FE 1-5 mugs for gba

I’m Looking For people to help progress the Communal FE portrait collection post.
I don’t expect people to reply so I thank anyone who take time out of there day to post here i thank you. All Mugs will be credited to the original owners. Thanks

“I don’t expect any one to reply so thanks in advance for replying”

Sorry, don’t mean to be mean but I thought it was funny.

I know there are some gaiden portraits floating around. People may have some from other games too.


I can’t talk for the portrait’s owners, but the ones for Sacred Echoes are supposedly going to be released for the public when the hack is finished.

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thanks @MeatOfJustice I’ll keep an eye out for it.

@FlamingZelda Yeah, I have a problem when it comes to writing post on any website where i always end the post in “So thanks in advance” or something similar, this quite often leads to me contradicting myself lol.

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GFE1R has halfbodies for most FE1 playables sans a small handful that are all free to use with credit given. The vast majority of them fit in the standard mug hackbox, so if you want to reformat them to standard mugs that covers most of FE1/3.

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@Sme Thanks will do