure if I’ll update it again since I don’t want to be stuck on one project forever. However, if I do, it probably wouldn’t be anything major unless someone gives me some really good suggestions. That being said, if you have any feedback for either hack, please leave it in this thread. Currently, I’m a bit busy with real life stuff, but I have begun work on a new project. It may not be ready for posting anytime soon but just know I am working on something in the background.
Still can’t post links on here, but you can search for “Battlefield - Homecoming” on Romhacking net or wait for the contest runners to release the hacks.