Exclusive FEU members?

How many people go here to FEU exclusively and not to SF or any other fansite at all?

At this point I’m only on SF to talk to Alfred Kamon

Did this come up in a skype discussion about SF vs FEU; FEU being its own community; etc? It sounds kind of like it.

The only things that I’ve posted on SF are replies to the Bloodlines thread/the threads of some concepts that aren’t on FEU, and a makeshift concept thread for my project, which I still consider to be in mega-alpha and not presentable enough to post on FEU yet. I /can/ tell you that to me it’s a lot more exciting to see a new post on FEU than it is to see one on SF. As far as forums go, though, I kind of left behind the mentality of forum loyalty a year or so ago: I’d rather be creating content for the FE modding community as a whole (small though it is) and not just a subset of it.

Fuck teb

Nope. I just felt like asking.

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FEU ftw

I only bother to check FEU now (and I suppose a few sprite threads on SF very intermittently). Even then, maybe twice a week.


teb ?

Teh Emblame Bragade

The basic brigade

cannoT into rElevant Brigade?

They’re cool people though

I see, many thanks for the elaboration.

(As to the topic, I still go to SF because I am bored)

serenes is still cool, gotta get my info for the monthly hackers digest and shit. also buttlines

TBH posting on SF is too troublesome (cannot Ctrl+V etc, maybe that’s because I don’t know how to use it.)
FEU is the best English fansite I have visited.


I guess you’ve never seen the actual greatest site. Your eyes may be blinded by how fabulous it is.

Oh god

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Yeah, my eyes has been blinded. (Quite cute a girl, isn’t she?)
To be serious, RHDN is also cool though it isn’t FE oriented.
In fact, I visit here everyday to check new content but other FE hacking sites once a week or once a month. (For example, visiting ChinaFE once a year may be enough.)

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to be real though I kind of regret not posting there back in the day

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Ashley Tisdale? Man, I fell through that wormhole back to 2006 again, didn’t I…

I only go on the forest when I’m feeling particularly cranky, or to advertise my projects because SF at least draws a crowd (for better or worse, mostly worse).

But #FEULyfe

Did you all know that tomorrow, May 30th, is actually FEU’s birthday? Or, at least, it’s the day I acquired the domain because I got an e-mail today that that’s about to expire now wooooo.

Some stats on our first year. Members: 135, Topics: 543, Posts: 6852, Server API Requests: 210794, and we’ve grown to average at least 1,000 hits per month from Google searches over the last three months (including hits from Canada, Japan, the UK, Denmark, Brasil, and Google Espana). We also manage to leech an average of 800ish hits from SF each month, hahah.

Also our Discourse install is 1.3.0 beta10, and apparently they’re on 1.6.5 now… I (or Cam) should probably get around to that at some point!

Let’s have an even awesomer year two, yeah?

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