Expanding Nightmare list for Class animations pass 0xFF, and to 0xFFFF

Is it possible to make the animation played list expand pass 0xFF (this one just incase if people need to know which one I mean: )
or maybe have it completely removed so I just type into it instead of having to go through the drop down list, either one would be great

what I’m trying to do is to get it so the list goes down to this:


Here’s the FE7 custom battle animation module expanded for more than 0xFF animations.

it chagned the 0x00 to 0x0000, but it stops at 0x00FF, so it didnt really chagne much? how would I get it to go down further?

Are you talking about the battle animation editor for FE7? To expand the list, open ‘Battle Animation Editor.nmm’ with a text editor, remove the section about the separator, and change the 1 under Animation Played to 2.

I’m talking about the custom one

I found it out, apparently spaces are extremely important, you need to write down in the Animation List.txt every one of the #s