Essential Characters?

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder

  • Base Game: FE8

In FE8, it’s set by default that you get game over if your Lords die. My main character in the hack I’m building is based off of Eirika so when he dies, it’s game over, as intended.

I would like a few other party members, who aren’t Lords (e.g. a myrmidon, a troubadour) to all cause a game over if they die, because they’re essential to the plot.

I realize this makes the game difficult to iron man, but that’s not the design I’m going for. I want more of a tighter narrative where even some minor characters play a role (and thus their deaths mean you restart the chapter).

I think this would be straight forward to implement but I can’t figure out how to do it. Has anyone been able to make non-lord characters ‘essential,’ meaning their death causes game over? Can be chapter specific or across the whole game.


Go to “advanced editors” > “death quotes” and find the character you want to cause a game over. Where it says “completion flag”, put 65 (the game over flag).

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Additionally, you can also set special Death Quotes for characters if you only want them to cause Game Overs in certain chapters only. You can choose between either making the Quote apply to the Chapter ID FF for “ANY” chapter or just the ID of said chapters.

Brilliant! Those two solutions together give me all the solutions I need. So there’s a specific game over flag… makes sense.

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