Errors when creating a custom spell animation

When trying to port over Blizzard from FE12, I got all the background frames, and all the object frames. Everything is aligned, my object frame has 125 tiles not including the palette in the top right, everything is within operating parameters, it chugs through the entire script, then, after it’s gone through all of everything, it spits out

Couldn’t fit on a blank sheet!

So I’m trying to figure this out.

Here is the animation package, as of right now, with this error.

Fixed now.

Test Patch (Fire)

PW: your name

I’m apparently retarded and don’t know my own name.
Out of curiosity, what was wrong with it?

E: got it.
While that works on a literal level, I’m trying to get it to work with all of everything, even if it’s extremely difficult.

It’s quite easy. Combine s16&s17 with your BGs. I cannot do the artist work for you.

Was hoping to avoid that. Oh well. Thank you for your help.