Eventing question: making an event in the tower of Valni

In my Awakening demake, I want to do some child units in the tower of Valni. (one on the later floors) can you make an event only happen on your first visit?

Yes, using permanent event flags. These stay set or unset between chapters - it’s how the game remembers whether Amelia was recruited, killed, or fled for future encounters. I don’t know which flags are permanent, however.

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Event IDs (flags) are permanent 0x66 and above. I have had musical bugs happen if you start using event IDs that are too high, like going into the 0xA0 range. That was FE7, though. I’m not sure if that applies to FE8.

Permanent event IDs aren’t very stable in FE8 because most of them are used for the Guide menu and a few others for some hardcoded events.
I’d recommend creating invisible characters in your army and then check if said character is alive or not.

The flag is mostly analyzed with FEBuilderGBA.
In FE8, 0x128-0x12C is free, so I think that you can use here.

Global flags are 0x65 to 0xA4 for FE7 and FE6.
Global flags are 0x65 to 0x12C for FE8.
However 0x65 is reserved for game over, so it will effectively become 0x66.

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