EOTW'S Gallery

Hello everyone! I thought I might as well make a gallery here, so here it is!
This is the portrait I had issues with in my last thread. I still haven’t finished it, but I think the braid turned out nicely.
And these two were going to be the main characters of a hack I’m writing, but I don’t like how their designs turned out so I might scrap them. The girl’s a half-manakete slave and the guy with the fancy coat’s a nobleman and a knight of the Church whose beliefs discriminate against manaketes, but he eventually opens up to her and they both fall in love (very original, right?)


Wow, these are some really nice sprites!

I love that blonde girl’s hair, it looks so smooth and pretty! I’m really looking forward to seeing more from you, these are looking great so far! :+1:

Wow this is some cool stuff ! And I agree the hair of the blonde girl looks very smooth :eyes:
I don’t know if you are on the discord but it would be really cool to see you in the spritans channel :+1:

Half-Manakete lady looks like she’d make a good GBA-style Azura with some added details.

Thank you to everyone, I really appreciate your comments! What do you think of the Lord’s outfit? I think I like this color scheme the most. I also gave him some really big sideburns so he stands out from the other lords. image

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that, but I suppose she does look a lot like her. I didn’t intend to make her a knockoff of Azura, but it just sort of happened and now I’m not sure what to do to make her more different without scrapping her entirely. :grimacing:


I like a lot the manakete girl. It’s kind of an original design (She looks clearly shy and closes off to people, while Azura’s face was more like “I don’t care about you go away”).
Also, I think I’m the only one, but the lord reminds me of a certain real-life dude who, ironically, also perfectly fits the Lord class.


That’s exactly the kind of vibe I was going for both of their designs, so I’m glad you noticed it!
I thought I’d mess around with his design and colors a bit more, what do you guys think? I forgot to mention this, but he uses axes and the girl uses swords/knives.


Right column reminds me of older!Joshua from FE8.5, I dig it.

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I think top right is the best one. The fur coat looks great!

Ooo these look amazing! The long fur definitely suits him if he’s an axe lord. Gives a nice sense of mixed nobility and ruggedness.

Isn’t a bit too close to Dimitri’s look though? Maybe it’s just me.

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I really like the furcoat as well. The designs on the corners (Especially Top right and bottom right) are my favorite. The red lining doesn’t look bad, but it fits more for a swordmaster class IMO.

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Not sure if it any consolation, but I didn’t even think about Dimitri when I saw it. Your character’s design is much more regal and noble than the scratched up armor Dimitri has, not to mention how different the palette and hair is.

Besides, FE designs already share a lot of details to express different parts of characters. I think you’re perfectly fine.

Well, I tried to make the fur, but I honestly didn’t like how it turned out so I went back to the cape. Maybe I’ll revisit the concept for another character or add it after he promotes.
His design turned out being more boring than I imagined, but I guess that’s a given considering how I pussied out of the fur cough cough. I also gave him a battle sprite so you can get an idea of how the rest of his outfit looks like.


Can’t go wrong with pi.
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Perhaps a few refs of some furs can help you visualize the fur cape you wanted.

image image image image image image