FE-6 Dimensions [Fun Hack]

Hi FE Universe!

I’ve created a new re-imagined version of FE-6 which has an interesting twist.

I’m happily looking for constructive criticism and feedback. Please comment here or PM me about this hack.
Without revealing anything which might spoil your gaming experience, I’ll give you a nutshell version of what’s to expect in this hack (I want you to be in for a surprise):

1- New weapons
2- New Icons
3- New Classes
4- A few new character portraits
5- A few map changes (enemies, equipment, etc)
6- Script is slightly changed but it does not affect the main story and plot.
7- New promotions (example: thieves can promote to assassins with a Hero Crest)
8- A few musical changes

Here’s the link to the .ups patch:
Patch it to an unedited Japanese FE-6 rom.


P.S. I added 2 arenas in the early maps. Train a little bit but don’t abuse it obviously. The later chapters will be somewhat harder. I promise you.

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade 2

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade 3

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade 4

Fire Emblem The Binding Blade 5

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I think it would be in your best interest to add screenshots. Even if you’re trying to keep some things a surprise, your more likely to gather interest and get people interested if they can at least see what you’ve made, especially in the case of hacks that are edits of pre-established games. You wanna give an idea of what’s been changed before someone just dives in.

Also, I’m assuming that this is meant to be played on Fe6 HM, but I think that might be worth mentioning. You can correct me if that wasn’t your intention, though.

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Thank you! You present valid points my friend. I’ll add a few screenshots of the first chapter or two. I really want people to be in for a surprise though.

I do appreciate you…

It’s no problem. Just trying to help a potentially fun hack gain traction. I’ll probably get to actually playing it soon, so you’ll get my thoughts then.

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Really! Awesome! I’m excited to read your future feedback… I have some time on my hands and I wanted to make something fun for FE fans here to play.

Let me know how each chapter goes for you… As for the difficulty, I want people to play it in normal mode before considering any adjustments.

This might be a stupid question but do you think this would work with a randomiser

Okay, I don’t mean to bring drama or anything, but I know there are instances of things in the ROM that are not made by you, because they have been ripped from Hiraeth. I’m willing to discuss the details over in Discord, but things such as Noah’s new mug and the new Fenrir icon are not free to use and are part of the Hiraeth project. Please remove them.

There are also probably things from other projects lying around that I cannot identify (judging from inconsistent portrait quality and well-known alternate animations). Please add a credits list in maybe a .txt file alongside the ups file, and distribute them both in a zipped file in downloads. The conduct for using resources like these generally calls for credit being given and ensuring used resources are free to use.

Download link removed.

Using assets without permission is a big no-no.

The thread will be locked until you either: Remove any and all non-free to use assets or receive permission to use said assets.

Feel free to PM me regarding any update.