Exclusive FEU members?

Do I smell a birthday party thread? Of course I do. My nose is infalli—

I hope you’re not hating on the greatest forum skin ever.

Why tho. Every update has sucked. RIP old topic tag colors.

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Somewhat related, you should seriously consider doing hacker’s digest every other month because things progress pretty slowly in the hacking community (and it also won’t take up as much of your time overall).

You should also advertise on /r/fireemblem if you want some more exposure. Just ask the mods if they’re okay with it.

i advertise on reddit but self promotion posts have to be like under 10% of total posts D:

so i need to watch it, esp now. I think i’m hovering at around 10% or more

I’m only registered here on FEU, but I do check Serenes and r/fireemblem several times a day. I have what I call “account anxiety”: i’m really reluctant to sign up on websites for some reason. I’m also afraid of being burned/downvoted/whatever with my comments, as I’m very sensitive to what I perceive as “bad things” happening to me. (Apparently Serenes is a mudhole though since it’s a big forum, but r/fireemblem seems friendly enough. Wait, do any FE forums have any real activity other than here, Serenes, FEU, and whatever they have on the imageboards?)

I’m actually a bit surprised to see you here on FEU, @dondon151 - I recognize you from r/fireemblem, though as I said I don’t post there yet. I didn’t know you were into hacking… then again, I’m not actually a hacker - my friend @Crazycolorz5 is… Also I’m using all three of the trainees in my FE8 run - don’t kill me! I konw they’re no better than anyone else even after going out of your way to train them up; I just like them as characters…

I can do it for you, if you want. Technically it’s bending the rules, but I’m interested in promoting FE ROM hacking among the masses, so this is the sort of content that I would share.

Dude, don’t worry about being downvoted; I get downvoted all the damn time.

To be fair, that’s not the only reason I’m so relcutant to sign up for places - you can’t downvote here and it still took me half a year for me to make an account on this website. >_> I don’t know. I might as well make an account on Reddit soon; I don’t have much to do this summer.

Also, can you do a 0% growths LTC of Bloodlines once/if it’s finished? :stuck_out_tongue: (I wonder if a 0% growths of The Last Promise is possible… well, the enemy stats in that hack are rather high and the Jegian is actually a growth unit at the same time that you should not use, so I’m not sure if it would be.)

Planning an LTC takes so much time, I have my own project to work on, I have RL obligations, and I mean no offense to Ghast or anyone else here, but it’s rare that I enjoy playing a ROM hack to the same degree that I enjoy playing a standard FE game.

Why yes, I’ll do it instead. :stuck_out_tongue: (Seriously though, I’im not even close to good enough at FE for that… Considering how long hacks take, though, maybe I will be when Bloodlines is finally finished… then again, I find playing FE at anything above normal difficulty as quite stressful even with a walkthrough, so I doubit it.)

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:’) that would be fun to watch!

FeU as a forum is way better than SF.
…Also, the fanbase is better tbh

But I still think that SF is more popular at the moment and most of the people who follow MS are there, so I still visit it quite often.

I believe this is enough to answer all questions:


FEU is quality over quantity

When even Crazy gets warnings, you know it’s time to rethink your moderating team.