Expanded FE8 Raw Definitions for Event Assembler

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As you probably know, EA’s coverage of FE8’s event codes is spotty at best - many important codes such as ENUT and CHAI aren’t named, and many of its exciting new codes are represented as four-digit hex codes - not exactly helpful. This package contains more useful names for many of FE8’s event codes, and includes descriptions of some of the more complicated ones.

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I forgot to include the main conditional branching codes (and a tutorial thing) in this, oops. You should redownload for those.

Also turns out I forgot the basic conditional branching codes (IFGREATER,IFLESS,etc…). Fixed that, sorry for the mistake.

could you put it all in a zip folder?

Done. I forget dropbox not letting you download whole folders at once, sometimes.

thanks bruh

One more bug fix update - the codes ASMC2, 0x3720,0x3721,0x3722 and a couple others were missing from the definitions, so they’ve been added back in. This should fix the last of the missing definition errors.

EA borks on Chapter 17 Ephraim for some reason… it outputs

WORD 0x8680
FE8Code 0xFFFF 0xFFFF 0x0050 0x0038 0x001A 0x0000 0x8920 0x0000 0x0E20 0x001A 0x0E20 0x0014 0x9640 0x0000 0x0017

even though it has no problems recognizing 8680 as the camera code in other chapters.

Hm, looks like it was a problem with fixed parameters in the camera codes which aren’t actually fixed. Redownload it, that should be fixed now.

Turns out I had ENUF and ENUT swapped around (in Event ID Manipulation), so that’s been fixed. Also added variants of ENUT/ENUF for using memory slot 2 as the parameter:
ENUT 0xFFFF becomes

Some small modifications: added a few more descriptive terms in place of _0xhex type codes.

Do you remember which _0x codes those were?

In other news, added the codes for giving items to units (_0x3720, _0x3721 and _0x3722 -> GIVETO, GIVETOMAIN, GIVETOSLOT3)

Most of them had to do with world map stuff, I think. I also added earthquake and the “Ephraim can’t move” spell Lyon did.

Alright, I’ve added all the world map codes and the earthquake/spell effects to the raws files. That leaves only a handful of world map event codes unknown, and only about 34 unknown codes total. Great work @jjl2357!

I moved 5 posts to a new topic: [FE8] CHECK commands

I’ve included this in [EA V9.11][1].
[1]:Nintenlord's Utilities