Error with map importing

I recently created a map with mappy and imported it into my rom. After I configured it in the Chapter Data Editor it looks like this:

Now I’m wondering that I did wrong? The map is imported with the right size, I checked the configuration over five times. Also Mappy give me an error, when exporting the map. It says that I have more then 1024 block structure and to use this .MAR file only with FMP1.0 compatible editors.
Does somebody know how to fix this?

In Mappy, did you switch between tilesets repeatedly?

Yeah, I think I switched them a few times. It’s an FE6 map I converted to a .fmp file, but it didn’t worked well so I had to find the fitting tileset per hand.

Is the tileset of the chapter correct?

It’s been awhile since I’ve used Mappy, but I recall a problem where switching between tilesets when you have a map open causes the program to get confused for whatever reason which tiles are which when it comes time to export it as a .MAR file.

BwdYeti’s FE Map Creator allows you to import a map by selecting a tileset and then giving it an image of the completed map, which it then turns into a proper map file by matching the image with tiles on the tileset. I’d feed it a screenshot of your map from Mappy and re-export it as a .MAR with the Map Creator tool, that should hopefully fix it.

If it’s a vanilla FE6 map you’re using, the tool already has all the maps from vanilla FE6~8 included in the download ready to be exported as .MAR files.


Yeah, Mappy definitely gets a lot of problems when you switch between tilesets repeatedly. I’m seconding Kyo’s suggestion as that’s the only way I really know how to fix it. Sorry there’s no easier way ._.

Nah, I’m glad that I don’t have to remap it. :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway, thanks for the help, it works perfect now!