Epilogue Events

I’m actually getting to the point where I need to worry about it, and there’s nothing about the epilogue events past the using THE_END stage.
I shouldn’t be surprised there is a lack of documentation since not many hacks finish, but it would be nice if this question was answered somewhere for future reference.

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You can call the turn counts and character endings by using these macros:

#define ShowTurnCount "ASMC 0x0B9FC5"
#define ShowCharacterEndings "CALL 0x08CC0F3C"

I’m not sure how the game does the whole “move to the epilogue, show the stuff, then reset the game” thing.

It’s not that I’m worried about, its the actual post game dialogue events and the like I’m worried about.
Everything is fine and dandy till your characters suddenly start calling each other Eliwood and Hector.

So just edit the events? I don’t imagine they’re anything different to regular events.

Neither do I but finding them is the issue.

I have some documentation on epilogue events. Very bare and minimal, but I also found myself in a similar situation. This is bascially what I have:


Related to epilogue:

Pointers to THE_END’s events:

From what I remember, I think the events for the epilogue are either stored at those locations or there are pointers that point to the events at those locations. There seem to be 3-6 different variants, likely for the different endings. If you paste the bytes from locations above and tell Event Assembler to write the bytes using the BYTE code in a normal chapter, it should load the events that occur during the epilogue, but during a normal chapter. My bet is that if you could repoint the epilogue’s events to somewhere, else, you could customize it and make it as long as you need.

Well after looking through all of those
CC1280 is the event that leads up to the epilogue from where athos dies to where right before you get your lord CG.
This splits at CC1534 for eliwoods possible CG CC15E0 for hectors. after that its the Bit where the tactician or lord opposite of your chosen route says hi at CC168C and CC1900 respectively.

as for the CC1b58 and 1b24 those look like they are just pointers for eliwood and hector ending specifically.
and those after disassembling start the CC1280 events then do a bunch of GOTO events until then end.
The issue atm is finding what sends the player to the save and triggers it into the epilogue.
I assume its one of the ASM codes in 1280 but I’m not sure with out further experimenting.

Like this?

ASM codes

ASMC 0xB85D5
Causes character endings to roll.

ASMC 0xB85A9
Causes the music to reset position?

ASMC 0xB853D
Also the same as THE_END?

ASMC 0x7F6C9
Takes you to the title screen. Presumably
to take you to the Epilogue, but does nothing
other than save for the current chapter?

ASMC 0x7A8B9
Clears all units?

Summons the chapter results auto-scroller.

ASMC 0xBA351
Loads the credits, full with the music. Seems to
not scroll if the background is incorrect?

Used by itself the 0xB853D doesn’t appear to do anything, so it doesn’t appear to be the same as THE_END sadly.
and its nothing in the cc1280 event. perhaps its something with the THE_END code itself, like an event ID is just activated.

Well upon adding it the only thing THE_END adds is that 82 so its worth looking into.


Tried using it as an event ID and no luck on that front either.

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