Fe 8 CH6 Victims of War Issue

Hello again all, so today I have started to encounter a new error. I’m not sure what to call it but every time I start up Ch6 My 1st four unts (Erika, Seth, Natasha and Arthur) all have debuffs which breaks their stats until the next chapter. I have looked up and down through the events and do not see anything that could be causing this error. Skill system is in place, however there are no enemy unis within range that could cause this.

Are the enemy units loaded in the same batches as in vanilla (which causes issues in skillsys, where enemies loaded in batches of 16 or more could cause the debuffs you’re seeing)?

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Thank you so much, I moved the green units into a separate batch and deleted some of the enemy forces, and it worked. I will try to add some more enemy units and see if the issue comes back. Thank you once again.