Expanding item types

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way or patch to add more item types to the game. So like, swords, a es, lances, bow. More specifically for magic like say you have alot of electrical attacks so could I just make an electric typed attack instead of anima?

With skill sys everything you need for more item types exists except

  • examining item types past 0xD freezes the game
  • new item types don’t appear in convoy
  • it won’t have weapon exp unless you write asm and edit EMS to add wexp

This link solves the first two points. But I don’t use wexp, so you’d have to figure that out yourself if you want it.

I instead recommend replacing light magic or something like that. Much easier for you.

It would be easier but I still want to use light and dark. Im wanting to split the anima into different types to make them effective against one another but I’ll have to see what I can do with this now

Use Snek’s Anima Triangle hack, then, which does just that.

I’ll try it. Thank you for the help btw I’ve been slowly getting a grasp on this software