Enough GBA PMEs, here's an FE4 PME (Submissions are open)

Deirdre is an unpromoted unit that cannot promote. Yes, she sucks. But then again, you only put up with her for like 1 chapter.

You’re sure that giving a swordmaster an spd growth that high is a good idea?
Nevermind I just checked and with Hannibal’s bases he’ll have 21 speed and will have 10 levels ups, the others growths are good too

I would have done it anyway because it was funny.

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  • Character replaced : Lachesis

  • Growth rates (Max 275%) :
    Hp: 60% (+10%)
    Str: 0%
    Mag: 40% (+20%)
    Skl: 35%
    Spd: 50%
    Lck: 45%
    Def: 20%
    Res: 25% (+20%)

  • Stats :
    26 hp (+4)
    +0 Str
    +2 Mag
    +2 skl
    +2 spd
    +9 lck
    +5 Def
    +3 Res

  • Class :

    • Wind Mage → Queen
  • Skills:

    • Paragon
  • Holy blood:

    • Minor Naga Blood
  • Starting gear :

    • Elwind
    • Circlet
  • Event gear:

    • Thief sword → Leg Ring
    • Lands sword → Rescue staff
    • Knight Ring stays the same
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Sigurd, Deirdre and Lewyn left for gen 1 playable characters

Replacing Deirdre:
Class: queen
Personal skill:
Greatshield, Canto.
Minor Loptyr Blood.

+1 to all personal bases, Base hp is 40.
inventory now contains a Warp staff instead of silence, and a Thoron instead of a Aura. Instead of the circlet,
Give her a pursuit band.

Generic boss to be replaced:
Chagall 2:
He is now level 26, Has a Blizzard, and the The item he Drops is a Brave Sword. he is still a baron.
Authority stars=4
Replacing Kepler (rouge from chapter 5 arena.)
Class: Swordmaster, Wingclipper, Light Brand.

Graienritter in Endgame Are now Mage Knights With Elwind, and Pursuit bands.

EDIT: Forgot to add dierdre’s growths. whoops:
Spd: 20
def 40
res 40
luck 20

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Sigurd time :sunglasses:
Character replaced: Sigurd
HP: 50% (+20%)
Str: 65%
Mag: 25%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 20% (+30%)
Def: 35%
Luk: 20%
Res: 20%
Class: Falconknight
Holy Blood: Major Dáinn
Starting gear:
Brave Lance
Mend staff
Event Gear:
Broken Sword (Tyrfing) → Broken Lance (Gungnir)

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  • Character replaced : Eqqus
  • Class :
    Magic Fighter
  • Skills (2 max)
  • Holy blood (2 minor/1 major max)
  • Major Odo
  • Starting inventory :
  • Light Brand
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Here are Seliph’s growths:

HP: 60% (+50%)
Str: 65%
Mag: 75% (+20%)
Skl: ~57,5%
Spd: 30% (+60%)
Def: 55%
Res: 40% (+20%)


Ok i time to turn shannan w to a god
Replace shannan
Class swordmaster
Holy blood major baldr
Skill critical
Base stats changes
+0 HP
+1 syr
0 mag
+1 skl
+1 spd
-2 luck
0 def
+3 res
Growths rates
HP 60 (+40%)
Str 65% (+20%)
SKL 40%(+20%)
SPD 55
Luck 35(+20%)
Def 50%
RES 60%
Speed ring

Daisy/party event - tyrfing

Tyrfing changes

Reduce weight to 5
Change skill for miracle to sòl

Transfer 5 points for res to skill
(Its stats bonuses is now
+15 skl
+10 spd
+15 res)

Idea stack sol on multi hit skill ( adept + sol = 2 sol hits) and astra give 5 more chances for sol

I know its over powered but becuse shannan and Daisy/patty are in really bad spot go 100 % on shannan is needed


Only one of Astra, Sol or Luna can activate on any one attack. Whichever one activates is carried over to Adept.

This isn’t FE5 where multiple sword skills can activate on one attack.

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Ok i was remenber that luna and astra could but my memory need to be wrong thanks i change it to critical.

Almost forgot about Lewyn

Character replaced : Patty

  • Light priestess → Sage
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The final Gen 1 unit edit:
Character replaced: Lewyn
HP: 60%
Str: 45%
Mag: 0%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 55%
Luk: 20%
Def: 40%
Res: 10%
Barbarian → Warrior
Skills: Critical
Holy Blood: Minor Nál blood
Weapons: Silver Axe
Event: Forseti → Valflame


Character replaced : Larcei

  • Thunder Mage → Mage Fighter (F)
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Character replaced : Coirpre

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Character replaced : Patty

  • Light Priestess → Master Knight
    Maybe Master Knight is a better Promotion for Patty than a other Sage

Not gonna lie it’s starting to get a bit hard to follow the characters that have already been replaced
Guess i’ll try to do some generic bosses

  • Boss replaced : DiMaggio

  • Authority: 0

  • Level : 14

  • Class : Thunder mage

  • Inventory:

  • Bolting

  • Skill Ring

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Replace Gallus (the deadlord)
Class: Dark Bishop

now has added 30 skill and 10 speed to his personal bases.
Also make his hp stat 110 Hp, because there are no caps for enemy units.
also because its funny.

Equipment: Hel, Leg Ring

Skill: accost, Recover

This is how intel systems would make Fe4 lunatic plus, probably.

Lets make these deadlords challenging! lets get it!
meanwhile there should be a generic boss i could replace…
oh yeah, how about papillion?

Class: Dragonmaster
Inventory: Sleep Edge, Killer Sword, droppable paragon band.

Zanes Troubadours are now Paladins, With Physic, and Warp. (i dont know if they can use them, but it would be funny if they couldnt, so I dont really care.)

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Nah they lack pavise+ and aegis+ :rofl: