Fe 4 gba

What fe 4 gba remake can be played on phone how many gba version of fe4 are there is there one with avatar like Kris or mark or corrin or robin and what do you guys suggest of how I emulate it like do I just download it or what’s next

There have been 7 FE4 GBA Styled remakes, the only one released was Inheritors of the Crusade, you can find it on Serenes forest.

Let me try to identify them:
FE4 Advance (FE7)
FE Forever (FE7, gen 2)
Inheritors of the Crusade (FE7)
Jugdral Saga (FE8, gen 2)
The Holy War (Lex Talionis)
(I had to search after this point)
Project Baldr (FE8)

There really have been many attempts. Hopefully one of them succeeds at some point.


Which one is the best/most faithful to vanilla and is it complete (I’m guessing not since you said “attempts”)?

None of them are complete. The Lex Talionis one was closest to vanilla since GBA limitations force the maps to be broken up in every other attempt.


Darn, too bad.
Now I’m curious what Lex Talionis did differently/what workaround they implemented.

Lex Talionis is a Python engine. The graphics are based on GBAFE by default, but behind the scenes things are entirely different. The most important difference is the removal of the map size limit.

Gotcha…my mistake was assuming what you listed were all romhacks.