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This is a place to gather useful documentation hosted on other websites by compiling them into a single directory, in order to promote the work and accomplishments of our colleagues. Whenever you find something super useful that hasn’t been posted on FEU, you should take a second and add it to this directory!

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Graphical Documentation

FE7 World Map! + TSA tips, by NTG.
Graphic Documentation Compilation, by Blazer, et al.
An alternate method of preparing battle sprite frames, by SogiTai.
How to Find Most Palettes in the ROM, by Jubby.
How to FIx Looping Battle Animation Imports, by Blazer.

Chapter/Event Documentation

Automatic tile changes in FE7, by Nintenlord.

Music Documentation

FE8 Intro Movie Music, by Brendor.
Figuring out sound - the nuts and bolts, by zahlman.

Multi-Lingual Documentation

A Collection of Japanese Tutorials and Resources, hosted on NGMansion’s dropbox.


Obscure FE Hacking Tips, by Blazer, et al.
FE12 Character Data Notes, by someonewhodied.
How to fix the bugs when hacking FE6 with FEditor Adv, by Onmi.
GBAFE Maps in Dumped Tiled format, by SqRtOfPi.