Everyone can dance!

I’m working on a reclassing hack, and at some point this weird glitch happened. When I say “everyone” can Dance, I mean everyone - lords, promotes, trainees, etc. I imagine this is just a flag that got turned on somehow, but how would I fix that? Or is it something else simple? (if it’s complex I probably won’t want/have time to fix it right now)

(Edit: I should probably say which game I’m working on, huh :sweat_smile: That’d be FE8.)

Thanks in advance!

Well I’m not an expert but i think it is some kind of flag that you need to turn off class by class.
Again I don’t know if what i am saying it’s correct or no I’m just assuming /guessing
Please tell me if it works or not

Couldn’t find a class-by-class flag, unfortunately. At least not in the character editor of FEBuilder.

Ok, I’ve traced this back to the very first milestone I have, which means this is likely something I did when I created the custom skill build. If I find the flag (or whatever), is there a way to change it in my current version, like hex editing or something? Or am I gonna have to remake the build and start all over? …again?

Thanks again!