FE 2 Princesses (English Translation) Up to chapter 20

Hey guys it’s Pollen and welcome to my Translation Project of Fire Emblem – The 2 Princesses. This was a hack made by レイファ(Rayfa) of the Jp Hacking Community. I absolutely loved this hack for a lot of reasons and after taking the permission from the creator, I decided to translate this romhack ^^.



The plot of the story follows the Princess Aria of the Daein Kingdom and Aurora of the Mysterious Kingdom (tentative name) in hopes to save Princess Lilly who has been corrupted by the Dark Goddess Astennu.

In summary, the plot of this game greatly inspired by other Fe titles such as Fe8 and Fe10 with plot points from those 2 games. (Basically if Fe8 plot was in tellius setting)

  • Refuge : units can take refuge (rescued) to other units and still retain their movement after being dropped.

  • Skills : Most of the skills took inspiration from other fe titles such as Awakening, Radiant Dawn, Echoes, and Heroes with some tweaks. In addition skill scroll that can add skills to your units liking.

  • Enemy Range Shortcut : double select the enemy that you want to see the range of (there will be an arrow indicating that it’s tagged) and press B button on the map to see their attack range. To remove it, select the enemy, then press B. (kinda like Path of Radiance)

  • Base : Every few chapter, you will go to “base” chapter (a la fe4) where you can buy stuff, go to grinding area, or even removing your supports. Proceed to the next chapter by seizing the top fort with the lord.

  • QoL Stuffs like Health Bar, Enemy Range, Guide, and 50 stats cap.

  • Capture mechanic : Capturing works by attacking enemy till their hp is low and just rescue them.

*30 level cap and 3rd tier promo

*Shields and the addition of Platinum Weapon

Progress & Plans


  • Unit Names (& desc)
  • Classes (& desc)
  • Items (& desc)
  • Skills (& desc)
  • UI Commands
  • Guides


  • Song Names
  • Translation & Grammar Errors
  • Font Polishing
  • Story Plot
    *Boss quotes
    *Player death quotes

Currently translating the whole story, might take a long time depending on my schedule xD
If there’s any mistranslations and/or typos please let me know.


Fire Emblem - 2 Princesses 1 Fire Emblem - 2 Princesses 2 Fire Emblem - 2 Princesses 3 Fire Emblem - 2 Princesses 4 WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 09.37.28 (1) WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 09.37.28 (2)
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 09.37.28

English Patch (Ch 20 Update) (for FE8JP)
Recruitment Guide (Spoiler)

Story Update 06/09/2020 (chapter 20 done)

Story translated up to chapter 20. I didn’t do the gaiden chapters and boss quotes yet. But the plot seems mostly translated.
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There may be some grammatical errors and/or typos here and there. And if you found some, please let me know.

レイファ (The original creator for this hack)
7743 (For FeBuilder)
Google Translate

Suggestion and Feedback will be much appreciated ^^!!


Epic rlly proud of u

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Awesome job, wanna know though, is it a full hack?

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The hack is completed yes. It goes all the way up to it’s final chapter.


Ah okay, ty

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This patch is under development for one of the branches.
The scenario is still under development.

One route is complete. You can play until the end.
Once cleared, you can play with NewGame+. (You can take over the contents of Supply and start from the beginning.)

For the time being, you should translate the 指南(Shinan).
If you can translate the 指南(Shinan), it will be a great hint to clear the stage.


Really nice to see the translation of a Japanese hack.

Amazing work.


how many chapters does the hack have?

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about 30 chapters.
(The other route is still under development, but I think it will total about 40 chapters? )

You can also go to the base point a few times.
At the base, you can level up by eating eggs.
You can also go to the ruins from the lower left of the base point.
The ruins can be visited many times.
You can grow your unit here.

The other is the ability to reset Supports.

You can become the highest class by promoting again after promotion.
The maximum parameter grows up to 50.


wow, this hack definitely sounds awesome then if it has 30 chapters per playthrough. can’t wait to see if this actually does get fully translated in the future.

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i’ll revamp this post soon but yes, this hack is complete (30 chapter with route split for both the lords)

if you guys found any problems / typos / mistranslation please let me know asap

awesome. well, good luck with your translation of the game

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Pretty fun hack so far. Though too bad I couldn’t read anything from the conversations cause I don’t know Japanese (also was stuck in the preparation area for quite a while cause I didn’t know the Fort progresses the game further).

Anyway, I found a problem on Chapter 10 involving that one thief with a Gift Card. When I tried to steal that gift card from the thief with the Trickstar Helena, I looked into her inventory after stealing that Gift Card and the Gift Card not in her inventory.

Edit: Kinda have another issue. Not sure if this is a bug of if it was intentional, but tried to have a bow user attack a wyvern rider with a steel bow, and that bow user isn’t able to do effective damage against them despite that bow’s description stating otherwise.

did it have nullfie

Wyverns there work like in FE10. They don’t have a weakness to bows but they are weak to thunder magic instead.

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So works like FE 10 Wyverns then. Okay.


So how is this Resolve Skill supposed to work in this hack? Is it just boosting Str, Skill and Speed when HP is low, or does it boost more than just those three stats when HP is low?

about that,i think it’s a mistranslation on my part, i apologize.
it’s supposedly “Attack speed and defense +8 when at half heart”
This hack tweaks a lot of skills from the other fe titles so it gets confusing at times @_@

Post revamped to make things easier to read


I guess that explains why I was having issues with the damage output from the manakete’s Light tome against one of those bosses with the Resolve Skill. Thanks.

Has anyone figured out how to get to chapters 24x or 25x? And also I noticed the data for chapter 31x in there, will that ever be actually completed/playable? And if yes what would the requirements to unlock that one would be?