Every FEE3 Entry Is Good

Screw hack bad. Hack rad.
In this thread, I will write a very positive remark about every project in FEE3.
Every. Project.

(I apologize if my writing is sloppy or whatever, I’m just throwing thoughts on a page without care)

Day 1:

Vision Quest (by Pandan):
Let’s just be perfectly honest, Vision Quest is one of the best hacks in the modern FEHacking community. The sheer amount of quality and effort is quite apparent even just from watching a single chapter. But let’s be real, most of you probably already knew that. Pandan decided to do more than just show a playthrough of his hack, and did a Q&A with questions from the FEHacking community. What we ended up with was quite a lot of insight into the workings of Vision Quest, along with Pandan’s hacking philosophy and process. (Not to say the chapter shown off wasn’t great, it was definitely an improvement over the original 1-7x) It’s definitely a good watch for those reasons alone, and if you haven’t played Vision Quest already, you really should. lol

Last Heavenly Throne (by Runa):
So, it may be a little narcissistic to give a review of your own entry. I’m not sure if I can be as great of a critic on my own project, but I’ll try it anyway. It was a little odd being the second project of FEE3, as from memory the first day was usually filled with hard-hitters. I didn’t exactly consider my hack to be that high quality, but maybe I was wrong? I think my entry showed off a lot of the things I consider to be the stronger aspects of Last Heavenly Throne: the original soundtrack, the overall aesthetic, the story elements, the wizardry, it was all there. If you’re reading this, and you’ve already played Vision Quest, play Last Heavenly Throne and roast it; it’ll only make my hack stronger ;O

Nuramon’s Animation Showcase (by Nuramon):
Nuramon is a juggernaut of animation in the community, and this video only cements that even further. Now, every single one of his animations are excellent, and every animation shown off in the video was excellent, but the Valgriph Warrior was the real stand-out in my opinion. I definitely mumbled “damnnnnn” when I saw that animation. It’s always great to have more unique animations such as the Valgriph and the Siren. But let’s be real, the biggest wow in the video came from the fact that Nuramon is making animations for Dark Deity. And they look amazing. Not gonna lie, I always think it’s amazing when people in the hacking community apply their skills elsewhere, and I wish Nuramon the best in working on whatever he wishes!

Sacred Echoes (by HyperGammaSpaces):
It’s Sacred Echoes. Literally. I could just leave it at that and everyone would understand exactly what I’m talking about. This hack oozes with so much style, and despite being a demake, HyperGammaSpaces has done so much that it’s honestly much more than a demake at this point. I think a lot of this has to come from the new coat of paint on every menu, which knowing the pain of TSA and all that shiz must’ve taken forever. That’s not to take away from the mugs, the maps, the weapon icons, the modular minimug box… We haven’t even talked about the mechanical features! Gaiden magic, world maps, villager promos, cantors… This dude has custom tile animations done FOR THE FLOWERS just to flex on us, and it’s not even in the top five most impressive parts of the hack! So yeah, I’m gonna have to ask HyperGammaSpaces to stop working on Sacred Echoes so the rest of us can have a chance.


This is my new favorite thread. It oozes wholesome. Thanks for doing this.

There is a reason I put LHT on Day 1, Runa!!!


Thank you Runa owo
Im waiting for read what you will say about my project.

I can predict his words.

I can’t like this today, and that’s a crime.

So I’ll be back tomorrow. :sunglasses:


The real MVPs on the dancing flowers are Flasuban and N426, who were kind enough to pass me the tileset anims early so I could feature them in the chapter. Get hype for Frozen Throes on Day 4, where N426 will be impressing us all some more!


I was the lper for Frozen Throes, and as someone who knew 0 about it and had 0 expectations, it blew me away! You guys are in for a treat!


Community good?

Community good.


Your project so clearly has a lot of thought put into the world-building and a lot of attention to detail and quality in all areas and that makes it stand out. The custom arranged music is fantastic. Excited to see the project continue its development.

We can always count on @Nuramon to drop the hottest mixtape of the year. The fact that Nura has the opportunity to work on Dark Deity is awesome! Love it.

@HyperGammaSpaces dude your hack is just too fucking good, OK? It’s the Gaiden remake that we need.

Hell yeah it is @pandan.


I was so happy to see the flowers made it into your map, it made my day, Gamma. Sacred Echoes was the perfect debut for them and the subtle charm they add. Sacred Echoes is the real MVP.

Glad to hear it went well for you! Especially after I submitted it like a week and a half past the deadline, and go figure I still found like a dozen things I needed to fix the next day in just those 2 chpaters. I myself still have 0 expectations towards the feedback it’ll receive, but this is a great start!

Runa, Frozen Throes, day 4. Do your worst!


I think Sacred Echoes is really good proof of how focusing on the smaller details (like the menus and UI) that, in a vacuum don’t seem consequential to someone’s enjoyment of a game (or just about anything in general really), ends up making a product really stand out on its own once it’s all said and done.


Aesthetics good!

Going on from here are hacks that I know less about, so my paragraphs might be slightly shorter. Apologies!

Day 2:

Dreams of Twilight (by Moris):
Any hack that uses Etrian Odyssey music is instantly a favourite of mine. I had never heard of this hack before this entry, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I think the thing that made this hack for me was all of the little things: the autumn palette in the fields, the music in enemy phase continuing into battle, the new weapon icons… Hearing that Souls of the Forest was an inspiration for this hack piqued my interest quite a bit. I also thought the dialogue was especially charming, which I didn’t expect at the beginning seeing the heavy usage of archetypes; I think this hack plays archetypes straight quite well! Overall, I think with a little bit of polish, this hack could be really great!

REDFE (by Mystic):
I have to be perfectly honest: I have a soft spot for gimmick hacks. Inflated Emblem, Deflated Emblem, Inflated Deflated Emblem, Emblem, Communist Emblem, etc.
A game that follows in the footsteps of FEMidori and FEGirls, if there’s one thing I love about REDFE, it’s the mugs. It’s always really fun to see obscure units from non-GBA games get pretty nice looking mugs, and more game! I think the stand-outs in my opinion are Gazelle, Norris, and Anna. As well, the summoner mechanic was definitely something unique, To be perfectly honest, I’m just shocked (pleasantly) that REDFE is still alive! I thought it was dead lol, but I’m glad it’s not!

Journeys (by Relic)
I will always love hacks that do unique things with their music, and Journeys seems to be one of them. Though it’s not completely replaced, I was honestly a big fan of the music displayed in the hack (that Great Canyon prep screen made me feel something). I think the weapon rebalancing is quite refreshing, and I’m excited to see how Relic experiments with it. On the graphical side, it’s tricky to tell which mugs are F2U and which are original, but the ones I believe are original have great designs that I’d love to see polished up a little. I’d not really paid attention to this hack originally, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it now!

FERDOP (by RandomWizard):
It’s quite rare, and honestly quite nice to see people recreate other hacks, especially one so poorly panned as Dual Destinies: Ostian Princess. And I have to say, it’s a pretty good remake! Based on the viewpoint of the entry, the music choices seem quite solid, the gameplay looks great, and I’m loving the art design (the battle UI and palettes looking great). As well, RandomWizard has recently put out a rough release with a virtually-complete hack! So uh yeah, props to him for sticking with us and giving us our first complete hack remake(?), is this the first one? Either way, it’s great.


Day 2 Verdict? Hack good!


Dual Destinies: Ostian Princess

Seeing people misspell DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS OSTIAN PRINCESS in new and interesting ways is always fun.

But seriously, thanks for the nice comments on my hack!


Dealing with a bit of sickness, so these might be slightly delayed, sorry!

Day 3:

Endless Nights (by Clendo and GuyLowen):
Laguz! I believe this is the first hack I’ve ever seen with laguz, and I’m happy to see them finally premiere! Not to mention, it’s always great to see more skin tone representation in a hack! The maps look quite great, and you definitely made good use of the upgraded desert tileset! (sorry don’t remember who made it!) Your battle palettes are solid, the change to the chapter introduction palette was something I’d never seen before, and your names are unique, though I’d suggest making them more unpronounceable. The ending really got me as well, mainly because I have no idea what was going on, but now I’m interested to know what the hell was going on!
(I’m excited to see Zul’jin as the boss of the Amani :wink:)

Broken Legacy (by robinco):
Here we go into our first SRPG Studio project! I think SRPG Studio can get the short end of the stick from this community, and while I would’ve liked to have seen more of this project for a better opinion, from what I did see it looks pretty alright! Some of the mechanic changes are pretty interesting, including the critical damage decrease and doubling rework. I like finally seeing a bonus experience feature in a project, to sate my Tellius appetite. As well, I’m always up for unorthodox map objectives! Finally, I’m not as experienced in SRPG Studio mapping, but the map shown off looks quite pleasant. Overall, it’s some good stuff!

JP Hack (by Pikmin1211):
Once again, we’re introduced to an entry with an unorthodox map objective; though I believe this hack overall could be described as unorthodox! It makes sense considering the context, and it’s shocking to learn that Pikmin1211 can do a lot more than post memes in Dev Lounge. For example, make a good hack? This hack definitely focuses more on its gameplay than its story, and I think it definitely does well in that regard! Pikmin has definitely done a lot to make the hack seem less “Western”, and it’s really interesting to see his design philosophy. Also not really related to the hack, but I think Pandan and Pikmin have a wonderful dynamic, and I want them to do every project from now on.

Lonely Mirror (by caladrius):
Today is the day of interesting map conditions it seems. Lonely Mirror had been a hack that I knew had a lot of content, but never really paid any mind to, for some reason. I don’t exactly know much (or anything) about this hack outside of its entry, so I’ll only be talking about that. One thing that stands out are the newly introduced classes: the Dark Griffon, the typed mages, the Outlaw, and especially the Runeseeker. These seem quite interesting, and it’s great to see hack makers experiment with new class concepts! (I know, Outlaw and typed mages aren’t unique but they’re unique to hacking so shush.) The map was especially interesting, with what was essentially a different take on defense chapters. I actually enjoy maps where characters need to be split up, so that was also a plus. Maybe I was an idiot for skipping on Lonely Mirror? I don’t know, it seems pretty great.


Just wait til TNH on Day 5!

Also Lonely Mirror is cool and does a lot of unique stuff. Great hack to play if you’re looking for inspiration.


I really enjoy ROM hacks that try unique chapter goals and unique gameplay. Endless Nights is a cool project, and the maps shown for Broken Legacy and JP Hack were great too!

Also want to echo Pandan on Lonely Mirror. It has a great story and cool map objectives. There is also a good mixture of offensive and defensive strategies needed on maps, which feels refreshing.

I certainly wish I had the hacking skillset and time to devote to a project as cool as these. Keep up the good work everyone!


This thread makes me want to submit a really awful horrible hack to FEE3 2021.


This thread has contributed more to my interest in playing these longform hacks than FEE3 itself. I hadn’t even heard of Lonely Mirror before, but Runa’s synopsis makes me want to play it!

From now on, my yearly ritual will be to wait for Runa’s FEE3 single-paragraph commentary to tell me what’s good in the world of hacking.