Extend the Zahlman's Song Editor

Hello. Nice to meet you.
I wrote additional functionality to Zahlman’s Song Editor .
I tried to add a issue support of many instrument(Multi Sample,Wave Memory) and issue find song list.

source code.

I’m not good at English but I hope we can be good friends.

*issue Voices MultiSample. and Voices Wave Memory
In this modification , also works transplant from another game .
I checked the operation in the following rom.

  • Ace Attorney
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

*issue find song list
In this modification , it is now possible to specify a song number .

In this example, the second song of src.gba, and then transplanted into the first song of dest.gba.

open src      #open src.gba

list          #show songlist   filtered effective header and 3 or more tracks only
              #list 4   effective header and 4 or more tracks only
              #list 2   effective header and 2 or more tracks only
rip 2         #If you write in hexadecimal is offset .
              #If you write in decimal number is a sound list number .
              #rip 0x123  -> rip 0x123 offset
              #rip 123    -> rip songlist[123].header
open dest     #open dest.gba

burn 1        #burn 0x123  -> burn 0x123 offset
              #burn 123    -> burn songlist[123].table

close dest    #close dest.gba

program download

why ver 6 ?
I have tested this in fehack community of Japan .
I did a test in order to respond to a variety of musical instruments . 6 times test :slight_smile:

I was able to learn a musical instrument structure of FE.
I wrote in the article that the know. ( But it 's Japanese )

article music

article instrument