Ephraim Moving Map Animation Broken

I have been building a reskin hack of fe8 and in the course of my test playthrough I discovered that Ephraim has somehow lost his moving map animations. He shows fine standing but when I hover the cursor over him he just disappears, I can still play, it functions but he is invisible anytime the movement animation should be showing. I haven’t adjusted anything with Ephraim’s character, just added new ones. I went in and checked his moving map animation and I had overridden it accidentally with another animation I uploaded for a new class, so I tried reloading the correct animation in and it still isn’t working. Is there any way to correct this without losing progress? I have done quite a bit of work since then.

Hey there, I’m somewhat new to the hacking scene, but I believe what you need to do is - from the “Moving Map Anims” screen for “01 Lord Ephraim”, after you’ve changed the animation to the one you want, open the dropdown under “AP” and change it to “AP1-1 Lord Paladin Myrmidon etc…”. Hope that works!

That was totally it. I knew I was missing something small. Thank you!

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