FE 2 Princesses English Translation (All chapters translated)

Both have hint messages written in shinan to how to go to gaiden.
24x prolongs the battle on ch24 and defeats Wolf(UnitID: 0xF4), which appears as reinforcements on turn 30.
25x defeats the ch25 boss with Aurora(UnitID: 0xF).

Since shinan has not been translated, I think it is difficult to understand.
You can find out by parsing the flag management with FEBuilderGBA.




Updated the patch with the latest patch from the source that includes

  • Bug Fixes
  • Some gaiden updates
  • Fully fledged route split

and some updates by me

  • Fully translated Guide
  • Some changes in the names of the characters

Sounds interesting, will try it out later.

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Very good my friend, you have my full support!

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Updated the patch with english translation up to chapter 8 (route split) and some tweaks with the description of units, items, and skills.
Sorry for the lack of update for the past month, i’ve been sick for a long time cuz of this pandemic xd.
If there’s any grammar error or mistranslation or just question about the hack in general, feel free to ask ^^

Suggestion and feedback are very much be appreciated. ^^//


Updated the patch up to chapter 20 and a bit of naming correction.
It should be mostly translated and less buggy than before.
Sorry for yet another lack of updates. i really want to finish at this month but college have started and it’s been a very busy month for me xD.

Feedback and grammar correction are very much appreciated.
Thank you (* ^ ω ^)


Can i have recuitment guide?

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ah, forgot about that. will be making that in a bit

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Really awesome!! you can do it!! you got my support! :heart:

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Updated the thread with the recruitment guide.
I will change to google doc someday but maybe not right now.
If there’s a character i forgot, please let me know


You forgot a few characters, namely:


Nicola the shaman in chapter 5.
Jeff the thief, in chapter 11 and the exclusive character for rout A.
Bethany the wyvern at the end of chapter 12A.
And also Noel and Dorothea for chapter 15A.

I haven’t played the B rout so I can’t really comment there other than Priccio being the exclusive character for the B rout.


Aw ~ thank you :pray:t2: :heart: Can not wait when the game full release :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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They are join automatic?

Yeah, all of the characters that I mentioned join automatically.

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:clap:t2: Great ~ thank u ~ :v:t2:

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I’m really sorry for only being able to update once a month but here it is, the full completed translation of the story along with the character recruitment dialogue. the link has been updated too.

Things that haven’t been translated yet:

  • Battle Quotes
  • Death Quotes
  • Character Ending Screen
  • Music

Is there a specific difficulty this game is balanced around?

this is so awesome (frfr)

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I think it’s similar to Radiant Dawn (Jp) hard mode

I agree

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