Favorite Final Map?

Could be a main game, or a Romhack, but for me my favorite final map has to be in Order of the Crimson Arm.

Many of the last maps I’ve seen take place in a temple or castle, and you’re fighting to save the world, (spoilers) whereas in OCA you’re fighting the last Braxians on the continent, as they make a final stand to buy time for their allies to escape. Regardless of what happens here, they’ve already lost.

The map theme is fantastic, Jormund had a pretty good motivation for invading the continent, and for better or worse, the chapter is brutal.

So brutal I had to cheese it by using the Gotoh as a barricade in the top right part of the map, which blocked off every generic enemy from attacking me. Despite that I had to do this rescue maneuver with Wayland, and use savestates so that he didn’t get one rounded by Jormund.


Final Map of AM tbh. It feels like the finale of a personal tale, which is the focus of Azure Moon. Enemies are tough and tbh I like the [SPOILER]'s gimmick of being able to have range across the entire map. There’s also a funny overflow glitch on Maddening you can do.

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Sadly the maddening hedgemon overflow glitch got patched

Also as for generalized favorite endgame?

Probably FE7 Light? Yeah it’s a total thracia reference but missing the total unreliability of fe5. Though the enemies do suffer from having a touch too much bulkand begging to get crit.

Also the deadlords always being villains from the game smiling as you free them from being morphs. Good unnerving shit.


I think deep down inside we all know that FE10’s “attack and dethrone God” finale is the best.


I like FE6’s last map, because of the whole sad theme, the final battle doesn’t really feel like a battle but putting to sleep or potentially saving someone that hasn’t been well for a long time. Either way you are helping save that person and the world, its tragic and i feel its appropiate for the ending of the binding blade.


That map is what cemented me thanking FE7 was my first FE. In my first playthrough, it took until pt2 to get Kent and Lyn to A.

I feel like my favorite final map’s gotta be Gaiden’s/Echoes’.

The party is split into two. One army is next to Three Elite Soldiers of Duma’s, delaying some of your units from being grouping back up with the other army.

Both of your armies however are blocked by Jedah, a seemingly unavoidable obstacle, until you find out his weakness or just warp past him. Though, having him still around will still be an issue for you later. Keeping him around means that more Mogalls just keep on spawning, but it’s already a tough task to take him down, even with all of your units surrounding him.

Protecting Duma himself is Marla and Hestia, as well as Gharnef. Gharn already presents a problem with his Medusa and Fortify spell, before you reach Duma, while both Marla and Hestia send witches at you.

Duma himself is already a beefcake, especially with his upheaval.

Even with all of this, I found these challenges fun to conquer with the armies I’ve built up.
And thank god, for Forsyth :pray:


I like Sacred Stones final battle where in Ephraim route, Lyon is in control and did all of this just for his father even though it was to late. Lyon went into madness with the dark stone and started this war. Don’t forget Lyon was friends with Ephraim and Eirika and they were friends for a long time before in the final battle where now you have to fight Lyon of thinks he’s in control.

The Land of Darkness theme fits the battle between friend and friend. That’s when Prince Of Despair plays After he dies, Fomortiis soul appears before you! then there an epic theme playing as you battle Fomortiis to save the world! But! Binding Blade had the best final map theme, no words.


The one from thracia, genealogy, and conquest I love the deadlords they’re badasses

Don’t forget FE7 too. Although they technically aren’t Deadlords.

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This is a bit hard for me to answer, since I actually find a lot of Fire Emblem’s final maps (of the ones I’ve played) to be rather unmemorable in terms of gameplay. For this purpose, the series at least went through a phase of really loving very plain, nondescript map layouts with one big, super-powerful boss enemy just kinda sitting there, vaguely opposite your party’s starting position.

So, I suppose I mainly prefer the final maps that aren’t like that. From what I’ve played, those would be… actually, FE1’s and FE2’s final maps (which were obviously carried over in their remakes). They both have a lot going on to make them more interesting than a bland “beat up this one big hyperdurable enemy” finale (though FE2/15’s finale is certainly also that), and FE2’s endgame in particular also doubles as a very cool climactic plot setpiece. I’d probably give it to FE2/15’s endgame, overall, though I think FE1’s is also pretty interesting. I’ve always kinda dug the inverted throne alignment that you don’t see in any other 2D FE map that I’m aware of.


My favorite final map of all time including romhacks has to be: End of the Road(or whatever it’s called) from Road to Ruin. It’s difficult but not too difficult, and the sense of: This is it. Is pretty cool. And my least favorite finale of all time has to be: Code of the Black Knights(Endgame C) from Code of the Black Knights. I’m not gonna go in depth for this one.

@Goldblitzx And my least favorite finale of all time has to be: Code of the Black Knights(Endgame C) from Code of the Black Knights. I’m not gonna go in depth for this one.

That saying might be enough for context for those who played on that map.