Falco Knight Magic + Weapons

Hi FE Universe community!

I would like for my Falco Knight to be able to cast magic (light/anima) + use lances & swords.

I have the animations for it, however the coloring sequence for the magic animation does not match the color sequence of the lance and sword animation. I was able to recolor the wings black (of the vanilla lance & sword animation pallete) but I know that’s not enough.

Here’s the screenshot so you may understand what I’m saying:

Could someone help me with this? What do I have to do to make it work? I can’t find an animation which follows the same color sequence as the magic animation.

You need to copy the above right corner thing of the sword/spear frame, you will see those 15 colored palette bits zooming in. Then paste those bits on all the ones in the magic animation frames to replace them.

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Thank you so much. This helps a lot!

Above right corner… Pallete address?

The image itself when opening it in stuffs like mspaint or any other sprite program
Not the adress

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I’m honestly trying to follow your instructions but I’m like 80% visual learner lol. Here’s the link to the animations: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a0r0ks50jeyja9d/Weapon_Black_Falco_Knight.zip/file

I tried. Thank you!