Favorite map concept

So a bit back I was looking through the favorite FE map thread to gain insight on what types of maps the FE community likes and dislikes other than fog bad or side objectives good… unfortunately not a lot of the picks were explained in great detail so then I thought why not ask my question in a more direct way?

So what are your favorite map concepts, gimmicks, mechanics, basically go into what makes a map you like unique, try to be as in depth and direct about what you like about these maps so hopefully people can gleam some infornations from this thread.


Three-way battles are a big favorite of mine! Player & Ally vs Enemy, or Player vs Enemy vs Enemy. A lot of fun variety and unique strats come out of playing around AI battles, and it’s a concept that’s fun across games and genres: Gronder Field, FE9’s ch13, SotF’s ch6, Half-Life’s We’ve Got Hostiles, Halo 2’s Gravemind, all extremely fun and memorable to me. Love em.

Not for every map, because sometimes the AI can be a little annoyingly unpredictable, but it’s a great change of pace that leads to some of my favorite levels in video games.




I personally love those HUGE npc wars that may happen like in the Silesse Chapter.
Alsp I really like maps that disencorage extreme turtling while punishing reckless play like some thracia 776 maps.


Defend, In my opinion, lyn mode chapter 4 in FE7. more specificly.

it’s really fun to choose to either to defend said, unit, (Natalie in this case) or to go after the boss and kick butt! It’s a choice, and depending on the chapter, it’ll go either way!

Love it!

Second would be multi sieze’s.